Sig 75w TC Obsolete in the First Week

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Think twice before you go TC. Make a better choice.


It’s very interesting for sure.
Crazy thing is the same company makes the both of these mods, so I understand.


You should get that keyboard checked out…
it mis-typed IPV3 Li.



I don’t see it. I know the IPV3 Li has a revamped interior. Maybe it’s more like the IPV4 now.

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I was under the assumption that Asmodus makes Sigs and Pioneer4u makes the IPVs… am I mistaken? If they both are part of larger company then I didn’t know that.

It’s your breathless hyperbole (here and at ECF) that gave me a chuckle. :smile:
Don’t get me wrong… I’m thrilled that you all got your update (would truly have sucked otherwise) but 5 weeks of original buyers butthurt cracks me up considering P4Y just pulled off a masterstroke of product rollout (I hope… I almost grabbed a 3 Li Wed. May still get one later. We’ll see how well it works).


I may be overly excited. The ipv4 was taking a backseat until today. But now it’s amazing. I love a good vape… Now it’s been turned up a notch. I really was really hoping for big thing from the Sig 75w. It just didn’t pan out for me. This ipv4 rollout was perfect timing.


Excellent. I really am glad the update is working (for those who get it working and usually have another data cable to use as the included one appears to be crap).

It has a passel of issues, but when it does do what it does do right, it apparently is quite good. There’s a reason half the haters are fanbois as well. :smile:

Just frustrated with P4y’s marketing shenanigans I understand. but from the outside, as a non-owner, I can see the brilliance of stringing along all these buyers with their rapid-fire product releases.

I’ll still probably end up with one (or more - D2 anyone?) within the year.


Oh I should add…

Part of your hyperbole is the “Sig 75 killer”. A product can’t kill another if they’re not in the same marketspace. Single vs. dual batts make these two very different tools.

The upcoming D2 on the other hand… that will be direct competition. And we’ll all be the better for it.


After reading back over my post I see your point. Looks like I lost it there. I should have dialed it back a bit. Anything TC and Ti really gets me going. You hear the term “game changer”, tossed around from time to time… This is one for me. Thanks for stopping the madness.


@NewDrip. I just ordered my IPV4 do I have to update it right out of the box?

My understanding is that the new “S” version is a slightly different board/chip, with the new higher power levels and without the 9v charging port/ability (no one cared for it anyway it seems).

If you purchased an older model from stock… it will need the firmware update to hit the higher levels, but will be just what everyone else has been using until the software patch was released two days ago. If so… just update it whenever you feel like.

Either way… it’s a rockin’ little beastie. :smile:

I don’t even know if the “S” has shipped yet, I wasn’t shopping for that model so I didn’t pay very close attention to release dates.

I can’t blame you and you’re not alone, the thing rocks as I understand it.

But reading over the discussions with a dispassionate eye, the evolution of owners comments is hilarious.
Over the 3 (?) months, it went from…
“This rocks etc” to
"Hey… my screen is dark; the 9v doesn’t work; the software’s buggy; etc." to
"Where’s the promised update patch?" to
"Hey, they announced an updated model and another TC model (Li). WTF?" to
"Hey P4Y… where’s our patch? This is BS!" to
"Damn it. P4Y has screwed us for the last time.
Still no patch. I’m so mad I could spit. I’ll never deal with these bastards again!" to
"Hey… the new software’s here!.. the new software’s here!
Moar power… moar joules… TITANIUM !!! RAWR !11!!1!
Happy happy joy joy… we love you P4Y!
What’s next?"

And P4Y rejoices. :smile:


Oh and my Sig 75 just arrived an hour ago. All 3 batts are half full, so everything is charging.
Then I fall down the TC rabbit hole myself. :smile:

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Sorry about the spelling/ misunderstanding on my part.

Sorry, I’ve lost the plot…

Which did you order? When does it ship? Are you suffering through waiting for vape mail yet?


Thank you Jim great info. Can’t wait to get it.


If this is of any interest to you, here’s a VU post about warranty replacement or free (?) 4S upgrades, thanks to the change in who P4Y had doing the warranty coverage…

Interesting to be sure, if it pans out.

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AFAIK, Asmodus doesn’t ‘make’ anything, they are purely a marketing and reselling company. I’m pretty sure that Asmodus recently dropped handling warranty support for the IPV4 because of poor support by P4Y. Greenleaf is the parent company that owns both Sigelei and Pioneer4You, but saying they are both made by the same company is like saying that Cadillac and Chevrolet are made by the same company because they are both owned by GM. AFAIK, Sigelei and P4Y act as two independent companies, with different design and manufacturing teams. They may share some parts and facilities, which gains them efficiencies, just like all GM companies may share some parts and resources, but ultimately they are made by different teams.


Thanks for clearing things up.