"Iron Vaper" Competitions

So I had a thought and this thread may be a little premature, because…well…it’s still just a thought. What I was thinking of was something akin to “Iron Chef” or any of those food “reality” shows, where you are forced to work with a limited amount of ingredients.

So what I was thinking was, start something similar here? Some examples of the competition/game would be;

  1. Make a juice using only the flavors that start with the letter “_”

  2. Make a juice with flavors that are the color “X” i.e. Red - Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, etc

  3. Make a juice were each flavor is only at “X”% or in the range of “X-Y”% (bit harder)

  4. Vendor specific juices (although we pretty much have done these before)

…and so on.

What do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in such a thing?

Outside of bragging rights, I haven’t given any thought to a prize or whatever but maybe we can work something in?

Personally I think this could be a lot of fun and would push us out of our comfort zones a little bit, which may lead us to some great discoveries!!

I would love to hear some feedback on this and I’m totally open to suggestions, cause like I said it was just a thought


@daath this could also be a fun thing to do for your next giveaway? Make us work for that free stuff a bit :wink:


I like the idea but I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet all the requirements??.. flavors /vendors idk I’d love to venture out but I mostly buy stuff I will use and know?

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Not sure I follow ya? There’s no requirements necessarily. Say we choose the letter “A” you could use any Apricot or apple or acai, etc

I just threw the vendor idea in there as an idea is all. Prob too difficult for most to be vendor exclusive and I know we already have tried doing all FLV mixes, etc. So I wouldn’t think this would really be part of the competition anyways

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I like it! I might want to steal the idea later, for some competition ;D


Like a…I don’t know…hmmm…a Wismec Reuleaux DNA200 giveaway!!! :slight_smile:


Who knows, I might get some vendor to go along with it ;D


OK OK I’m in… haha


That would be incredible.


We could even start simple and have the first round the “ABC” round. We all make a juice with only A-B-C like, Apricot, Bavarian Cream, Coconut or Apple, Blueberry and custard, etc etc…

If there’s anyone interested or if anybody throws some idears in the pot, I can set it all up. Not sure if that many people are even interested yet by the look of it lol


I would but I am not confident im my liquid making haha

Maybe it would help? Forcing you to only use certain things may allow you to focus more on just 1 thing? instead of the endless possibilities there are with 100s of flavors…if that makes any sense haha

I never make my own such as i never make my own recipes. I am going to be making some of LordVapors twix recipe tomorrow.

I’m game, sounds like fun. The worst thing that could happen is you get some garbage mixes, but that happens to the best of us anyway. :smile:

Kind of like the ABC idea, you could use some short words as themes. Like “make a CAT juice” or “make a JUICE juice” LoL. Or you could do something like Iron Chef where you have a star ingredient that HAS to be the front running flavor, only make it kinda off the wall if you can. Something like acai or lemon. I dunno. I’ll be thinking about this. :wink:


I’d be in ! Hopefully I’ll have my supplies out of storage soon :wink:
I like the thought of random draw on ingredients possibly Lars could use his random draw website for flavors to be extracted ?? That way it’s purely random no one person has an advantage ?


That’s a great idea @Amy2! Although I would like to find a way to bypass @daath, not from the game of course, just from doing any work…poor guy has enough to do as is :wink:

But yes we can do a random flavor round as well!


Well you could throw a bunch of strips of paper with flavor names on it and have your kids draw them out ! Also something to consider is How Many flavors are allowed per juice ??? And yes @daath works too hard scratch that idea ! Use yor kiddos they’ll have fun !!


I love Iron chef !!! And chopped !!!

My fiance’ just had a great idea he was saying you could have elimination rounds ( that would mean we’d all have to try each other’s juice and make up a points system) Each round gets harder and harder ?? Sounds kinda mean thou .


I have a few ideas for “games” but I would think if anything we should put a minimum. Say we are making a juice with only the letter “O”. I would say you can use as many flavors as you wish, just has to be 3 or more.
Each game will be different and a whole new set of rules per game, plus nothing is set in stone.

I just kind of thought about it today because I had to do a cooking class on TV this morning and the news anchor was teasing me about using only eggplant the whole show haha…anyways it got me thinking

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off topic I love eggplant ! Ok back on topic I like the idea but we do realize someone is going to have to try all these juices how would that go down ??