Is evaporating Ethyl Alcohol enough?

Hello Guys I bout some aromas to make some flavors but one of the content is Ethyl Alcohol and I have taken the precaution of evaporating the Alcohol by boiling it at 173 F however I want to make sure its safe after the boil to try it out for a taste flavor. (My bad I ordered the wrong product…)



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Which flavour is that? I’m not sure I ever had one with ethyl alcohole. But it’s probably in there for a reason, maybe as a solvent for something else.
If the flavour is made for something else and not for vaping I’d be very careful. Some are made with oils and you really don’t want to vape oils.
So if you’re sure it’s safe for vaping and you’re just concerned about the alcohol content evaporating should do the trick. But if you HAVE to be sure there isn’t any alcohol left I wouldn’t risk it and not use it for vaping.


I tried it in mint flavor Bad Influence and thank you for the warm welcome!

I found this in Redit

and I put the link above because it also talks about polisorbate 20 It says that is an agent to mix the mint and usually is safe to ingest per kg of body weight:
“The World Health Organization has suggested acceptable daily intake limits of 0–25 mg of polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters per kg body weight”

I guess im safe but next time ill buy the correct product.


OK… maybe it’s just me but when I read the WHO are OK eith something I’m careful. Have you seen their food recommendations to avoid cancer and diabetes?
If you’re in doubt just avoid it and try to find something else. There is such a huge range of flavourings without such components to choose from.
Just have a play with the search function, mint flavours have been discussed at length here on the forum and also questionable ingredients in flavourings. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. But I’m also sure if anyone here heard of this stuff you mentioned they will let you know.


Thank you so much, I was a little bit shocked when I read another flavour that I bought in the past, Capella, yeap capella it is, the juicy peach one contain ethyl alcohol and I even didnt noticed no wonder I felt a little bit weird in the begining lol!


There are quite a few flavors that are alcohol based, there’s a thread about this topic here:

As for me, I don’t boil or evaporate them. Just cap, shake, and steep normally :ok_hand:

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@roy171 welcome to ELR. As far as boiling it off, that might be a bit extreme. You COULD leave off the cap of your finished mix, and let it evaporate if you were concerned.

If I was concerned enough about a flavor to boil it off, I’d probably switch to another flavor first.


‘Carriers’ for e-liquid concentrates are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and ethyl alcohol. The chemicals used to create flavors need to be soluble so when PG, which is most commonly used by the flavor chemists is not compatible, ethyl alcohol is sometimes used in it’s place.

You can (and should) keep your e-liquid capped until steeped if you choose to. The simple act of removing the cap while filling your atty is sufficient to allow any alcohol to escape.


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Welcome to ELR @roy171 I’m glad you got your question answered.

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