Is there a better Cinnamon pastry/roll than cap's CDS v1?

Still putting together first order and have Caps CDS v1 as it’s in a few recipes I like. Some of these recipes are older and just wondering if a newer flavor has come out that surpasses it?

Btw I find it hard to find any kind of notes in those FOTW posts, like all I see are comments but some of the older ones have flavor notes of like a worst to best list.
Thanks for any help


We have our own resident expert. @SessionDrummer . I would search his flavor notes for cinnamon mastery’s. He been pretty much spot on. I don’t buy any of his reviews unless their 9.7 and up.


Oh yes I’m familiar with SD flavor notes, I’ve went through every single one of them and wrote down everything rated 8.5 and up, about 4-5 pages of just the flavor and grade, not the notes themselves and he truly is a godsend to the community here as well as many others. I was just on Reddit for a cinnamon FOTW and came across these notes from Concreteriver:

FLV Rich Cinnamon is fantastic. It is bakery cinnamon. All hail Rich Cinnamon. It can have a bit of dryer, powdery edge to it and it’s a bully, but used real low, it’s fantastic whenever you want a cinnamon with some body.

In terms of bakery flavors with a heavy cinnamon component, I fucking hate CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl. It tastes sour and metallic to me at any percentage. I would like to put it into a rocket and fire it directly into the fucking sun. I don’t know how this is a thing. I’ve enjoyed it some recipes admittedly, but as soon as I can pick it out in a vape I’m out. All subjective of course, but I don’t get it.

FW Cinnamon Roll is a much better bakery cinnamon, with some pretty neutral bready notes that should work damn near anywhere CDS works without being abjectly terrible. I get a clear bakery cinnamon out of it, and it’s fantastic.

FLV Cinnamon Roll is a bit of mystery to me. It has a little bit more mellow Rich Cinnamon note to it, and maybe just a slight hint of a dough in there? It’s definitely not bad, but doesn’t strike me as a full cinnamon roll flavor, and pretty inessential if you already have the Rich Cinnamon.

FLV Cinnamon Crunch has a really solid cinnamon note for a cereal, and overall is really tasty. I’ve never really figured out what to do with it beyond admiring that it tastes a whole lot like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

So based on these notes should I just get FLV rich cinnamon instead of cap CDS or maybe FW cinn roll to make sure I get some of the bakery notes to sub into recipes that call for CDS.


Eventually buy all. CDS is a key to so many recipes. I would start with that. Rich Cinnamon is a expensive single flavor to start with and is just a cinnamon to my taste buds but strong as all get go. All the flavor house’s all have something different to offer taste wise and we all have different tastes. Starting out buy the flavors in the recipes you want to make. Buy 10-15 ml bottles to figure out how it fits you taste buds. Start with small batches (15-20ml) I mix with nic to test recipes. Small batches won’t waste nic & flavoring. Don’t be in a hurry to have them all. I buy sales only. Your lucky because we’re coming into the sale season. DIY is all about custom mixing to please you. Most of all have fun.


I get a yeast flavor from many flavors such as CDS. I love RC but one of the best is FLV Apple Filling. It needs help to fill out the pastry end but it’s worth owning. I’m vaping it right now.


I wouldn’t recommend that. For your first order i’d say you should rather focus on useful building blocks (CDS or FW or maybe Baker’s Touch LB), not on specialty flavors like Rich Cinn FLV (plus it’s so expensive; leave those for your next order; the only exception would be Apple Filling which is really great as natbone said). Also all the mentioned are used in many recipes (you need to look for flavors that are widely used for your first order; don’t run for ‘best’ rated flavors at this point). Cinn Crunch FLV would also be a good choice; Cinn Sugar CAP is ok, but it’s another specialty flavor.

If i’d had to pick i’d suggest one of these FW or CDS + if you really need another one, either Cinn Crunch or Apple Filling; you can leave other cinnamons for your later orders. Btw, it’s great to see a newbie doing their homework (reading and carefully picking flavors for the first order; this will save you a lot and you’ll learn faster with more useful flavors (rather than with ‘best’). Happy mixing!


@JABS, and @rcleven thank you very much for the kind words.

CAP’s CDS is still very widely used, BUT, it takes like CAP’s CDS, so either you love it, or hate it IMO.

As far as Cinna Rolls, surprisingly I’ve not tested very many of them, BUT … that never stops me hehe …

Here are literally the TWO stand outs for me, …

Baked Cinnamon Roll (OSDIY) 8% (11-13-20) – Whew, this is a single flavor ?? !!! POW !!! This one, felt like it SHOULD have been a One-Shot. Completely finished, well rounded, and RIGHT what it said, it was. If you’ve used Flavor West’s Cinnamon Roll, or CAP’s Cinnamon Danish Swirl, you NEED to try this one. Leaves both of them IN the dust, and I’m still trying to figure out why. Immediately upon vaping it, I knew it was very unique, and different. Was it the cinna, the roll, or both ? I think probably both. The cinnamon was perfectly suited for a cinna roll, and did indeed remind me of the type you’d get in a can of pop open cinna rolls from the store. Somehow OSDIY was able to almost capture the sugar crystals in it too. The roll was super accurate, and I don’t remember ever tasting this “bakery” note before. It almost reminded me of how accurate LA’s Cream Cheese Icing was. Combining the two, really just knocked it out of the park. @8% it was plenty present, and could even be lowered, and probably wouldn’t suffer much. Some buttery elements could be found in there, but they were not the main focus. Sweetness was about mid level, and the accuracy and overall presentation could not be ignored. No sour or metallic notes in the cinna, no overly yeasty notes in the roll, just plain simple, and good. Thus far, I can safely say if you like Cinnamon Rolls, and aren’t super thrilled with the ones on your rack now, pick this one up. 9.9/10.

Cinnamon Roll (OOO) 7% (2-11-18) – WOW. Outta the gate WOW. 4 vapes and I can already write a review for this one. GREAT !!! Talk about capturing a Cinnabon, this is it. And surprisingly NOT overly sweet. Might even benefit from a little sweetener. Smelling the bottle revealed an interesting choice of cinnamon. Very nice and full on the inhale, with the breadiness, and cinnamon sugar on the exhale. Might use a lil butter, but with no dik’s not sure how they’d do that. If you like cinnabons you’ll love this. 10/10.


Don’t overlook the UN-obvious either, as Real Flavors has an almost PERFECT French Toast, that could easily be pushed with a little FA Zep, and LA CCI.


I’ll add to your advice with don’t buy more than 10ml of any new flavor. It’s amazing how much has been wasted by doing otherwise.


I tried the first one and didn’t like it. However, I’m still searching so I’ll give the second a chance. You just never know.


The cinnamon is the first deal breaker for most people, either they like it or not, regardless of the flavor. The second would probably be the yeast or lack thereof, that people do or do not want in their cinna buns. Hard to get ONE flavor for everyone.


Notes are tough to go by …I would go by number of recipes when trying to figure out if a flavor is useful . There sre a lot of old flsves that are must haves and CDS is one.


I would look into Cap Sticky Bun, paired with Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl :yum:….