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SessionDrummer's SF Testing Notes - All-in-one (Base Camp)

I find @SessionDrummer’s testing notes very useful and since so many, i thought it would be cool to put everything together for easy find. Thx buddy! (and everyone else too ofc; i focused on this fella since he is the king of testing notes on elr and since all his notes are nicely put together already)

WF - Wonder Flavors

VTA – Vape Train Australia

FLV – Flavorah

PUR – Purilum

MF – Medicine Flower

DEL - Delosi

RF – Real Flavors SC

ODF – One Drop Flavors

OOO – One on One

DIYFS – DIY Flavor Shack

JF – Jungle Flavors

NV – NicVape

NN - Nude Nicotine


Thanks guys for the great notes & having them all right here!




Wow @Mikser that really means a lot to me. SF testing IS the bane of my existence for sure !!! LOL, because I wish I had thought of this. Outstanding idea, great implementation, and I’ll have to bookmark YOUR post, just in case I get into ANOTHER vendor. Thank you very much, and I hope some of my notes help you, others, or at least make some sense to any readers.