iStick 100W, high power low price

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SirRisc here with another gear review!

I know, I know… I’m very late to the party. The iStick 100W has been reviewed before, but I only got it in a few weeks ago.
Regardless I want to share my opinions on it, because you can never have enough opinions, right? RIGHT! I think…

The iStick 100W was sent to me for the purpose of this review by!


We all know that eLeaf has a bit of a bad trackrecord so far, they’re a controversial brand that keeps putting out mods that are cheaper than others, effectively catering to the low budget market.
Starting with the iStick 20W which had a terrible 510 and an awful way to limit the power, moving to the iStick30 which had a spontaneous combustion feature, to the iStick50 which had the same combustion feature with added sparkles.
And now we have the iStick40TC which is proving to be not-so-accurate about temperatures, the new iStick 60TC which can be customized with sidepanels in all kinds of colors, and this beast… the iStick100.
A 100W mod with dual 18650 batteries, from the same company that brought us so many ~explosions~ iSticks already.

For the people who are reading this review on a phone or don’t want to see the photos in order, here’s a link to the gallery on imgur.

Considering the fact that I’m still publishing this review, it’s safe to say I still have all my fingers and haven’t exploded just yet.
Grab a vape, and let’s see why…

eLeaf iStick 100W


  • Dual 18650 battery
  • 5W to 100W or 2V to 10V power output
  • 0.15ohm to 5.0ohm (Yes, that is five point zero ohm, not a type-o)
  • Springloaded 510 connection with brass plated pin
  • Aluminium body, chrome plated top and bottom section
  • USB charging port (1A)
  • Magnetic batterydoor
  • Available in silver and black


The iStick 100W comes in a white cardboard box, which looks clean and fairly simple.
On the front is a depiction of the mod, with the name next to it. On the back you’ll find some text about the iStick 100W and the list of parts in the box.
Inside is a foam insert which holds the mod itself, and has a ribbon to the side to pull up the foam insert.
Under the foam insert is a small box with the USB charging cable, an EGO adapter, and the usermanual.

A couple of photos…


The iStick 100W is the newest addition to the iStick family and is the most powerful yet.
Boasting a poweroutput of 100W or 10V, you’d expect this mod to output an effective 100W, right?
Well, it doesn’t. It says 100W on the screen, but putting a multimeter to the mod you’ll find it outputs slightly less than 100W.
In fact I got a maximum of 96.8W out of the mod when I had a 0.2ohm dual coil build on it, with freshly charged VTC4 batteries.
Accuracy still isn’t a strong point with eLeaf but for the price you’ll pay for this mod, you really can’t expect it to be as accurate as for example a Sigelei 100W+.
The 100W is also the first iStick to have exchangeable batteries, and eLeaf chose to have the 18650 batteries in such a way that you’ll be able to fire the mod even with a single battery… which I wouldn’t advise on doing.
Safetywise this would mean that a 0.2ohm coil would be able to fire at 100W and draw ±22A, but it also means the balancing board has to work very well when sporting two batteries.
Other than firing a bit too low, the mod does perform alright.

Locking the mod is as easy as holding the + and - button for a few seconds, at which point the display will show LOCK.
Unlocking will be the same and show UNLOCK.
3 clicks of the powerbutton will switch the mod into voltage mode and another 3 clicks will switch back to wattage mode.
5 clicks will turn the mod off, and 5 clicks again will turn the mod on. It won’t show a fancy logo or anything, it’ll just turn on.
To adjust the power in 0.1W increments, you hold the + or - button and it will start running.
If you press twice and hold the button, it will jump by 0.5W increments.

It’s all very basic, which is honestly fair for the price of the mod.
At USD35.99 / EUR31.55 it’s a good deal for a dual 18650 mod capable of ±100W…


The display is nice and bright, very easy to read even in sunlight and shows all the basic info you need like batterystatus, poweroutput and resistance of the coil.
The buttons, though very rattley, are very tactile and placed very well.
The rattling is a problem though, I can’t stand hearing it when I reach for the mod.
Which brings me to the formfactor of the mod… It’s big, make no mistake about that.
But it’s also ergonomic, the rounded edges make it fit in your hand perfectly (unless you have very small hands).
The silver finish is fairly strong and doesn’t seem to chip easily. However if you scratch it, the scratches go deep and will show very easily.
The top and bottom are made from the typical chromed look as the previous iSticks, which attracts fingerprints and also scratches like crazy unfortunately.
On the bottom is a USB charging port capable of charging at 1A. However considering the trackrecord of the iStick series and charging, I would stay clear of charging the mod via USB.

A few more photos…

Pros and Cons.


  • Cheap!
  • ±100W
  • Dual 18650
  • Easy to use, basic menus
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Lightweight for such a big mod


  • Rattling buttons
  • Doesn’t fire the full 100W
  • Chrome scratches easily
  • Battery door tends not to fit 100%
  • Bulky and big, it’s not easy to carry around
  • Feels rather cheap

In conclusion.

Honestly, I don’t hate the iStick 100W… but I’m also not in love with it.
The fact that it doesn’t seem to push the power it advertises is a bit of an issue, but I can get passed that.
It’s the way eLeaf has built this mod that irks me, the rattling buttons make it feel cheap, it’s all very basic, it’s all very “thrown together”.
For approximately the same price (well, a few dollars more <-- old school western reference!) I would rather go for the IPV D2 at this point, which I’ll admit has a lesser batterylife but does sport more functionality.
If you’re in a financial pinch and you’re looking for a dual 18650 mod though, it’s a decent buy. Overall I’d give it a rating of 6/10.

In closing I would like to thank Gearbest for sending me the iStick 100W for review!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you for sticking with me!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of vanilla scented vapor


Good review as always, thanks @SirRisc!
I just picked one up a few days ago for $25 free shipping, so I should have it by the weekend :smile:I also have the 50w and I haven’t had any issues nor did I know about any eleafs exploding?? (A google search would of helped I suppose)
I always liked my 50w for ease and at work and with my 2 xcubes I thought I would get the 100w for the same reason…here’s hoping I like it!!


Well I just got mine in 5 minutes ago! Damn that was freaky fast! So far I like it, for what it is. The rattle with the buttons is annoying but how often to we go around shaking our mods?
It is A LOT lighter than I thought it would be but then again I have been carrying around two Xcubes…

All in all I am very happy with the purchase and this is exactly what I needed for work! Cheap…simple…small…light and powerful. The black doesn’t look that bad either (pending scratches)

I do like the batteries being parallel and the ease of being able to direct charge it! Even though I will still remove the batteries it is a nice on the go feature

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I’ve had mine for a month now and for what it is it works great. The buttons rattling doe’s not bother me, but what doe’s bother me is there is something sliding around inside under the ± buttons. I’ve seen someone on facebook that took thiers apart and there is a black plastic piece that is broken in half and that is what is sliding around. Can not get Efun to respond to my latest emails for return. And my brand new batteries have damage from putting them in only three times.


Interesting…can you see this somehow or can you only hear it? Mine is only 2 hours old and no issues but I may want to look out for this?

So far I think this thing is great for what it is and I can’t get over how light it is

I can only hear it, haven’t taken it apart. like I said the buttons rattle but not bad, if you tilt it length wise you can hear some thing sliding back and forth. There are lots of people on face book with the same problem and one guy took his apart to see what it was and it is some piece of plastic that is broken in half, don’t know what it is or what it doe’s.

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Great review (as always). I’ve had mine for a few months and no problems whatsoever. A bit of a rattle but only if I shake it very hard. I’m sure it doesn’t fire at a full 100W, but I don’t really vape at higher than 65, so it’s all good. I charge through the USB port and no issues there at all and my battery door fits perfectly flush. This alone would drive me nuts if it didn’t. I also own the istick mini and the 50W and the only problem I had was after a juice leak the fire button would stick. That was a very easy fix and has never reoccurred. I guess I was one of the lucky ones.
Thanks for the review!


Thankfully I don’t have any issues with something sliding around inside. I think that would annoy the piss out of me but the little button issue is nothin.

Sorry if I missed this but when using the usb to charge does anyone know if it has an internal shut off for the batteries once they are full? I only plan on using the usb if I’m at work or on the go but it would be good to know.

I have been using it all day now and it is exactly what I wanted from price to functionality. Very happy and cant wait to finally use my bigger tanks at work now :slight_smile:


Yes it doe’s shut off.


I did just have my fire button stick on me…I can tell this won’t be the only time either. It’s not that bad were it will stay, just move the button slightly pops it back out.


I have had my 100w istick for about 6 weeks now and so far so good. My battery door sits flush and there is only a little rattle with the buttons, which does not bother me. I charge through the usb because I do not have a battery charger and so far so good. I bought the istick because I didn’t have a powerful enough mod to power the TFV4 that I won!!! But I am happy with it overall! Thanks for the great review @SirRisc!!!


I’ve purchased 2 i30s and 2 i50s. All have performed without flaw. I and my girl started vaping with the istick. Having such good performance with them we bought backups. As I have stated in the past, I dropped my i50 in my kayac submerged in 4 inches of water. In lightning quick shut it off. Later in the day I took it apart, dried it carefully and it worked perfectly for months longer. Inexpensive, yes. Cheap, no. With the exception of the button rattle, (which doesn’t bother me in the least), I’ve witnessed none of the bad rap. As for the i100, I’ll be buying 2 this month. I expect they will have the same good fortune and rattling button.


Yes it will auto shut-off once charged. For safety reasons, I always remove the atty/tank and power off before I plug in to charge. That goes with any mod. Better to be safe than sorry.


Hey dont get me wrong, I have three Eleaf Isticks and I think there good mods. Just wish they would put a little more effort into making them all good not just some of them.


Ok I guess I do have a problem with the 100watt…the fiee button sticks…a lot! At first I thought it wasnt going to be that big of a deal and if you are very careful…every…single…time…you can catch it but that’s just it, you wont be everytime.
I’ve missed it a few times while it sat there burning away…no bueno!
I thought maybe it was just mine but after some research it is a known issue so be careful!

I have one and also a 30w version. The 100 watt is definitely made a lot cheaper than the 30. It’s nice for the price, but after a month the connection on the box raised up a little somehow and now it won’t keep a consistent resistance even after pushing it back down. It jumps all over the place. Same thing happened to a friend. I’ll probably take my chances and buy another one since they are so cheap, but there really is a noticeable quality difference between it and their other models.


did you experience a juice leak? This is what happened to my 50w. I took it apart and sprayed some quick drying electronics part cleaner on the board and haven’t had a problem since (two months ago). I haven’t had this problem with my 100w but I may open it up and see if I can solve the button rattle which isn’t a big problem, but like the mountain, it’s there and it needs to be climbed.

No there is no juice leak and I know what you are talking about. I have a 50w as well and have heard about people spilling/leaking on their mod. As for the 100w, it is a known issue…it’s the way the button is built into the casing, when you push it down it gets stuck under the casing at times
Its nothing I’m doing on my end, like Frank said these are built a lot cheaper than their previous models, which I have loved, I still like this one but I need to be really careful with this button sticking
Sorry about the horrible grammar and punctuation I’m catering an event right now and using voice to text

hmmm…one of these days I may take it apart and have a look. Maybe a ring of rtv around the base of the button to give it a little lift? Dunno, we’ll just have to see if there is a fix for it.

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I have one of these mods, the 100w, and I have absolutely no problems at all…this thing is solid. I very much enjoy mine…it works nonstop without a single complaint, on a coupla old tanks that ive had since I first started vaping…

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