Istick Pico custom 1.03 firmware (modded by me)

hi guys…
i’m sharing my modded version of eleaf Pico 75w TC firmware… i found the original fonts a bit boring and plain…

additional info:

  • based on the official eleaf v1.03 firmware
  • changed fonts to a more digital and bolder ones
  • screenshot attached (sorry for the img quality and only one image - i’m new here :slight_smile: )
  • the firmware editing possibilities are quite limited, so don’t mind a slightly wrong text kerning here and there but i’ve tried to do my best

software used:

  • NFirmware Editor v5.1 (you can google it)

before you download and flash the firmware:

  • make sure you have a backup of your original firmware
  • you’re doing this on your own risk
  • if you don’t like it - just flash back the original firmware

download link:



Thanks for your mod

no problem at all :slight_smile:
i hope you like it…