It really pay to shop around

My scale crapped out on me today, so I went shopping around for a better quality scale. As usual I started looking on Amazon for a quality scale and I was interested in this scale.

I googled this brand to read up on the functions and this popped up…

The same scale @ half the price with free shipping and a 10yr warranty. I’m sure you know which scale I purchased.

DIY can be costly… but there are deals out there if you shop around.
This scale also has excellent reviews.


Nice find! I used to be a spur of the moment shopper - until I started to add up how much I was losing by not shopping around. It’s smart to do your due diligence and save yourself a few bucks…that you can spend on other vape stuff.


10yr warranty. thats a great signthat it’s a good one. looking to buy one anyway. Let us know how well it work. plane on getting one.This in on may list now.

Re: Anyone seen this scale?
Might look at my reply.

That’s a good one too. The one I ordered impressed me with the 10 year warranty and US made.

Just added some more information: Re: Anyone seen this scale?