I've Got Class

Many of you know that I’ve been sick for a long time. During this time I’ve help many people convert to vaping. I seem to have impress some people as I’ve been asked to teach a class for senior citizens explaining vaping, hardware & liquids and to teach anyone who wants to learn DIY. It was easy when I was doing one-on-one conversions but classes could get sticky & I want to convert not confuse. In my home, depending on who I was working with, I used Ego pens or Ego Twist with Kanger T3S Clearomizers or the Cloupor Mini 30w with a Taifun RBA. Those using the RBA converted easier. I also discovered the conversion was easier if I started them on coffee vapes.
Keeping in mind I have no ideal what the class size may be I’m asking for suggestions: hardware, tanks, clearomizers, TEACHING STYLES and anything else you think may help me teach a class solo. HELP PLEASE!


Btw nice play on words for the topic heading.

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Thank You! I learned a long time ago you have to grab attention with the first sentence or nothing will get read.


I think you’re awesome for doing this. Way to go!
Might I suggest Nautilus tanks? From those I’ve spoken to, they seem to enjoy the taste and feel of the vape with this one. It’s the one that got me to quit the cigs after 30+ years.


As I read the OP that was my thoughts as well , @HoneyGram57 you are Awesome for doing this.
As far as starter setups I also really like the Nautilus tanks .The Nautilus Mini as well as the sub tank mini by KangerTech kept me off the stinkies.

I am not sure if the ego twist is the same now as it was was when I started? Is that the one that has a simple three voltage setting? I was sold the standard ego type at first but I didn’t use it long until I found the one that had three voltage setting to help adjust to my needs. iirc the fire button or light would go from red , blue , to purple depending on the voltage and that helped until I later broke down and bought a ProVari mini.

I would also highly recommend them especially now that they are less than 20.00 each.
Flavors , I smoked menthol’s for 30 years and that was the flavored juice it took for me to stop smoking for the first few months.

Good Luck and I am sure you will get lots of people willing to help in any way possible.


Agree with you on the coffee vapes - hard to get a goot coffee for everyone

i recently got 5 wismec motiv for exactly the same reason - converting people. i lend them out to people to try to see if it will work for them they are a simple unit no settings just a fire button & easy to fill. i got them on sale for $9 each i think they are about $15 normally (or there abouts)


You most certainly do have class :wink: I am so proud of you…you really are a humble spirit here you’ve had your own battles this year and you’ve converted so many ppl you are an inspiration all on your own !

Beginner’s gear I’d say would be any kind of PV ( personal vapor style ) sets pens egos that sorta deal. Along w/ that style of set up teach simple things like what a 510 connection is verse the ego connection so they don’t buy the wrong tanks and have no adapter to fit it for.

Stepping up from there is an easy one…my first climb up from the egos was Nautilus and then a mini Nat. both are rockin’ in my sets to this day as I still MTL hit and decided long ago that DLH were not for me. So I would say along w/ aspires there is a good range of smaller tanks that are still appropriate for the PV/ ego pen styles aspire to my knowledge still puts out the Maxi tank, the K1, the glassomizer which I believe there is a Davide but it is interchangable w/ the aspire coil and the Kanger coil.
I am sure you are aware of the Nautilus and the mini coil the BVC style which is available in 1.6 and 1.8 ohm.

But there is a new guy well kinda newer guy it is the mini triton and at first I didn’t care too much for it since I was using the clapton coils that are made for it…someone mentioned the Nautilus BVC coils fit it and I should try those in there before I wrote it off well I am super happy I did because it was a gamechanger for me and now I have two of these I am even using a newer RBA Kubki for the mini triton that was originally intended for the nautilus since these coils are becoming more difficult to find and the prices are crazy…again RBA would be a later class but I just wanted to mention the mini triton bc it is a good tank that the person can upgrade to a breezier coil later on should they decide they really want less restriction in their draw and it’s top fill which is a nicer touch since most aspires are bottom fill tanks.

These tanks below take the smaller BDC style or ETS style coil no really suitable for heavy Vg mixes



Kangers …I love my smaller kanger tanks ( I am talking about Protank 3s and Aerotanks ) but lets face it those coils are a nightmare to track down and well Kanger still wants top notch for them…I recently rebuilt some for the upgraded 1.80 ohm it was managable but not easy for ppl w/ poor eyesight. I’d say the newer line of Kanger tanks are a great intro to stepping up and a long the way I have enjoyed the Nano, the subtank mini and regular albeit I find the draw on all of them to still be a breezy one even w/ all air holes tight and pretty shut off maybe it just isn’t for me. Coils can be confusing for the newer tanks teach the color codes red, blue and silver on the coils as different ones ae different types of wire that may require different sets like a temperature controlled device …you may have to save that for an intermediate class.

Ego One - this is an easy line of tanks very simple and the draw is tight and restricted like someone coming off smoking would want or just those who like a MTL hit the 1.0 ohm coil sounds scary at first but it’s a 0.5 ohm or a 1.0 ohm is all they carry for the CLR coil which is the better coil to get since the R on the end means it’s rebuildable and let me tell you I havn’t bought a new box for them in almost a year I keep rebuiding them and they rock out for weeks using the same coil. http://www.joyetech.com/product/clr-head-rebuildable/?age-verified=cb5c303798 there is an official video I can’t seem to find it right now but there’s tons of them on youtube it’s very simpe again this may be best for a different audiance than straight up beginners.

I like the Endura series it’s a no fuss style that delivers a 14 watt hit from the battery when fully charged and then by a color system it shows as the battery is being drained green fully charged then yellow then red. No buttons other than the firing button the coils are pretty large in themselves hold a ton of juice and the tank is super easy to clean altogether the set up is easy and cheap they even have the drip tip the size of a cig approx. so it feels comfortable.

SirRisc gave his thoughts and reviews here on the forum Innokin Endura T22, bigger finesse

I just recently got 2 icares by Eleaf and they are the cutest lil things ever just fill the tank til the line as to not over fill and let it wick then w/ no push button at all it is activate by you taking a draw off the top…basically when you suck in…the battery is activated and you get a puff…so far these guys haven’t been that lovely for very high vg juices the coils are tiny and the flavor has been so so …it’s still really easrly on how I feel about them but for those that really aren’t into fuss and want a light weight stealthy hit well then this is for you. http://www.myvaporstore.com/Eleaf-iCare-Kit-p/elis-isca10.htm
SirRisc gave a great review on them here’s his review. eLeaf iCare, pocket sized starter

I will be looking forward to hearing how your class goes !!!


Definitely can agree with the coffee. I searched long and hard for the coffee flavor that my local store was using, as it instantly became one of my favorites. It was the last thing I would have thought of…but I did finally find it!
Flavor West Coffee (aka Cafe Coffee (FW) -depending on the retail vendor).

If they like a mild coffee, use FW Coffee @ 1%.
If they like a strong coffee, use it at 1.5-2%.
(This is what worked for me in both the Nautilus Mini, and I still happily use the same ratio/percentage in my RDTA/DL setup! No idea why, but it crosses over well, where most have to be adjusted for. At least, IME.)

Shocking I know… usually FW stuff is very high up there in %'s used. But this is definitely one of their exceptions to the rule.

As for profile, it’s basically a good “off the shelf” brand cup of coffee. Not a “trained”, “acquired” or “connoisseur” taste, just the Everyday Joe’s cuppa Joe. (Think Folger’s, Maxwell House, Maryland Club, etc.)

Seconded!! I quit using the Nautilus Mini. That was in steady daily use for the first 2+ months. Somewhere into the third (or there abouts) I transitioned into DL.

I think what you’re doing is great!! :thumbsup:


Flavor Art UP is also a great coffee flavor. It was a coffee flavor I vaped at the beginning (for a year at least) before really moving on.


You might start out by explaining that vaping is almost totally scalable. Whatever you crave, your tweaks can heighten your vaping experience. The more complex your requirements, the more tweaking you may need to do. Vaping can be far more complex (depending on your requirements) than smoking.
Each of the above statements, can be expanded on.


this is an FDA Approved Vaping class? :smiley:

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love what you’re doing here. good luck
IMHO, it’s also important to include some tips about what “not to do” - this is important for someone who is just moving from smoking to vaping - and i wish back then that someone could have given me that guidance.

quick story to bring my point home - one day in a vape shop i met this guy, he was looking for help, they sold him a TC mod and a tank. installed a Ti coil for him and they set the mod to 75 watts - he didn’t even know how to change the mod settings, didn’t know what Ti is, and didn’t know that Ti should only be vaped in TC mod. he was just wondering why the vape tasted too hot and too bad - and he was very close to quitting.

so if you can guide folks like that with some (simple) intro and ensure that they know the (next level) basics - beyond the Ego stick - and what they need to avoid - that would be great for their experience and the community overall (less accidents ?)

In a vape shop? Only go back there to tell them what dicks they were.


i agree with @Amy2 about the aspire k kits and if they wants a sub ohm set up the k4 rocks with the aspire clieto as its tank


So much good advice; I want to thank everyone who helped me put this together! I can’t say I had overwhelming success, much time was spent contradicting the false information the FDA has put out there! (If I hear “popcorn lung” one more time I’ll scream!) When I began, vaping was something new, full of possibilities & responsibilities. Most importantly for me, it was a way to quit a 43 year habit that was literally killing me. Those I was able to help, where in one way or another in the same spot I was in years ago, fighting cancers and/or COPD and I’m very grateful I was able to answer their questions. What began in the classroom has moved to my home as I continue to teach anyone who wants to learn. And the doctors who have been involved with my care these past few years still refer people to me. If the FDA is ever put in it’s place I honestly expect a flood of students from these initial classes. There are those who need the FDA’s stamp of approval that this is a better alternative to tobacco. I didn’t, I used my own resources to investigate vaping & my own brain to make the decision to vape; that way if things went wrong I was the only one I could blame.
Again, thank you all for your input, you helped me more than you’ll ever realize!