Jaffa Cakes & Brunch Ice Cream Bars!

I was wondering what Jaffa Cakes taste like. I read the wiki on them and get the basis of sponge cake bottom orange ( jaffa orange ) middle and the chocolate top but I have never had a Jaffa Orange and from what I read online it states there’re slightly bitter IRL I can’t see the cake filling being bitter…is it ? I’d think it’s candy gooey gel like orange.

I was thinking about this

Jaffa Cakes

Ingredient %
Blood Orange (FW) 0.75
Chocolate (FA) 1
Labyrinth (FA) 1.5
Pound Cake (Flavorah) 1.25
Sugar Cookie (FW) 2.5
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 1.25

Flavor total: 8.25%

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Blood orange is more realistic but sweet tangerine is more sweet
Labyrinth is a sponge cake but has notes of caramel and vanilla in it so I kept it a lil lower and put pound cake behind it for the sturdiness of that cake
sugar cookie is purely there for the sweetness
Chocolate FA was my first choice as it’s one of the sweeter chocolates that you don’t have to use much to get a sweet chocolate.
I may add 0.5% AP


Chocolate top
Gooey orange centre, sweet
Spongy biscuity bottom


Yes I know the basis of the treat but what does that Orange taste like grubby is it a real or candy like orange is it gel or creamy ? Thanks for replying.

Oh seen you said gooey so prob less cream like???


Not creamy, it’s like a tangy orange sticky jam :smiley:


And the sponge base is more like a trifle finger sponge than a Victoria sponge :+1:

EDIT: to stop me sending 4000 replies lol

I’ve not tried the blood orange but you’d def want something to give the orange part some tang. Maybe a drop of sour?


I haven’t a clue on either of those sponge cakes lol I’ll google them…have you had Labyrinth FA by chance ?

You can reply as much as you like even 4000 x :smile:

Blood Orange is very astrigent I think would be an easier way to describe it w/ the citrus being bold and orange smelling not really a sweet one but the sweet tangerine is a nice sweet one. I just can not stand Orange FA which is very candy like if I were to make a large batch of this then I’d think of dropping 1 drop of it in there but w/ smaller batches my goodness it just takes over so quickly.

Thank you !


Found this on Nigella.com

Trifle sponges are a somewhat British ingredient but are no more than dry sponge cakes. As the cakes are dry they have the capacity to soak up a fair amount of liquid in a trifle, which makes them soft and also flavours the sponges.

There are some alternatives you can use. Probably the easiest is the Italian Savoiardi or ladyfinger cookies. These are dry sponge cookies normally used in Tiramisu, but they are also good for a trifle. You could also use slices of pound cake, but as pound cake tends to be failry moist we would suggest cutting the cake into slices around 1/4-1/2 inch thick and laying the slices on a wire rack. Let the slices stand overnight to dry out a bit, or bake them in a low oven (around 120c/250F) for 30-40 minutes, carefully turning the slices over every 10 minutes, until they feel slightly dry (cool completely before using)."

The blood orange def sounds like it has the orange taste you’re looking for and then the sweetness from the tangerine should help to give it the jammy-ness I think.

I haven’t tried the Labyrinth FA but your description of it sounds grand as long as it’s not too caramelly :smiley:


Thanks this is a good read.

Labyrinth does have just a tad more caramel than I like in a cake unless I’m going in that direction that’s why I figured if I kept it lower it wouldn’t be so obvious and that maybe the pound cake help out.

I’d like a ladyfingers concentrate. Wonder if one exists .


I would say Jaffa Cake’s has some bitterness, but I’m not sure it comes from the chocolate being so dark or if it is the orange jelly being like a gooey, slight bitter orange marmelade.


Ok here’s my attempt at trying to explain the taste of Jaffs?
The sponge part is certainly drier than a traditional sponge cake texture, more dense and gloppy in your mouth?
So any sponge concentrate would work I would guess but I would opt for FW yellow Cake.
The orange is a jelly like consistency that is sweet and tangy in equal measures so I would look at pairing Caps Sweet Tangerine with A touch if FW Ecto Cooler and round it out with Caps Jelly Candy.
The chocolate is a dark chocolate that has a very slight bitterness to it so for me it would have to be INW Chocolate.
At a rough guess it would go something like this?

FW Yellow Cake 5%
Cap Sweet Tangerine 5%
FW Ecto Cooler 1.5%
Cap Jelly Candy 4%
INW Chocolate 2%
Sweetener of your choice @2%

Might actually mix this up over the weekend to try out?
In the meantime I’m off to the local shop to get me a box of Jaffa Cakes to accompany my cup of tea! Lol


Rub it in Chewy…you can go just pick up a box lol

thank you I like the idea of the jelly candy good touch there. I don’t use FW YC anymore but I think the labyrinth and pound cake maybe a suitable alternative I just may bump up my ratios a touch more. I don’t have INW Chocolate only Chocolate cream & Chocolate Milk INW. hmmm a lil bitter you say I may add in cocoa for a dryer touch.

by all means whip it up !!!


Just a touch of FA Bergamot?


Hmm I went and made it up already but yeah why not it’s a bitter citrus …nice one once steeped for sure !

I just put 1 drop in there 0.25% per 10 mls it smells great ! Thanks


Now you know how it feels @Amy2 for your cousins this side of the pond when you all wax lyrical about the American goodies we can’t get easily! Lol

Understand your concerns regarding the FW YC,
I have them myself but I do like that YC, probably all the nasties? Lol
FA Nonnas cake would work equally well? I think the crux of the taste would be to avoid any additional creams or vanillas that would add a moistness to it.
Yes the FA chocolate would work,anything to give that darker chocolate taste and @BathVaper good shout with the bergamot that would be a very good addition?
Mine is all mixed up and I will leave for a week steeping.
But straight off the bat it smells and finger tastes quite promising looking forward to this one!


Chewys reply of Nonna cake is a good start for the spongy part of the vape

For the tangy orange I would try Inawera’s orange shisha a proper sharp and slightly bitter orange finished taste and maybe Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate.

Another alternative I have read about in the past but not tried is Molinberry’s Chocolate Clementine,sounds like it may have potential for a jaffa cake mix with the Nonna’s cake from the description.


Ya know I kicked myself in the end for using Labyrinth in place of Nonna only because Labyrinth has a great sponge cake effect don’t get me wrong but I forgot about the blasted red berries in it way off in the back ground…FA needs to stop attempting to make SA flavors and just keep rocking the profiles we want minus the " extra" crap they put in them like the berries for labyrinth and Metaphor has some sort of citrus in there… so Yep I should of thought of Nonna
Glad I did add FLV pound cake higher I may have to go back to the drawing board on this one and drop labyrinth add Nonna.

I’ll prob try mine out next week sometime but most likely that pound cake is guna keep me for a good few weeks.

Thanks guys it was fun mixing w/ you all from all over the world :smile: eating better stuff than what I got available.

Who’s next who has something we can recreate that isn’t every day ??? ( or at least not here in the U.S. lol )

I say…Brunch Bar …to be continued :revolving_hearts:
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We get Jaffa cakes and Brunch ice creams here in Ireland :slight_smile:

Jaffa cakes are actually made by 2 companies, McVities and Jacobs. They taste a little different, mostly the chocolate. But it is an orange jelly/jam centre with soft sponge base and the choc is a bit … bland, I guess, plain. They’re not overly sweet but … tangy.

Brunch was one of my favorite treats as a kid in the summer. Strawberry/vanilla ice cream, again not overly sweet, and the biscuit ‘crumbs’ surrounding it were soft, like a mix of digestives and soft pink wafer bisctuis maybe? [of course, biscuit to us here is your cookie?]

There’s been complaints in recent years over Brunch, people claiming HB are holding back on the biscuit crumbs :smiley:

I would say, when I was younger, the crumbs were at least 20% of the treat .


Thank you @Uncaged !

I never heard of Brunch bars or Jaffa cakes and was googling all kind of crazy stuff for inspiration on what to mix :wink:

I made the Jaffa Cakes yesterday

A few weeks ago I made the Brunch Bar ice cream but wasn’t too sure of the profile outside of reading and you’re right ppl are complaining heeheh

here’s where I went w/ the brunch bar it’s a WIP as I am most likely guna take the CCGC out of it …

Brunch- Bar

Ingredient %
Berry (Crunch) Cereal (TPA) 0.5
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 1.3
Dulce de Leche (TPA) 0.4
Frosted Donut (TPA) 1.35
Meringue (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA) 0.65
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.5
Sweet Strawberry (Jungle Flavors) 3
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 1.75
wOw (FA) 0.35

Flavor total: 12.3%

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I’m curious as to where you’d go w/ it since you have first hand knowledge of what it actually taste like lol

ev’rybody’s welcome to play along !!!


Hello @Amy2

Sounds well nice, tried to favourite it but it says the recipe is marked as private so I liked it and look forward to making it. Couple of concentrates short, although I gotta order some more, mad mix day today, I made up about 420ml :wink:

Happy New Year to all by the way.