Joules for an Idiot

Okay, I have a question, and while I know the “proper answer” would that a volume to write, I am hoping to just get an idea of where to start playing.
I switched my Sigelei 150 TC device to tc mode, I have duel ss coils in, and am sitting at about .49 ohms… I have 2 settings to play with “Joules” and “Temp”… while temp is semi understood (200 degrees F is cooler than 400 degrees F) what is the Joules? I currently have it set at 18.0J but that is just because I needed to set it at something. What does it do if I set the Joules up higher or lower?
I like cooler vapes so I set the temp at 230F … just because.


Hopefully someone will correct me. I believe joules is how fast it ramps up. Or Atleast that’s how it feels to me. At 60joules on my ipv5 is where I like it. I tried 40 and the instant satifisfaction wasn’t there.

But I am a short puffer. I pull to my mouth then inhale. Or what I call new age mouth to lung. But it’s so much vaper the classic MTL people call it not MTL.

I’m also a flavor chaser which explains how I vape. I gotta have the flavor at the top bottom front and back. If one is missing the vape isn’t good enough.

Good post. I wasn’t sure about joules. I have never had or used a mod that has joules before. This will be good to know for later in the event i do. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it applies to all mods but I ran SX mini’s for a little over a year and IMO the Joules setting made for a quicker ramp up as well as a warmer vape than when on watt mode.I know they used the Yihi board and I really liked them except for the single 18650 battery issue.I would swap out batteries at least twice a ten hour shift in both of them.