Joyetech Cuboid

Ordered mine yesterday from MyVaporStore $52.45 with priority shipping in total.
I could have got it for bout $37 plus shipping via preorders til the 11th, but MFS notified me they were in stock, and with little debate I pulled the trigger and it’s all over but the waiting!


I have one coming too… Will be interested to hear what you think of it☺️

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Can’t find one that ships to uk. :weary:


Thank you my friend. Just ordered a silver one £39.99 and £1.99 for faster delivery. Great find. 46 left in stock after my purchase.
Happy vaper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash:

I want to order one myself, but I pre-ordered one from FT last week :frowning:

How much was FT’s presale price? (out of curiosity)

It was US$ 44…

I looked at ft but it normally takes 3-4 wks to reach the uk and i want one quick as i can. You know how it is. :wink:

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…and it is JUST like the evic mini as far as TC and settings, even m1, m2, and m3, you get there the exact same way.
It’s about 1/4" taller and about 1/8" deeper, same width as the evic mini.
I’ve gotta let my Billow v2 cool to room temp before I can be fair…but WTF do they crank the watts all the way up when you put the batteries in??? 150w at 530° tasted like hell (dry hit that temp control didn’t prevent, but that’s likely due to my warm atty and not locking the resistance).
My only nudge on this mod: the display window runs from the top all the way to the bottom, it’s plastic…and it’s gonna be THE worst finger print magnet AND it is going to scratch easily.

Anybody else???(yet)


Okay, just a fer real heads up(might not hear elsewhere)…don’t lay the Cuboid on the button side…heavy enough to fire itself.
Thank goodness I could smell the strawberries!


Had many good laughs last night with vaping friends about the self firing button trick, it does this consistently when laid on the button.
This morning I sent an email to joyetech making them aware of this issue. I figure that’s the responsible thing to do, BUT I’m also still vaping the hell out of this device and LOVING it all the while! YOLO! haha


got my eye on one as my next mod

VapeNW has them in stock now for 51.99

I had to send back an IPV mini 2 b/c it was messed up. The store wouldn’t give me my money back and offered me store credit. I figured I would wait for something better to come out before I pulled the trigger. I got my Cuboid in 3 days ago and I’ve been in vape Heaven so far. Power mode and SS mode work fabulous. You all will love it!


Would have purchased one last night, but Origin Vape was OOS on the black ones and the grey ones! Put myself on the email list for back in stock notification…:triumph:

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Ive been using the Cuboid for 3-4 days now and it works really well…the TC is on point.
however, occasionally when i hit the fire button, i get no vapor and when i look, the error message is no longer on the screen. so i fire while looking at the screen “battery low” it says…on batteries with a full charge.
to get past it, i hafta hit the fire button a few times and eventually it’ll fire…well, usually, right now it wont and the batteries are at least 75% full…i’ll change batteries and see whats up…
just an FYI…i’ll be messaging Joyetech about this so they are made aware

Did you do the 200w update?
…I havent, and haven’t seen that issue on mine as of yet.

I have updated to 200w
i restarted the device and now it will fire, but it wont stay in TC…keeps kicking me into power mode…lemme troubleshoot this, brb

My evic mini keeps doing that too happens alot when i change the battery. i have not managed to find a cure yet!!

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i take the tank off and fire to reset the mod
i then remount the tank and set it to TC and it’ll fire for a second then it boots me to power…
i’m gonna let this cool to room temp, reset the mod, reset the ohms and then relock and try again…

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