Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion

Introducing Joyetech’s NEW eGo AIO Mansion

Designed in California, Modeled after the New York Skyscrapers, Assembled in China.

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This is not a POD, it’s a simple to operate all in one device with no display, and simple one button controls. To use the Mansion just install a primed coil, fill the 2ml tank, turn it on, and puff from the mouthpiece. There is a fire button but you don’t need to press it, just take a puff and the Mansion will automatically fire.

The built in tank is integral with the battery. The replaceable BF SS316 0.6ohm MTL coil head is positioned into the tank by attaching the coil to a small top cap under the mouthpiece. The coil and top cap then screws into the tank and is tightened with a screwdriver that is included under the mouthpiece. There is an airflow adjustment on the small top cap. The tank is easy to refill even with a glass dripper.

Once filled the liquid level can be seen in a transparent LED lit window on both sides of the battery. The LED light color can be changed by clicking the control button 3 times, then press the button to cycle the light from white, black (off), blue, green, cyan, red, purple and yellow. The device will let you know when it is time to charge it by flashing the LED.

To operate the device, just turn it on with the normal 5 clicks and take a puff by drawing on the mouthpiece. How simple is that? I wish they had this when I quit smoking, I could have saved thousands in patches, gum, lozenges and atomic fireballs.

(I tried my best @steampugs)

Easy no control operation
Automatic button less puff
Easy to fill the liquid tank
Easy to see liquid level
Micro USB Charging
Works like a POD
AIO convenience
No leak design
Adjustable Airflow
7 color changeable LED light
Refillable tank and changeable coils
Textured metal battery is easy to hold onto
High quality BF SS316 coils with organic cotton

Heats up when DTL chain vaping (but this device hits hard enough you don’t want to do that anyway!) *
No lanyard loop to add a chain and hang it around my neck *
The mouthpiece protective cover falls off
More suited for lower mg e-liquid *
More suited for MTL vaping *
Non removable tank
Button very small *
*Note: it was difficult to think of things for the ’wishlist’ so if I have something listed wrong feel free to mentally move it onto the ‘feature’ list.

Size: 102mm long X 30.5mm wide X 17.7mm height (measured)
Weight: 81.4g or 2.9oz (empty)
Power: 1300mAh built in battery
Capacity: 2ml
Coil: BF SS316 0.6 MTL
Colors: Orange, Black, White, Silver, Gold and Rose

I think this is a great AIO device, I would recommend this over all the previous AIO devices, and even the PODS that I have previously tried. My Dolphin and ECO will be jealous, but the auto fire is a game changer, especially with the great flavor and cloud that the Mansion delivers. Of course I’m sure it has all the safety features Joyetech is known for, the only safety feature I could test is the 10 second puff time limit but I’m sure over charge, and over discharge is also on board.

Package contents:
2 X BF SS316 0.6 ohm coils
1 X Micro USB charge cable
1 X Multilanguage Mansion Quick Start Guide
1 X Warranty Card
1 X Coil prime and fill card
1 X package of spare parts ~ includes 3 O-rings, and 2 liquid fill port stoppers

I feel a need to mention I have a Relationship with Joyetech, I love their products and they love my reviews. This review contains my completely unbiased opinion of this device. The “Feature” and “Wishlist” is in no way falsified to increase sales; this review represents my honest opinion and is intended to allow the reader to make a more informed decision.


Any idea how many volts/watts it will put out?
I don’t know which skyscraper they were looking at but this thing isn’t even close to looking like the Empire State Building.
Thanx for the review man!


I’ve never been to NY, but it looks more like the skyscrapers we have in SF. In particular the transamerica tower comes in mind. It does have nearly the same texture lol.

No matter what tower they designed it after, I’m happy that you reviewed this pod device for us. I’m not into pods as of right now, but I still love reading the reviews. Thank you, :alien: always appreciate your thoughts on the new joyetech devices, as well as the pictures. Don’t stop doing that, even if you only received a buck :wink:


Great job my little grey friend :sunglasses::grin::ok_hand:

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Thanks for the review. Curious of the MSRP.

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OMG @TorturedZen! you got to ask a question? JK heh I thought I read 5v input, and can’t find the output. I’ll find out. I know it uses the BF coils, but the way the mouthpiece works on Mansion they do good, no spitback and plenty of power. So the temporary answer to your question is “PLENTY” :smile:

Thank you @eStorm :smile: when you see one skyscraper you seen them all, thanks for checking it out!

Thank you @Steampugs

Thanks @28If
$27.19 - $32.38
$21.00 and up to $28.99


Max output wattage is 30W
Input voltage is 5V

I bet the actual output is between 25 29.9W
edit: 25W is the rated max on the supplied coil


Out of this world review! Good job my friend. You said the magic word. FLAVOR! O lord, another one to seriously consider. I’m gonna have to start writing these down.


Thanks Bro:
The flavor is good, the BF coils are those that fit their earlier eGo AIO and their CUBIS Atomizer. They have good flavor, and on this device no spitback.

I kinda think we need to look at implementing the auto fire feature into some of the future larger mods.