Joyetech Firmware V5.04 with Preheat

Firmware V5.04 with Preheat and New Interface Launching News

Dear all,

We’re glad to release the new updates of firmware V5.04 with Preheat and new interface.

We listened to our fans about adding the preheat into our existing
firmware upgradeable devices. And now, the preheat function is
available. This is especially an essential when using an RDA, RTA,
ceramic heads and so on.

We also simplified and redesigned the user interface to make it simpler and clearer for you.

All the following devices will receive this update: eVic VTC Mini,
CUBOID, CUBOID Mini, eGrip II, eVic VTwo, eVic VTwo Mini and eVic AIO.
Among which, the CUBOID will still have two versions (V5.04 and V5.14)
with 150W and 200W respectively.

Click to download the new firmware V5.04.


Simplified? I think that new display is fugly! I’ll stick with 4.05 for now on my VTC and VTwo Minis.


Yeah I’m not crazy about the new design either. Hopefully enough people will complain and they’ll give us the option to put it back or something. I am interested in the preheat though so they need to hurry up and fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that info, do you work for Joyetech?

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It seems to be working, its just hidden past the logo on/off setting

I meant fix the ‘ugly’ display. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lovin’ it
the display is soooo small. If you lower the pre-heat too far, look closely as it has one decimal place. I use Smart Mode always with every coil. Right now 26W (Smart setting) and 30.0W preheat for 1 sec are working great. For me this was the missing link (preheat) on my Cuboid 150 TC (now 200W)

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I told them to do this…

No one listens to aliens tho :frowning:


I wish ! would get loads of free mods then :wink:

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I definitely prefer that to the bubbles they have decided to go with. I may just have to put up with it cuz I kinda wanna try out the preheat thing.

Quote from Kermit Li on Joyetech site:
We heard your voice and we knew that you guys really like the previous interface.
Thus we’re now adding the #Preheat function into the previous version for your option which includes:
eVic VTC Mini (V3.04), CUBOID (V3.04/V3.14), CUBOID Mini (V3.04), eGrip II (V4.04), eVic VTwo (V4.04), eVic VTwo Mini (V4.04) and eVic AIO (V4.04).

Download and try:


@CosmicTruth you are the Man! UhhI think you’re the man? Anyway…I always have it on “Smart Mode” so I don’t see the interface …which required I put on “readers”

after reading their chart I see you want the 3.14 version which is 200W with pre-heat 3.04 is the 150W with preheat

Ya I’m a Dude Dude :sunglasses:

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it’s hard to tell, all you grey’s look the same to me…

oooh Planetist comment…:confounded:


@BoDarc (and I) has it sorted out at least
to get to the preheat settings press fire+right then right then argggggg press buttons till you get the numbers to change. Why do I feel i’m entering cheat codes into my video game system again?

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The Cuboid is just perfect. No fiddling with settings in Smart Mode. Right now I’m using a single Ti Spaced 22ga 6 wrap coil in my Joyetech Ultimo @ 24 watts an 1sec of 27W preheat …and I have a sealed Cuboid in the bunker $30 on


@CosmicTruth select the preheat temp and then press DOWN to begin changing. Once you hit down it allows you to go up

I have two VTC Minis and a Cuboid Mini. Love the new Preheat feature but something happened with the update that is strange. The SS316 Setting is about 40-50 degrees cooler than it was on the 3.03 firmware. It’s seems as if the TCR Value was changed. I dont think it’s isolated to me as it appears on all three of my devices and a few others have mentioned it on other forums.

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Nice firmware joytech :+1:

Installed the new firmware on my VTC mini and now I cant read the display, even with glasses on. Had to revert back to the previous version just to read the damn screen!!.

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