Joyetech Penguin or Smok Priv V8 ? Must choose 1

Who has both devices?
Or has an opinion on one of them??
Joyetech internal battery pod system 8.8 mL
Smok replaceable 18650. Comes with Baby beast tank 3mL

Baby beast coils vs joyetech pod coils?
Baby beast could get a rba… idk about rebuilding penguin coils.

Thoughts anybody?
I must choose one for on the go… for in the car… or to slip in my pocket for a night out… like at a restaurant or bar…
Thanks for the thoughts in advance…

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Any reason why it should be 1 off these 2? I mean there are so many more options.

If it is not required to be one off these what are your must have and what can’t it have/be

Has to be one of these … or something similar in 20 dollars area… I can get penguin for $17 or Smok v8 for $21 (including shipping on those #'s)

Hmm difficult one then.

The pengiun has the benefit off a great juice capacity but if you don’t like the coils or the battery dies your fucked.
The smok benefits from replacable battery and the option to put a different topper on there. Possible cons are small juice capacity, no fine tuning and it being a smok.

If i had to choose it would be the smok but to be honest i wouldn’t ever spend my money on either one. Now i don’t know what you vape everyday or have in your collection so i can’t really judge it well

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Thanks for the input though!!

I would look to the future w/ options to upgrade and w/ the penguin u have zero. If i want small, single 18650 i would look into a Pico. Besides being stuck w/ a 22 mm atty or 25 w/ the larger one, i have seen and heard good things. The kits are easy enuff to find for 20-25usd and recently seen the 75w device for 19.99


Are you looking for something that you can vape higher nic out of? If so I’d check out the aspire breeze. I’ve had really good luck with using nic salts in it.

As far as the priv v8 I’d spend a few more dollars and get an alien 85. I like having the option to see my battery life and to be able to adjust my watts. I just recently bought my girlfriend 3 of the priv v8’s. She really like them and they work out great for her. The coils that come with the baby beast in this kit are also really good as well. The priv v8 is a good little kit just not for me. It hits really well and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Hope that helps.

Ty for input! I have single and dual and triple 18650 mods with vw and screens and all that… I’m basically looking for something like a AIO with slim form factor… just you slip in pocket for taking in bars or restaurants… leave my daily mods in the car…

And these 2 options just bc vapesourcing has them on sale right now… $17 penguin and $21 priv v8.

And I have $5 wallet coupon… that basically covers the $5 shipping…

How about this for a little more juice capacity?

How about what?

lol sorry

Personally i would go for a eleaf squeeze with a wasp nano rda but that may not be for everyone


That’s pretty cool! That’s what I’m looking for too… a all in one, pocketable mod!

Only thing nervous about is the bottom airflow on the tank… wonder is it blocked any by the mod.

25 bucks is cheap too

Went with the Penguin … Only $17 bucks… so cheap, had to get it…

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@Vapesourcing thanks for Halloween sale prices

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