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Juggernaut Coil Advice


Hi all,

Looking for some advice on these premade Juggernaut coils from Vandyvape.

I’ve put them, all nice, even, level and square. They have come out at 0.24ohms.

I’m not really impressed, they are taking a little while to fire up. I’ve got my mod set 110watts and compared with the flat fused Clapton coil in the picture, flavour is muted. Maybe it takes time for them to settle. However so far

I’m not really impressed. Is there something I’ve done wrong, or are they just for asthetic purposes?


Ramp up times are determined by the amount of ‘mass’ the coil has. More mass=longer ramp up. Those Juggernaut’s use quite a bit of wire compared to a fused Clapton, so they are no exception.


If you want insane ramp up times on your SS coils, try a celtic braid :slight_smile:

Nice to look at, good flavor and clouds but can be a little difficult to keep your ohms up (use thin wire). There are quite a few examples in


@Suomynona I love how those look, but coming from a single wire and/or clap guy, I think I’,d kill myself before I got one of those done. Props out to the 1337 braiding / coiling who can make this look easy.


What gauge do you use? I use ni80 34g instead of SS. Keeps the ohms down a little and ramp up is fast as hell. The video you posted in the coil building show offs got me starting braiding and I haven’t stopped since.

A 7 loop Celtic in the Spitting Llama RDA


Just give it a try, it looks a lot more daunting on the video than it is. All you can lose is a little bit of time and wire.


32 or 34 but next time I’ll probably do a 38 (can’t get 36 in SS) but I fear that’s just going to break making it


Roger that. Coiling would, as they say, NOT be my strong suit …


same here, but like i said, it’s not difficult
well… my pinky starts cramping after a while but then you just take a break :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Suomynona is right. A Celtic takes a bit but I can do 3, 4 or 6 loop Braid in about 10 minutes and make 2 coils from it. Prep time is a about 5 minutes and braid time takes about 10. For a Celtic it takes about 20-25 minutes.


I realize the start on how to set this up isn’t included, you can see this here


LV has it available. Plus they have a sale going right now.
SS316L 36ga


Thanks, appreciate it. Was looking for a new supplier so I’ll check out what their int shipping costs are.

Not really happy with Crazy Wire Company anymore, they suck at customer service, make their spool tamers wider than their spools and stupidly call flaptons aliens and they don’t have a full range of products (go ridiculously high in awg but have missing items like the 36g).

Will have to wait though because I bought a heap of wire last time.


Oh I forgot you’re not in the U.S. My bad.


@Phil_Critch Some people do make coils for aesthetics though I think that craze is dying down, personally I don’t see the point. I was never really impressed with the juggernaut because of the “muted flavor”. The reason IMHO is the Ribbon wire (flat) covers some of the Clapton. The Clapton wire has a lot of area that liquid can seep into, thus having more liquid, creating better flavor.

Hope that helps


Agreed mate. I’ve done away with them and done a 4.5 wrap fused Clapton and all is good again.


I am sure you know but I thought I would say it anyway.

If you take the ribbon wire off the Juggernaut, you would have a Clapton.


I’ll do that with the rest to save the remaining 8 coils. But it’s such a disappointment of a build


If you’re looking for flavor bombs, which I think you are, stick with braids, fused claptons, flaptons, aliens and staggered fused claptons. (don’t shoot me if I fotgot 1 or 2)

A lot of other builds may look great, are easier to work with, don’t gunk up as fast but in my experience they do not come close to the experience you get with the above mentioned coils. Once you really get into coil building, it can be a lot of fun to experiment though.


Flaptons. I think they’re are the ones I’m using. I bought a kit of a lad who never carried on with RDA’s and coil building. He just stuck with his Flacon King tank, so I bought this for £5 full. I found the flat coils in it brilliant Simple build and loads of flavour.
These are my favourite so far after using and trying many others, self made and pre