Juicy Fruit Gum?

So i have been working on a Juicy Fruit gum mix. So far, it seems close… here is what I have so far-

Juicy Fruit (gum)

Ingredient %
Apricot (TPA) 3
Juicy Peach (CAP) 5
Marshmallow (TPA) 2
Pear (FA) 1
Sweet Cream (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 13%

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I have read a few posts mentioning it possibly has some hint of Banana, and that possibly Jackfruit tastes pretty close to Juicy Fruit also. I was wondering if anyone else on here would like to join me in perfecting this recipe?


Try some DX Banana Cream (TPA) it has that aromatic banana thing, but it’s weak (can be very subtle) and wouldn’t overtake other players. Maybe 1.5% (low! @ 4.5% you’ll taste banana up front) and lower the sweet cream to 1.5% …like you really don’t want to taste banana but somethings missing right? This could kill as a Premium if you could nail it 100%

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I was actually just talking to @JoJo in the chatroom earlier, said i was thinking of trying 1 - 1.5% Banana Cream (LA)
Adding the banana cream, i would definitely lower the sweet cream some. I will need to do an order for some more juicy peach and banana cream, among some others, before i can try it tho . i only had 10ml of the juicy peach and ive used it all working on this… Wasnt quite 100% nailed but still damn good so was making it as my adv

Also want to get some Jackfruit (TPA) to try in it. I’ve heard it tastes pretty close to juicy fruit also.

Yeah listen to @JoJo. I added that to my wishlist (LA) also from her recommend. The DX is kinda weird in that it’s very aromatic just smelling, but not so much when vaped. I know what you mean about that smell when unwrapping a stick of Juicy Fruit. No experience with the LorAnns

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I havent tried any other brand of banana cream but i have used LA and have no complaints so i plan to stick with that. Plus i use it in some other recipes also so ill need it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

J Fruit (FW) banana flavor and a hint of lemon zest

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I feel like using j fruit would be sort of cheating here. The goal is to make my own mix of juicy fruit, not just using a generic premade concentrate of it. Besides, the description (and title for that matter) say a bubble gum. I am shooting for original juicy fruit, which is not a bubble gum at all.

FA tutti frutti is dead on juicy fruit gum. And it doesnt take much. Like 1-2% is all you need


I dunno @CosmicTruth may have just given you a bread crumb. Realize the actual Chewing gum is likely flavored with the exact same flavorings (of course secret!) …but somebody knows and It could be someone at Flavor West. Lemon Zest would be Lemon Sicily (FA) a strong lemon zest not juice flavor. It’s that subtle hint of flavor you’re looking for …maybe a tester with 0.75% Lemon Sicily.

One thing I believe many Premium juices have is that barely detectable secret ingredient which confounds Cloners (looks around :smirk: ) …0.5% Coconut etc or Cactus or Pear …adding more of a mouthfeel or juicyness than a distinct taste, and it looks like you’ve cracked a couple. I want to see the look on your girls face as you open stick after stick of JF gum and sniff it and not chew it :flushed:

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[girlie voice] “What’s happening right now…?”
[Mike whispering] “Be quiet …I’m concentrating…”
crinkle crinkle sniiiiiif


Juicy Fruit Gum… What’s in it?

Wrigley has explicitly said that Juicy Fruit contains notes of “lemon, orange, pineapple and banana”


Very odd. I dont taste orange or pineapple at all in a stick of the gum, infact i dont even like pineapple. Lol they lying to us to misslead the cloners!

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Like @Whiterose0818 said FA Tutti Fruitti dead ringer for it and one of their newer flavors Monsoon has this same fruitiness with a fluffy cake like note within kinda a weird flavor that I actually prefer vaping Stand alone at 3% than really using it in a mix.

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Just placed an order on BCV, Jackfruit (TPA) is one of them, I am excited to give it a shot with this mix, as it shares a chemical suspected to be the secret ingredient in the gum… even TPA’s description says it bares a close resemblance to the gum. Will update on it once I get it in and mixed

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I think TFA’s variety comes off a little weak just FYI and it really accentuates what flavor is dominant in my exp w/ it. Good luck !

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People also ask
What is the flavor of juicy fruit?
Jackfruit flavor is much more palatable. It’s like a combination of apple, banana, and pineapple. And jackfruit is big. It’s a big juicy fruit.

Pulled off juicy fruit website.


In my research, it isn’t actual jackfruit used in juicy fruit as it is native to africa and there has never been any evidence of importing from africa by them, but an artificial version of the compound… isoamyl acetate. This compound is found naturally in many different fruits including apples pears bananas etc… Here is a pretty detailed page about it…


@mikelej14 impressed. You know [insert wavy lines here] I feel your toes …dangling in the cool waters of the stream of Human Consciousness~` Creative thoughts come to those who simply are open and desire. Once there was a strange fellow captivated by the chemistry of smells …let’s call him Mr. Wrigley. He mixed like a demon into the dark hours [more wavy lines] and came up with an elixir that tasted like no other… He ended up with a company that has lasted 125 years.

Don’t overly focus on the clonage, you may actually develop something new. Something better. Keep drilling for these technical keys and follow your nose …and listen for the speck of knowledge that you know not from whence it came.


IMO that’s the true definition of diy. Replicate or recreate? I tend to lean towards the latter. Thousands of recipes on ELR are just waiting for your interpretation. Just make it yours. You’ll be surprised with the results.

I post recipes for inspiration. I really don’t expect them to be made line for line. You should think out of the box and make something that you really enjoy.


You really touched me with your comments. There are so many followers, that a lot of mixers don’t think for themselves. They just follow other mixers and repeat what they’ve read. IMO to be a successful mixer you have to get out on your own and make your own discoveries.

Your reply really deserves it’s on thread. What a great reply… THANKS!

Sorry for all the edits. I’m a few shade into the wind and the english language has left me right now. Hopefully this is readable now.