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Jungle Flavors at BCF and River Supply soon?

Forever we have seen JF at ECX ( Flavor Jungle )for as long as ive mixed . I think other companies have had them but branded with another name. Is ECX in trouble ? Is JF spreading their wings for a certain reason ? I know that its been hard for Companies attched to Vaping especially in States like WA. What are your thoughts ??? Will you continue to support Flavor Jungle by buying Jungle Flavor ? Or ??? I’ll tell you what , i think this will cost ECX a lot of Money…Very sad to see these companies struggle


It’s yet another asian company… comes in a few flavored brandings :smiley:
You could say it is yet another ultra company too.

Who knows? How are the local shops? Have they escaped purgatory in Seatle?

Could be a possibility… exclusively sticking to one reseller can hurt sales.
I know as I will not buy from a few resellers… therefore they get none of my funds… :smiley:

The last count for flavor companies in Wa that I know of is around 1k…
Flavor companies for vaping tho… stands at 2, that I am aware of.

Ya really wanna know?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think running any business, even mine… is costly. I think we are all struggling now, and it will only get worse until either it gets better or we all close.

Knowing how to keep it all as a business and knowing how to run that business, in the end, is the only thing that matters. If you can not pay the bills and other employees… you need to do the right things and move on.

I do not have a shop/store for a reason.
I prefer to work on my own, less overhead. The regs stifled any thoughts on a juice line.
Sure, I can continue to sling my shots out and around, but I am limited to the states with my shots.
It makes sending anything out of the country a bit stupid. I can still sell recipes, and help with juice line creations, but as for anything else… who really cares?

It does free up my time to learn or do other things outside of vaping… Life keeps going on.
Learn to sit back, support what you love and then let the rest go. It’s not worth the headaches, heartaches, trying to keep anyone but yourself happy, and in the end… all of this does count.

JF is at diy supply now too.


I thought Jungle Flavor was a German company ???


Yes its been there for awhile but branded as Rainforest I believe


I missed this…
Jungle Flavors and Flavor Jungle… same company.
Asian owned.


I thought JF was made in Germany ??

If you’re looking for an awesome flavor in your candy, dessert, or bakery recipe, look no further than FlavorJungle.

Made in Germany, FlavorJungle flavorings are great tasting and easy to use. These flavors mix well with others, and are excellent for aroma and aftertaste.


NO…flavor jungle aka ECX and Jungle Flavor is a flavor company from Germany


Yes Germany… I am getting flavor confuzed :stuck_out_tongue:

FE is from China… which is now JF… Germany.

and this bit here… :slight_smile:

so guess we can spin the wheel to see which place it might yet call home to again.
I still have my q card.


I got wind of this yesterday on Reddit. Jumped over to BCF and noticed the addition of Jungle Flavors but it seems like they’re only carrying part of the line.


Wait a minute, don’t you buy from just one source or has the last 2 or 10 years been a dream?



many years ago I used to use FE which is now JF… check my link :wink: [[2014]]


You have me so confused lmao…

Okay Jungle Flavors = Germany

Flavor Express aka SC @ bull city flavors is Chinese

Whoa lots of confusion caused by Flavorah Fan lmao …Just messing with ya Smoky lol


I noticed that as well …I wonder how much of the JF River Supply will have


is fine… now I am so hung up on a cheesecake… yeah let me not go there tonight.
I need to be sleeping… but I keep thinking… thick rich twangy cakey fluffy… dang it…
It’s like counting sheep, but as in flavoring but… it’s all just a dream… up in Vape! :rofl:


Hey i love cheescake …Cheesecake Ice Cream , Cheesecake Gumbo , Cheescake anything lol


Can you describe ‘twangy’? To me it means Brad Paisley pumping out blistering solos on a Fender Telecaster. LOL :cowboy_hat_face:


@fidalgo_vapes and everyone, thank you! I have JF RY4 on my “to get” list and BCF is of course having their July 4th sale. I think I can get everything I want in one place this time.


Why are some of the reviewers’ words replaced with symbols over at BCF? What’s that all about?


I noticed that too, must be a formatting problem with the software. I noticed some of my reviews had that same symbol problem.


A touch more Willie than Brad… please! :stuck_out_tongue: