Just complaining

My God at the people who adapt recipes and don’t make them private
It is taking up so much space of duplication on the site
And do yes of course no credit to the originators of the recipes
Maybe this has been talked about it am sure it has
I have been coming here using this site for about 3 years
Under another name changed email had to start over
Like title just complaining


Dang it! I was hoping to be the 200th person to post a Unicorn Milk recipe today! Now you’ve made me feel all guilty about the prospect… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More like 200000

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Here’s the thing, not everyone has every flavor in their stash. . If you adapt using a substituted flavor, it might be useful to share it for someone to see a recipe where someone has used a different brand of flavoring to achieve a similar result.

If it’s just an adaptation for PG/VG or nic level, then yeah, I keep those private, but if I significantly change the recipe and like the result, I’m gonna share it.

And with the adapt button, new versions will have a link back to the original.


Well to tell you the truth speaking for my self I have and still do make a lot of mistakes on this site until recently I would see a recipe save it and rate it buy how fast I wanted to try it boy was that a no no this site offers tons of info I believe I have hit the 10% level now mix in to that the changes taken place WOW

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No, by all means complain loud and often. Guilt does change behavior, just ask my Catholic mother.


About 90 percent aren’t worth sharing
In my experience
Mix em and toss em
I have found some very good ones also and left ratings and comments
Taste is subjective but my opion 90 percent on all sites are garbage
They must work for flavoring companies trying to get u to buy flavors to mix crap
This should cause some controversy
Who cares just one man’s opinion
If you really have something good then share that
Otherwise waste of space


It irritates me more when people share one flavor ‘recipes’ and give themselves 5 stars

but yeah, there’s an awful lot of crud gets posted, I have more recipes private than public, because I tend to actually test them out first. And some are just plain-Jane strawberry cheese cake or whatever, though if you look at the top recipes they might actually do better … I have only adapted one recipe to date, and that was Bronuts, and I gave Wayne credit. Though mine is better … :smiley:


This is good!

But you should also leave ratings and comments on any you’ve tried that you didn’t like too.

That way the mixer might learn from you, and others might have an idea what to do differently if they see your comment!

I highly doubt there are mixing company shills posting bogus recipes to get people to buy more flavoring, but I guess it’s possible. But it would be more in their interest to post really good recipes that generate positive word of mouth that brings customers to them, rather than risking creating the impression that all the recipes I’ve ever made with X company concentrates were rubbish.

Good luck finding the great recipes buried in among the crazy experiments and bad ideas. Honest ratings and comments from the community are the best tool we have for making this easier, but those are in short supply compared to the sheer number of public recipes!


I have logged in and seen 10 in a row adapted recipes or more from same person
Ridiculous just takes up space

And they make look like they came up with ten of their own

The way I look at is data points.

The more info the better. I would rather have a 100 options/data points to interpret rather than just 5.

If I used just 5 then I would be dumping a ton of test bottles. Using 100 data points I rarely ever dump. I think I have ever dumped 8 15ml bottles. 8 when I was new…and the rest because of user error. User error because I adapted wrong or just plain didn’t research enough.

It all comes down to one question for me, and that is whether you click or type…

If it doesn’t contribute to the community in a positive way, then what’s the point?


Yes wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s little feelings
I am so sorry

That kinda sounded like something someone going out of their way to be a dick would say. Did you mean it like that?


Thank… you.

This exactly.

I’ll complain with you, no shame.

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I agree with your logic behind the reason why people are doing it.

I’m just waiting to see when mine will be adapted lol is there a notification for that?

My stuff is original and I don’t make it public until I know it’s what I’m trying to achieve but here and there I will tweak it a little bit and note it on my recipe if it’s already public.

Why sure if you say I shouldn’t say anything like Robert said yes
If u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything is what he said
Screw that
It is true after page 150 or so if you sort by ratings there are 2 or 1 rating out of 1285 pages
How can you try a recipie of someone’s if people are posting thousands of crap recipes just for the fun of it
The is my point they get lost in the sea

I don’t see “positive contribution” as the same thing as “never say anything critical”. I think constructive criticism and attempting to help other mixers fix what you believe are mistakes are positive contributions.

Utter negativity, like if I went to your recipe and rated it a 1 star without saying anything else, or worse yet, went into the comments and said “this sucks balls”, well, that’s worse than worthless. Wouldn’t you agree?


I don’t think that’s what I said :wink: Can I get an amen?