Just tried this and it tastes like shit

I just tried this and it tastes like shit. Like this skunk off note…its gross… Did I go wrong here? Or does it need to steep longer? The fucks going on here??


is it the sweet dough? And the custard?? Like why the fuck i even put those in that recipie??


I wish I had something helpful to say, lol! Only suggestion I have is maybe the SC’s are too high? They are “super concentrates”… also Flavorah is typically used in the sub 1.00% range… like LESS than one percent… Flavorah is typically an ULTRA concentrate…


My money is on the sweet dough being too high. I’d cut it to .25% as many Flavorah flavors are quite potent. Nothing else on that list should have a skunky off note. Maybe bring the butter down a bit. Remember, you can always add more but you can’t remove it.


Thanks @Wombatred26 I didnt know that Flavorah was known as a ultra concentrate I didn’t know ultra concentrates were a thing. And I really didn’t know all flavourah should be at or under1% this will help me alot.


Idk why I even have THAT in there! I may have to rewrite this or just scrap the idea altogether. Jesus at least im learning the hard way that’s forsure. Don’t add things for no reason…christ. the whole thing is fucked.lol


Not all …But many , i think where you are going wrong is finding the pcts between your base flaves accents and top notes …Almost every recipe ive seen you put up looks like your just throwing flaves in a mix …Take steps when mixing , First figure out your profile , next figure out your base flaves then Top Notes then accents…Before you even add accent notes see if your base flaves and top is going to work .This has been said a million times but get to know your flavors individually and keep you recipes simple until you know what works with what . Another thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of flavors that say they are ine thing but get used as another…Take VTA warm custard for example , I have never used it but many people have said it has a banana off note like a lot of VTA creams so I would never add it to a Lemon Mix…Another thing alot of Yeast like flaves can have a mushroom / soggy cardboard taste etc so using FLV Sweet Dough in the wrong place too high may give some nasty off notes . BTW Sweet Dough is an awesome flave …


If I were gping to tweak yiur recipe it would look like this

Lemons Squares @ 2.5 pct
Cream Fresh @1pct
Golden Butter @.5 to 1 pct
Sweet Dough @ 0.4 pct
Lemon Meringue @ 1

Sweeten to taste …I would actually drop the golden butter and add a Vanilla Custard…Im assuming the sweet dough is where you are attemptimy to get the dough part of an eclair so i left it but maybe a donut flave will be more desirable

I have never tried RF lemon meringue but would bet that its not horrid


It’s not so much “known” as an ultra concentrate. That just what I call Flavorah, lol


@ladycrooks follow @fidalgo_vapes 's tips and Fidalgo’s way of thinking (mine as well) that is what is called layer a recipe.
Where it has a top note (what should it taste like) a body (the thickness, is it a drink, bakery, what is it?) and accents (cinnamon, minty, freshness or what not).

As he said, know your flavours (SFT) but above all know how to layer them to suit your taste.

When I SFT I always try to not only taste them, but pair them and what are the weak and strong points (never think this flavour is sh** but think where it could go or shine… well LA Pistachio IS a mistake… ahaha)

Looking at your recipe as a top note you’ve got two lemons that come out strong.

As a “body” layer you’ve got Sweet Dough/Warm Custard/Cream two many flavours for a single layer.
Butter as an accent but:
If the golden butter is old, you’ll get the butyric off notes, that, together with the dough definitely too high, might: 1)Mute 2) Give it off notes and make it taste like sh**
Quite a few compounds, do that, maltol to name one of many, that means… check your compounds (How it’s made) if possible.

On Sweet Dough I’d go higher then Fiddy, like a 0.5 or .6% but I need full bodied strong recipes, not a super taster, i’d throw away GB and go for a donut to get the grease, but why should I want grease like butter and things like that where fried or grease is not there, GC Clear or a biscuit would be MY go for.
That leads to, did you check how other people made the eclairs? Hint Hint… they might give you more ideas…

KISS never a mistake, I generally avoid over complicated recipes with too many layers and things like that, the more compounds you put in a recipe the more likely they are to clash, mute,give you off notes and taste weird, did you know that mixers have the most well parfumed sinks in the world? :rofl:
Mixing is always a delicate balance, it doesn’t mean we don’t do complicated recipes (WE do, manufacturers never) to reach a profile, but it’s a deep study and usually (when you’re good at it ) around 7 to 10 testers, when cloning, 40 to 60 to get THAT last ingredient.

Understand why do we use a flavour, is it necessary? What should it do inside a recipe? Does it make sense? Might it clash with something else? Will the recipe at the end be “real”?
This is what you’ll understand only with experience, by mixing every day and trying new profiles, I’m ready to bet that none of us have an ADV!

Let’s look at your recipe, if I try to create a profile like an eclair I usually try to stick to the real thing, tha eclair has either whipped cream OR custard, not both.
What happens if you put cream with lemons? There goes your answer without even starting, so away goes the cream, now, VTA Warm custard, never mind the banana offnotes, WC from my point of view it’s just too weak at 1% you’ll never get the custard on that recipe made like that, I’d go for TPA VC II, that’s a bit lemony, maybe paired with French Vanilla II to enhance the vanilla.

MY firt attempt would be:

Lemon squares @2.5
Lemon Meringue @2% (make it a strong lemon layer)
Sweet dough @0,6%
GC Clear @0.5% for some saltiness, or a biscuit like INW @0,8%
Vanilla Custard II @2.5%

Add sugar to taste.

If I want it more complicated, I’ll think about the glaze, frosting, icing and things like that, definitely add some vanilla notes with a french vanilla or a madagascar, and on and on, but it’s already overthinking.
But this is just MY way to look at it, you’ll have to find your own based on what you like and what you’ve got, we just gave you something to think about.
Women are more sensitive to some flavours then men, the papillaes change with age,because they have to protect their child and at some point they don’t need to be sensitive to acidity, and change again, but that’s another story…


True for some people. Not true for others. Not all FLV concentrates are the same and this is a perfect example of why you need to get in the habit of SFTing the flavors you buy.


Thanks I appreciate that. And btw I have been refraining from putting anymore recipies up until im more confident in them because alot have turned out not what I expected. The ones that remain up are only because I’ve vaped them alot and I mean for days…because of this issue. Ive also thrown alot of product out and I just can’t do it anymore.


Thanks everyone. You all make sense. I take criticism well and am trying to learn from all of you I don’t get my back up or get insulted. I take all these tools and put it in a bo so I can get things


Dont stop putting them up…This just takes time and patience plus a bit of work and research … Only make 10ml tests so your not using much …And remember each failure is a stepping stone to success later


Thanks I appreciate the help you guys are pretty awesome!


Wow. Wonderful responses from everyone here! This is why I feel my mixing has grown leaps and bounds just from visiting the forum more often over the past few months. Great info everyday!

@ladycrooks I think you are on your way to being a great mixer.

@fidalgo_vapes @Iv3shf @Wombatred26 Guys… Always awesome stuff from ya’ll!! Thanks from all us noobs still grinding to get there.:metal:


The learning is a continual, on-going process. I’ve been mixing for years and my juice still pretty much sucks ass. But I’m still learning as well. You’ll get there LC!


I just came here because the title of the thread made me laugh and I needed that. Thank you.


It does its already been dumped down the sink. I learned a valuable lesson. And why SFT is very important. And at least .the very least do some research before just throwing shit in a bottle.


I just recently stopped putting nic in them lol! But my comfort is knowing most of the failure not all…I used my 3mg 80/20 premix nic…not my 65mg stuff. But Christ I have wasted alot of stuff…like a liter of that premix almost…