JUUL Virginia Tobacco Clones

Has anyone had successful recipes trying to duplicate JUUL VT?
I feel like I have come close, but wanted to try a few more recipes.
Using Flavorah flavors.
2% VT
1% Cured Tobacco
.1% smooth vanilla.

What do you think?


Hello there @bradleyb5155 I took the liberty of moving your thread to the Clone section. You will have better luck finding somebody that responds.

I wish I could help with your recipe but it looks good to me. Good Luck


Thanks but no movement


Just repeating what I’ve heard. Pod systems need between 15-30% flavor and should remain under 4 flavors not sure if that helps or not. I do not mix for pods, or know personally.


Just like I told someone else in email:

Virginia is an excellent tobacco, not too sweet and def one of my favs!

Is this for a mtl tank/dripper or a dtl tank/dripper?

If it is mtl… 1.4% Virginia is fine… I’d drop the Virginia to 1% - 1.2% for dtl’s…

For cured tobacco, it will give more of a stoggie/cigar effect. I would drop that down to .4%

If you are aiming for a cigarette tobacco, either classic or commercial would be a better choice for my tastes, at around .4% to .6%

I would also include some .6% cream to soften the edges and some marshmallow for mouth feel

For Vanilla tobacco, think on adding Smooth or Vanilla Bean, 1-3 drops per 30ml…

Let me know what you decide and how it turns out :slight_smile:

As far as pods, using flv… you do not need anywhere near 15-30%… even a 2% total flavoring will work…

Hope this works for you Bradley… perhaps now, you have your answer in both pm, here and if you were the one that emailed me just a bit ago… :slight_smile:


Everyones tastebuds are different. Some folks like and need a high percentage rate in their liquids… some don’t. The best plan of action is to experiment and see what’s right for your tastebuds. Opinions are one thing… actual usage in a mix is what matters. Sure, you might waste a little concentrate in the process… but, hey, that’s what this crazy DIY thing is all about… experimentation! :smiley:


Yeah and I seriously don’t know about POD mixing. I’ve heard and read a lot but my only pod is one from the Vapers Carnivale and it’s staying in the package as a collectors item hahahah


Smoky you are a god!
Well I am shooting for a Virginia Tobacco not a vanilla Tobacco. So perhaps we shall test 1.4% VT, .4% Cured Tob, .4% cream, .1% marshmallow? How does this look for testing?


Thank goodness we are all different… but with flv… ya don’t need much to start with… :slight_smile:

That is why I say start with solos… start low! and then work up to where you can taste your flavor… along the way, jot your own notes down… so when thinking on using the new flavor, you might grab ideas on where what how much and why to mix with other flavors… :slight_smile:

My goal one day is to fill a pool with ejuice and party! :stuck_out_tongue:

re read my post above, @bradleyb5155

Virginia Tobacco Clones

and for a chocolate tobacco… play around with milk chocolate, white chocolate and even chocolate deutsche… :wink:


.6 seems a bit high on the cream. But I will test and let you know! As for the Marshmallow, just a touch, I assume his means 0.1%? :slight_smile:


Oh and its MTL


If you test them all out as solos, you will find where you like them…
My amounts are only suggestions. Take what you will and leave the rest :slight_smile:


Good advice :grinning: It may wind up being a roaring bore for the user (was for me)… but, testing does let you know where your limits are for concentrates in the mix. Hehe… back in the day, I bought a plat of vials just for this very purpose… they worked great for testing at varying percentages. :grin:


Omg for real @Kinnikinnick!! I did the glass 10ml boston rounds with caps… I have 50 left out of 100… and yeps… low to high… never know winner winner chicken dinner :stuck_out_tongue:

that was gosh… 7 or 8 yrs ago… As a newbie I had no one to tell me hey use this at that amount or even how to test solos… Now days folks have it like so made… no hard work… just try! that is all it is… trying to find where you like a mix at, and the secret is your notes… knowing what one flavor tastes like low mid and high, that is the key to making a good recipe for tasty juices…


I did a massive amount of reading on ECF and other forums.

As Dr. Seuss says… :grinning:

…that man was a fricken genius! :joy:


For me, it really did not click on how flavors or even nets really worked…
Sure I could toss all kinds of “regular” flavors… tfa cap and fa where the in thing…
I had over 12 crock pots going… and even a drip system… yeps. :slight_smile:
but I quickly found out that the ultras was where the magic was…

I worked me silly trying to figure it all out… until I actually started working with a lab, it really did not come home, that one should start low… and the next… actually sticking to one flavor manufacture broke down a lot of misconceptions. I limited me, by my limitations. It turned out, I broke every rule… with no regrets. It taught me to become a better mixer, by getting to know my flavors from just one company, rather than to follow everyone down the hole, which can be extremely costly… shipping, to name one of the cost factors…

eh but there are some that just wont get it… :wink:

Trial and error… once you can actually see your mixing “mess ups” only one way from there… is to try again :slight_smile:

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Don’t get me started! :joy:

I was never one to seize on this option/opinion… :wink: Hey, if you like a certain flavor of a certain vendors concentrate… use it with gusto! There have been forum wars fought over that subject (ultras vs whatever). Me? Not so much :wink:


I have heard the chat on limiting yourself to only one manufacture… so yeah…
I find it ridiculous to even make statements like that… be the best you can be… however or whatever it takes… but I beat the odds… not much I can not mix… and I am happy… <that is what matters to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can, and have done it for years now… Imagine what I can do with the regular flavors now :crazy_face:

however… when trying to “clone” a juice… you can do it all with one manufacture, or you can add 10 manufactures… you can come mighty close… but that is all that it will be… close…

You can not clone an environment, or how something is mixed… You can expect some flavors to be manufactured by a lab without public access… so many different scenarios… and… I still find cloning fun… :wink:

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I am definitely curious as to how this works out for you! I’ve been trying to clone it for the better part of a year. It’s what got me into diy. 50 tobacco concentrates later and still no luck…


Don’t get me started :confounded: I tried for years to clone Bobas Bounty… only to find out that the secret ingredient was from a company in South Korea called Lotte Chemicals… It was cocoa leaf extract. Big Coca-Cola found out that it was being brought into the States… then politically, put the squelch on the vendor. Thus, the original recipe for Bobas Bounty was now toast! :confused: Long arms, huh? Thanks Coke! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The one Eliquid that got me off cigs… no more!