Kandi Hed / Angel’s Touch syntax and complications

This is problematical , and the Kandi Hed entries on the recipe side of ELR are therefore one heck of a mess.

When I’ve added missing (or seemingly missing) Kandi Hed flavours, I’ve used the following syntax:

Flavour (KH)

Is this right? Seems to be the most commonly used, and has the big advantage of sidestepping the problem of people mis-spelling the brand.

What I haven’t done is attempt to discriminate between KH (PG) and KH(VG) , partly because nobody else has done so! And partly because this would complicate it further. I should explain: the manufacturs offer a choice of VG or PG base for most of their range, but do not present these as distinct ranges.

An interesting variation I’ve spotted is “Kandi Hed Range “ or KHR. When using the Duplicate Checker, I’ve left these alone for reasons which should become clear further down

The same manufacturer / retailer also offer a pure VG/organic range called Angel’s Touch . I’ve entered these as follows:

Flavour (Angel’s touch)

I considered using the abbreviation (AT) instead, which would surely be better, as avoiding mis-spellings (which would be especially rife, given the apostophe) but there were no precedents , and I felt that an unprecedented, unlisted abbreviation would be too opaque. If AT becomes the official designation, I shall happily comply in future! And am happy to have my enties modified accordingly.

I now suspect that others might have entered AT as KHR? In this case, it would not be correct to merge KHR with KH.

This would makes some sense , as they are part of the same manufacturer/retailers range o f own brand products. However the manufacturer /retailer is not known as Kandi Hed , and never have been. They are presently known as “Flavour Hub” (but changed their name from Just Vape 247 quite recently) . Therefore “Kandi Hed Range" is not correct, if these are in fact Angel’s Touch. But I really don’t know.

To complicate things further, I have recently noticed a number of products have vanished from the Angel’s Touch range, and a few , new “Organic” flavours have appeared in the Kandi Hed range, which suggests there might be a migration of products from one to the other?

Oh! And the Kandi Hed “Buttery Butter” appears simply as “Buttery Butter” I thought to enter it as “Buttery Butter (KH) “ but that would have created an unique entry, and cut me off from other people’s flavour notes! The Buttery Butter must be Kandi Hed as nobody else offers a flavour with this name. Perhaps a mod could fix the name?

I’m afraid I haven’t entered more than a fraction of the duplicates into the duplicate checker, as this was such a mess, it was doing my head in. Also there is no search term (that I can devise) which calls up every variation, without calling up a mass of extraneous material besides. And I don’t see how to use the Duplicate Checker on two variants that don’t come up on the same search?

I intend to send a link to this thread to Flavour Hub, as they might wish to comment, and could possibly clear up some of the confusion. They might also wish to become a registered vendor here!

In the meantime, some guidance from @daath re. correct syntax would be much appreciated by myself, as I don’t want to mess up the entries even further.

PS. Am still taking a break from the board (in case anybody wonders) but using the recipe side extensively . Therefore, couldn’t hold fire on posting this question any longer)

Thanks in advance for any help with these questions.


Have received a very detailed and helpful e-mail from Flavour hub

I had also pointed out that the AT flavours were not easy to find on their website, as they didn’t come up under the VG-based rab. they are going to fix that :slight_smile:

Hi there
Thank you so much for the email and links etc.
We are looking into moving the AT ( AG) range into the VG range section also, so they can be seen more clearly. :slight_smile:
With regards to the Kandi-Hed range ( I know there are many!) we usually use the abbreviations as such:

  1. Kandi-Hed ( KH ) these include the VG and PG based flavours. These were the very first range brought out by Just Vape 247 ( Now Flavour Hub) These are in their own sections. Some may refer to them as KH(PG) and KH(VG)
  2. Angels Touch ( AT ) these are AG based ( aqueous Glycerine ) based flavours. They are owned by us also.
    3> Cloud chaser ( CC ) is also a blended AG ( aqueous Glycerine ) range, and has also been moved over to the VG range to make it easier to find.
  3. We also stock One Shots (blended recipes) - The VG versions of these are in the VG flavour section and their abbreviation is (VG One Shot) or (VGOS)
    In total we have 240 flavour concentrates that are VG based. http://www.justvape247.com/vg-flavours

I hope I have answered your questions as best as I could have :slight_smile:
We appreciate your email and valued custom.

Kind regards,

Jodie Post
© Flavour Hub LTD


as regards this point:

Whilst there might be a difference betwween VG and PG versions in practice, I think we should stick to just (KH) because that’s what everybody has done thus far, and there’s no knowing which base they were using!

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Just stumbled across this thread, which perfectly sums up some issues I’m having in creating my flavour stash. Kandi Hed flavours seem to be a bit of a free for all in terms of designation. Angels Touch also seems to have completely disappeared from FlavourHub now, but there’s an increased number of “organic” KH concentrates, very few of which exist let alone have any flavour notes/ recipe inclusions on the flavour list.

In terms of a PG/VG separation, I guess the only issue would come if there’s a significant difference in percentages used between the PG and VG versions, as this would skew the means/medians. On the assumption they’d be similar, removing the mathematical concern, a note to say which was used as part of the recipe would probably suffice for guidance to others?

Just realised this post hasn’t really solved anything in regards to KH, but that’s a combination of a lack of a clear cut solution and also inexperience on my part, but I did want to throw in my two pence incase others are lurking and having the same issue as @jay210 and now myself have been having so they can see the current trains of thought on the matter.


Just ran across this (by chance) and wanted to let you know that I will put this on the list of things to look deeper into.

As you probably know, I have mentioned KH before (in other passing commentary), so I have been aware of the brand for some time. However, this currently falls in the middle to lower echelon (of brands) priority-wise.

It’s on deck though, and while I have already merged quite a few entries in the KH/Kandi-Hed arena, I do appreciate your inquiry!

As for format of the general brand, I typically merge ALL entries I run across (regardless of brand) in the following format at the base level:

  • Flavor Name (Brand)

Any and all that are found with the brand preceding the flavor will be merged into the above format.


Hey @Sprkslfly, good to know. Just for reference when you get round to it (incase it’s at all helpful); I think the worst flavour for duplication is Crazy Creamy Custard. Irritatingly (from my pedantic POV) the most used is the one with the worst syntax.


Can someone explain me which Is the difference between kandi hed VG flavours and One Shot Blended VG flavours, which are produced by the same Kandi hed and are more expensive?

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The definition is getting blurrier as time goes on.

But the general distinction is that when they say “One Shot”, it means that several individual flavors have been combined (with a specific ratio, or ‘balance’) to achieve a specific overall goal. Think of a One Shot as a recipe.

A ‘flavor’ (as referred to in your above query) is a single component of a recipe. Think brown sugar, or blueberry for instance.

The “blur” happens when you get to using some of the more recent single flavors, because they are getting more complex than ever before (in some cases). Think certain bakeries and dessert flavors for instance: Tiramisu has many different unique aspects (flavors) that make up the ‘whole’, or, finished flavor. But you could also build a Tiramisu from scratch. Even though, if you bought something like Inawera Tiramisu, it is still considered a single flavor, because it was around long before the marketing name of One Shot (for a recipe) was born.

Easy to understand your confusion, but I hope this helps make things easier to navigate!


So, if i understood right, “One shot” are mix of different ingredients, while Kendi Hed are made with a single ingredient.
But there are some exceptions, like for example theese complex flavours produced by the brand Kendi Hed: Fruit fantasy,Fruit punch, Strwberry cheesecake, Forest fruits, Mixed berries,Harvest berry. I confess that the difference between theese last 3 flavours is very difficult for me to understand (also the picture is the same): probably is better to ask to the producer…
In an other dutch website of selling vape products, i find a brand of VG flavours called “Insane TM”: from that dutch seller they said me that Insane TM is a brand produced by Real Flavors. Probably it is the same situation of Kandi Hed/One shot blended.
What do you think about?

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