Kanger 160 DripBox from Heaven Gifts

The Dripbox 160 is the new and improved second version in kangers Dripbox line of squonking kits. I have been eager to try a squonking kit for sometime now and this kit for @Heaven_Gifts did not disappoint.

The DRIPBOX 160 comes packaged with a mod, the Dripmod 160, and an RDA, the Subdrip 160 which has adjustable airflow. Also included; two pre-wrapped coils, a micro USB charging cable, a replacement 7.0 ml ejuice reservoir (one comes already installed in the Dripmod) an accessory kit and a manual.

The DRIPBOX 160 is a temperature control and variable wattage device with an LCD display and “+” and “-” buttons. The Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 has a wattage range of 7 – 160 watts and a temperature range of 200 F – 600 F and 100 C – 315 C. It will fire coils made of Ni 200, Titanium, Nichrome and Stainless Steel in temperature control mode.

The DRIPBOX is powered by two 18650 batteries

Apart from the squonking by squeezing the plastic reservoir to force ejuice to the coil, the Dripbox operates like my Kanger Topbox. Click the fire button three times to cycle through the temperature control types; Nickel 200, Titanium, Nichrome or Stainless Steel. The last option is power or variable wattage mode.

To flip the display 180 hold in the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time. You can switch the backlight of the display by holding in the fire and “+” buttons simultaneously. Holding in all three buttons at the same time locks the device.

The body of the mod is big and heavy, after spending so much using the much smaller topbox. But it feels good and substantial in my hand.

I’ll be using the Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 extensively for a long time to come as I just love this mod. The flavour and vapor production for the included coils is just amazing.

Thanks again to our friend @Heaven_Gifts for providing the DRIPBOX 160 and the other wonderful prizes we have recently won.

Pro’s of the Dripbox 160
*excellent battery life- Lasts me all day vaping at 45 watts thanks to the two 18650 batteries it uses
*great coils-the coils that came with it provide excellent clouds and lots and lots of flavour
*Large deck to build your own coils
*its a squonker- experience of dripping with the conveince of a tank you just give the bottle a squeeze to send juice up to the coils
*very sturdy and well made- not going to lie I am extremely clumsy and have dropped this a few times and its 100% in perfect condition not a scratch on it (my heart almost gave out the first time though lol)
*Temperature control
*Can put out up to 160 watts (I havent gone higher than 49)

*it is bulkier and heavier than 1 battery mods so it may be cumbersome to some

Where to get your own http://www.heavengifts.com/160W-Kangertech-Dripbox-Starter-Kit.html


Congrats again on the win!


Thank you for the review and congratulations on the win!Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the contests!

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From USA United Squonkers of America

“Also, with the OEM atty, it can airlock…your bottle may be full, you squonk, and not much happening. Simple fix. Turn her completely upside down and squonk her to relieve her constipation…then back right-side up and squonk…good to go until the next need to.”

Now that you are a squonkadonk, you should make regular appearances on that thread, eh?