Kanger New updated SSOCC Coil Compatibility?

I got some of the new SSOCC kanger coils in hopes they would be fine for my kangers but so far not much has helped stream line this line at all. Has anyone else used these coils on a variety of Kanger tanks

The coil has worked successfully only on 1 tank and it is the nano from the nebox selection. I tried it on the silver original nano and it didn’t budge past the center post and start to make contact enough to start screwing on the bottom base and making contact with the grooves ( forgot what those were called )

I tried it on the kanger mini LOL what was I thinking made that stupid tank leak more than it already does lost half the liquid overnight Ugh,

Just curious I searched the SSOCC coil and it does say it fits the whole line and mine are indeed authentic what gives ?


Two words. They suck. Tried them in my mini’s and thought they were a huge step back from any of the previous versions. Yes, leaks everywhere.


Well at least i’m not the other one who has had trouble with them and I agree they do suck. Supposedly they came out w/ them to allow more room for your juice huh yeah to leak out of your tank. I won’t be buying anymore of them and if that’s what’s left and they don’t continue to release the box shaped ones guess I’ll be buying 3 more Aspires at least they are moving in the right direct tank and coil upgrades are nice. I am loving my mini Triton with the new clapton coil but dang this new Kanger SSOCC = SUX Thumbs down !


That’s disappointing news. I was really considering picking up a couple of the Top Box Mini tanks. I have a ST Mini now, which is a, well, ‘manageable leaker’. I was hoping the new version would be an improvement. I had concerns whether the OCC & SSOCC coils (and the RBAs) would fit both minis. I could have sent them an email and found out, I guess, but something in my gut told me to sidestep the Kanger.

I ended up ordering a couple of the Joytech Tron-S Tanks and some CLR rebuildable coils. I’ve been using one for a few weeks now, and the more I use it, the better I like it for my MTL style.

Since the SSOCC coills don’t work with the STM, I assume the RBAs would not be swappable as well?

I believe that is correct there is a RBA for each set up and the nano doesn’t take one bc it’s too shallow? I may be incorrect on the nano but I’m sure someone can chime in that has better knowledge on the RBA as I don’t rebuild only use the stock coils. If I wasn’t such a juice freak and could dedicate my time and split my time I’d learn to rebuild because the crap that’s coming out lately is driving me crazy as well as the price is highway robbery.

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I knew the Nano couldn’t use the RBA, but hoped it could be swapped between the minis. Looking through my consumer goggles, I’d think being able to use the coils in all models (both versions) makes their products more versatile. a good thing. Guess Kanger doesn’t agree.

I’m really glad your Triton Mini is working so well for you. The Triton 2 (with RBA) is on my watch list. Your positive comments about the Tron Mini are good to hear.

I only do simple coils. No twisting & weaving. You’d pick up doing those in a snap. Think of all the coil money you’d save to increase your juice freak stash!

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Well that there suX0rz, i ordered two boxes for my nephews. Reckon i should cancel them. Thanks for the heads up.

Your preaching to the choir you know how I am about my flavors. hee hee If I could just get more time I may get an even bigger ear full from my fiance’ if I start making my own coils… really bc of him wanting to spend time w/ me I understand he wants to see more than the back of my head.

I will ponder it. Last summer I did rebuild so kanger single coils but it’s too too tedious. I know these types of coils would be somewhat easier. I just can’t say yes at this time.

Kanger should be slapped for saying the SSOCC fits every tank in their line up bc it clearly doesn’t and I basicaly shoved the mini together hoping the glass wouldn’t shatter it didn’t it just leaked like a shiv

If he has the nano nebox they work fairly well but it hasn’t worked on the original nano nor the mini and supposedly their good for the subtank huh I doubt that. Sorry Ken :frowning:

Subtank mini’s, got them each 3 for Xmas. Well the bell caps and bases.

I found they fit but it is a struggle and then it leaked out half the juice with the mini… He may have better luck than I did but from the sound of others it isn’t likely. I mean the mini has a rep of being a big leaker wets it’s pants all the time :wink:

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You might have better luck, but for me it made me shelve the mini’s. Too many good tanks to screw around with stupid leaky coils.


Maybe you should teach him to make your coils…heh heh. :wink:

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I sure wish I could that would be so nice ! I’ll make the juice if he will wrap some coils !

Is your tank a MTL one the Joyetech ? I have a Joyetech VTC mega and love the CLR 1.0 ohm coil especially the upgraded one is certainly a win !

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Yes it is. It’s a great MTL tank. No leaks (so far, knock on wood). It’s got the right draw, in my book. For $9.95 at WOV, you get 5 of the CLR coils. I’m still working on the first one. Since you can rebuild them, they should last a long time. 5 turns of 30 ga kanthal puts me at 1.64 to 1.68 ohms, which I find perfect for my low power MTL. 5 turns leaves wiggle room in the coil housing, so I don’t worry about shorting. The tank & setup just work well. Nothing fancy. I like works & easy.

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Very kewl !!! I love WOV too they Rock I’ll have to check that tank out. I believe from the sound of it I have a similar Joyetech tank and it’s possibly it takes the same coil …interesting. I sure hope so

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It was $16.27 at WOV, with my discount. Your discount might be better. It came with a couple of the pre built coils, that I probably wont use.

I know the CLR coils also fit the eGo ONE Mini. My wife has that rig, and the coils fit that too, so I’m pretty sure they will fit some other Joytech tanks as well. Hello Kanger! Versatility! We buy more!

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That’s it the ego one but I have the mega. Ok so the Tron-S will fit so happy thank u and yea take that Kanger in yo face.

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Yep, the CLR coils fit the Mega too.


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I could have sworn I read that the Toptank Mini and Subtank Mini use the same RBA, but looking thru reviews I do see some people saying the juice hole sizes have been different on some of them.