Lemo 2 Pro or Con

Been using the subtank mini and I have a Nautilus, but was thinking of picking up a Lemo 2… since it has been out for a bit now and I’m sure some users here are using it… pros or cons? I don’t sub-ohm but have started building my own standard coils (1.8 ohm or so).
Just stick to the subtank mini or is the lemo 2 a nice addition to the collection?

I like my lemo 2 , easy to fill and the flavour is nice . I usually wrap a 1.4 ohm coil or thereabouts . Only thing I change out is the wide bore drip tip as I find it muted flavour. I dont think it’s as good as it was advertised by some reviewers but is a great tank for a good price

You’re the Lemo Man…Lemo, Lemo Drop, or Lemo 2?

I’ve used it for a while, various wickings and builds.

If you are the kind of vaper that likes to access your build without having to clear the thank this is not for you, The filling method works okay if you lay it on its side.

All in all my opinion about this atomizer is: I’m trying to sell mine.
Went back to my subtank mini; delta II (for lower buids) and various drippers. I am looking for something that can replace the subtank.

So my answer to your question would be, stick to the subtank mini, look into the latest rba’s subohms tanks and try to find one that let’s you work on the build without having to empty the whole tank and tank.

Drop has the best flavor out of all them .

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I really like my Lemo 2! I like the side fill option a lot, even though it could be a tiny bit wider :smile:

Well I went and bought one off of FT (we will see how long it takes to get here (and yes, I did use the epacket) in the middle of the US). I liked what vaporizit said, but since I’m not getting to really replace the subtank mini but as a different option to use, I was willing to take the chance since I didn’t see any real cons… like leaking or such.
Thanks for the opinions ya’ll.

It’s a good tank… but it’s #6 in my tank line up. Convenient to fill but lacking in other areas. Most newer dual coil tanks has it beat on flavor and vapor production. If those two things don’t matter then it’s the tank for you.

I will blame my ordering the drop on you too then. FT has just shipped my Taifun today finally!!! I really like the Lemo, never went for the second version because I hear the flavour is not as great as it is with the first one.

Both have great flavor!! It’s funny that after all the treat tanks I have . I seem to always gravitate back to my taifun and my Leno drop …it’s the flave!!!

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Both of them are now gravitating toward my mailbox :heart_eyes:

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When you get your tai fun make sure you get ahold of me , I almost shelved this tank out of frustration due to leaking and wicked dry hits . Once you get it right it’s easy but it is different from any tank I’ve ever used so it pissed me off insanely off the bat .

I sure will! I saw a short video on FT about this thing and I saw that you are supposed to leave the cotton hanging out of the side. The vid was very brief though. As soon as it has arrived I will hit you up.

Cotton out the side and you need a 2.5 ID coil to have enough cotton to keep from flooding .

That’s good to know. Usually with cotton they say; less is more. I also saw the way to fill this thing up was just pouring the liquid in the tank while holding it upside down and then screw the base back on. Is that correct?

Yup easy fill …I love this thing . It’s probably the only tank I own that I would buy another of and that’s saying a lot ! It isn’t really a lot of cotton it’s just it has to be thick enough to fill the slots on the side of the base of the chimney .

That makes sense. I’m really looking forward to this vapemail. It has finally been shipped two days ago after having the status “ships in three days” for about two weeks. The Lemo Drop has been shipped yesterday so I have something to look forward to. It will probably get here by the end of next week. :joy:

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Well I hope you like them both , some people don’t because of a bit more restricted airflow but I’m all about that flavour !

I don’t mind the restricted airflow. The Mutation X I have got tremendous airflow but I always turn it down. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of a cloud too, it is part of the satisfaction of vaping, but the clouds I get with restricted airflow are at least 10 times bigger than I ever got of a sigaret and the flavour is so much better. I just don’t see the point in blowing clouds that fog up my house so I have to wait at least 5 minutes to see where my furniture is at.
I like both of my Kayfun’s and think it is such a shame that some people buy one and then drill out the air holes to get a lot more airflow and kill the flavour. Just buy a different tank if that’s what you want. Then again, people should do whatever they want with the stuff they buy. It’s just my personal opinion.(Covering my ass here :fearful:)

Unless you have mastered the art of coil building, I would stick with kangertech. … if you want to practice building, you can use the rebuild that is included in the kanger sub ohm kit. After that, if you still want to venture into rebuildables the “new” price will be down to a more practical price.