Lemo 2 RTA impressions

recivied the Lemo 2 RTA yesterday and today was my first chance to check it out.I’m loving it. Huge clouds ,awesome flavor and no leaks what so ever…Vaping a80/20 vg/pg of one of diy flavors at 35 watts with a .5 coil in it. Not far off from my dropper as far as flavor and clouds. Love the side fill port.Looks like my Kanger Subtank is going into retirement.

Looks nice with my IPV 3


Don’t ya just love new toys! Looking slick!

Is the airflow the same as on the Lemo 1 (not very airy)?

Way more air flow.It has two slots and I’m running them wide open.


Awesome! I felt the first one lacked in airflow. I have a Lemo 2 in the mail, so looking forward to trying it! :smiley:

I still want a Goliath and a Chtulhu :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for mine to get here!!! I need my Lemo!!!

your gonna love it.

I can imagine cause I love my lemo drop already ! And it is flawed as is but still works great ! Is the build deck the same ? I mean aside from a peek insulator ?

I never had the Lemo 1 or the Drop.But there are lots of reviews of the 2 on YouTube.

First impression of Lemo 2 is wow …I mean amazing .

I haven’t even cleaned mine yet - it smells a bit of machine oil - otherwise I’d just fill it up… sigh

Okay, you guys talked me into it, just ordered a Lemo 2 this afternoon along with a Hunter RDA. Starting to get better at wicking the Lemo Drop, not as many dry hits.

Mine was actually machine oil free !! I took it all apart made sure the inside was sound and filled her up . Thris tank is thirsty tho …I’m a 3-5 ml a day guy …I drained a tank in like 30 minutes …it was insane

Yes, it does like the juice, but I will trade that for the flavor, clouds and ease of filling it.

I’m loving it …I’m gonna do a review soon .

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I’m just using the stock coil so I’m gonna play around with it and hopefully when I get my vapor flask I can try some temp control with it as well before putting my full seal of approval on it . Initial thoughts are great though

4 days in on the lemo 2 and I have to say that I just love this thing . My usual rotation of tanks has been halted …just because this tank makes the others seem such a hassle to fill ! I replaced the drip tip as the wide bore stock drip tip steals flavor from an otherwise great tank …that’s maybe my only negative but that’s the easiest thing to fix so not a problem at all in my eyes . I’m still using the stock coil but have rewicked it a few times just from flavor change . I wish I had money to buy all comparable tanks but I’m happy with my purchase …extremely happy.

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I finally took mine into rotation - Vaping “Carnage” by AMNL - Delicious - Also the Lemo 2 is amazing! It’s up there with the Goblin, and it’s easier to fill (well not that easy with a glass dripper)! :smile: Such a big difference from The Lemo!

Have you been trying different tips ? Has been making a huge difference for me with the flavour end of things …after I changed mine out to a more closed off tip it changed the flavour output to that of the goblin

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I can’t really tell because I haven’t vaped this juice on anything else - But I did switch the driptip to the top part of a 2puffs :smile: