Lemon, Lemon, Lemon

Okay, here we go!

I have the following:

Lemonade (Lorann)
Juicy Lemon (Capella)
Italian Lemon Sicily (Capella)
Lemon Sicily (Capella)
Lemon (TFA)

I also have Lemonade (FW), but stopped using it. I keeps separating as it has oils in it and will never fully blend (plus you do NOT want to smoke oils…).

So anyway, I made each at 5 and 8 percent. None have impressed me so far, none of them are very strong at all, and from what I have read, Lemon only loses flavor over time as opposed to getting stronger in flavor.

I am going to try them alone and in combinations up to 15 percent due to what I have been reading in a very accurate thread, they are right on the brink of something: https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/forums/advanced-pv-mod-making-and-diy-discussion/mixology/threads/element-pink-lemonade-recipe.81515/

All in all I am just trying to make a good strong lemonade that is tart as well as sweet.

I know we can crack this guys (and girls)!

Please put forth any knowledge you have on the subject.

Thank you!!!


Lemon FE (Fruit Express is ECXs flavor line) is said to be a very good, strong lemon. Also, Flavorah’s lemonade is spot on, IMO. I haven’t done a whole lot with lemony flavors but I have tried it as a standalone and it was really good. Good luck. :slight_smile:


If you want something to make it have a nice mouthfeel, the FA Custard has a lemon note and the FA Pandoro has kind of a lemon pound cake quality. I’m not a lemon vape fan, but these are things I’ve discovered over time. :wink: Good luck on your quest!

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Yup. I 2nd lemon fe from Ecig. A strong lemon.

I do like the combination of lemon Sicily FA and a dash of Lemon fe. That dash pops the lemon out.

Another lemon I’m impressed with is lemon cake INW. Num. I’m vaping that with billberry accents…its soo good that when I walked back in the building a little snuck through the door and walking 10 ft later I herd an employee walk in and say what smells so good. I just smiled as I walked up the stairs.


INW’s Lemon cake will knock you in the dirt period. BUT that is with cake you didn’t mention cake.
Also very good lemonades at 6% are FLV and Real Flavors very nice snappy lemonade. Add TFA Champagne for extra pop. Then there is LA’s lemonade very good too at 6% but I then will add an additional 1-2% of Lemon by Delosi which is stronger than FA’s - I agree with everybody else FA Custard has a wonderful lemon zing to it.

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I love RF Lemon cake, tastes like iced lemon pound cake at 10% to me. I have been wanting to try the INW lemon cake for awhile as well. I have problems with lemon fade as well, lately I have been hearing FE Lemon and some of the lemonades don’t have as much fade. Haven’t tried them yet though…waiting to learn more :slight_smile:

If you are looking for lemon flavor and tart mix at 12% and add 1% TFA Sour to it. It brings out the flavors of most sweet things

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Thank you everyone, I appreciate the feedback!

I too have heard ECX has a good lemon, will have to give that a try.

Currently trying to make a comparable Element E-liquid, Pink Lemonade (Don’t know who here has had it before but it will make you feel like your DIY juice is a joke, seriously, this stuff is strong and sweet!)

So, I was reading a thread on the sour by TFA (Malic acid at 20%) and after doing some extensive research, I have found that apparently malic acid is supposed to be used at SUPER low numbers, like .015%

This was the thread, I found it.

Keep it goin!

You won’t be disappointed with lemon cake INW. I kinda sort accidentally vaped 20mls of it while at work today. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Squonks recipie on Vu for lemon blueberry cake is what I have been rocking.


LOL…don’t you hate it when that happens? Is it a good stand alone flavor, and if so what percentage do you use? TIA

The recipie starts out with 3%

I wish I had seen this a couple weeks ago. To the shopping cart it goes.


OSDIY Pink lemonade and Arnold Palmer’s are the absolute best I’ve used. Made a great Element pink lemonade clone, just add a dash of CAP Cranberry and some Sweetener.

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OSDIY, hmmm never heard of them, ill have to take a look.

Also, after trying a bunch of lemons, they all seem weak but the juicy lemon by capella is sweet, I just need the tart part.

Lorann Lemonade is almost good but has a weird undertone. Maybe it will go away with some diffusing.

I had a pink lemonade before they discontinued it @ mt baker. it was divine.
probably a hard one to clone also…

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Ive also been on the search for a good lemon over the last few months. fW lemonade and cap juicy lemon I find are thin and week, Italian lemon sicilly is a little better but also not punchy enough and gives quite a harsh TH in percentages over 6%

Cap lemon lime is pretty much what I’ve been looking for, its a punchy lemon, I don’t really get the lime but I think it just makes it a more complex sweet tart lemon flavour at 5-6%
Recently got a bottle of INW lemon which is a similar flavour to cap lemon lime but you only need to use it at 1-2%. Might order some INW lemon cake next

P.s elements pink lemonade was also where I got my sweet tooth for lemon Vapes, that and Sour Vape’s Lemon Bomb. Cap lemon lime is a similar flavour profile to the Lemon Bomb juice


I know it’s been a while but thought I’d chirp back in.
Still on the search for a great lemon and I’ve recently found a concentrate from chefs flavours called Grandma’s Lemonade. It is awesome mixed at 20% max VG, feels like cheating a bit as its a complete recipe in a bottle but saves faffing about with multiple flavours.
Anyway, it’s well worth a try. It’s not lacking anything IMO it’s a sharp, sweet cloudy lemonade. Pretty sure I’m getting hints of grapefruit which I always thought I was getting from elements pink lemonade and on my taste buds from memory it’s closest I’ve tasted to pink lemonade but without the orange cloudy appearance.

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I recently bought Lorann Lemonade to make this recipe:

Best Damn Pink Lemonade by Vurve

My fav lemons are Fa lemon sicily and inw lemon. Fa lemon cold press is what i use when i’m looking for the full body of lemon juice. Like in a lemonade or anything else i want the crisp tartness. Inw lemon on the other hand is an over the top just straight lemon flavor. It has none of the body of lemon juice and works well for lemon cookies. Or anything else that i just want straight lemon flavoring.


Lemon cold press FA? Hmmm. I know they have lemon Sicily FA and lime cold pressed fa. There is a cold press verson of lemon from FA? I would love to get my hands on that.