Let’s see those beautiful sunsets!

I didn’t get to spend a lot of time at the top after hiking 1350 ft in elevation gain in 1.4 miles. The bees are swarming this time of the year. I stopped at the ranger station on my way home and they said the bees are a bit more aggressive this year.

Lol. It was to the point where I would tuck into a fetal position on the ground, get up and blast a couple pics and then move back. Something about the tripod interested the bees. It got to the point either I would fall off the top because I’m scared of bees or my pup would get stung in the inside of her mount because she kept trying to eat them. So I had to leave early. Grrr.

It was so crazy by the time I back to my truck I could hear the Forrest buzzing with bees.


There is a lookout spot here in Joshua Tree Natl Park, that has signs posted prior to entering the parking lot warning of the bee issue in that particular spot. There are thousands! you can’t open your car door without getting a dozen of them inside. Fortunately, bees and I have always gotten along, so I wasn’t worried. Man, was it creepy. They were actually forming faint clouds.

Another beautiful pic, by the way.


There ya go to all you guys and girls over the pond yours in 5 hrs


Not sunset, But I thought it was a great photograph


Hehe, made my day @Mark_Turner. Thank you for that.


Love the pic @Mark_Turner reminds me of the summer I spent helping out on a Amish farm.


I am surrounded by Amish/Dunkard/Mennonite Farms & Businesses. Really nice Folks, very hard workers. (Not saying this to be fun) Most of the Amish kind of smell bad like B.O.


Probably due to the fact that a lot of Amish only bathe once a week. And they don’t use artificial scents like deodorant or cologne. My stepdad was born Amish but chose to leave during rumspringa when Amish teens have the choice to leave or stay in the community. We lived close to a small Amish community in Ohio for a few years before he died.


Little share from crater lake sunrise. It was cold, windy, and super Smokey. It was so bad I left the pup in the truck this morning.


Hella nice picture @Chrispdx!! Keep that stuff coming! :muscle::muscle: