Let's talk about "Blue Raspberry"

If you’ve ever worked on a blue raspberry profile, you’ve probably found yourself beyond frustrated, this includes myself. Let’s make this post a go-to resource for getting to the bottom of this elusive profile.

There seems to be some confusion around this subject… There is a “whitebark raspberry” that exists in nature. If you google this you will discover that the “blue raspberry” flavor is based on this raspberry. I couldn’t disagree more. I also find that a lot of people want to include some form of blueberry to the mix, mixers and manufacturers alike. I think this is being done to fill a gap because “something is still missing”, so they resort to blueberry simply because it’s blue and it’s a berry. I also think this is completely wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make some tasty e-liquid using blueberry and raspberry, but for me, this isn’t “blue raspberry”. When I think of blue raspberry, I think of those Blue Razz blow pops by Charms. This is a 100% dreamt up flavor. To me, it’s nothing more than a sweet and sour raspberry. Not the whitebark raspberry and not blueberries.

I’ve pretty much tried all pre-made blue raspberry concentrates as well as just using raspberry with citrus pairings or malic acid (sour). I’ve had varied results, even some very good vapable liquids. However, I’m always left feeling like I haven’t nailed the flavor. I don’t know how many of you will agree with me, but I wanted to get this ball rolling and see what develops.


RF Blue Raz is great!


Finally, someone is isn’t as easily satisfied just like me when it comes to this flavor.

Which ones did you try? Because you know people are going to start off with asking if you’ve tried Euroflavors and RF SC, both which I have tried and still am not satisfied. I think the best one yet, is NicVape, but it still gives that flat taste you are alluding to.

Edit: Damnit, Chris, you beat me seconds before I hit ‘post’, lol.


Damn you called that one.

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To be honest, I haven’t tried Real Flavors blue razz yet. I chose to pass on it several times due to their own description of how they believe “blue raspberry” has blueberry in it (same applies for One on One). As I said above, I strongly disagree with this idea, but I will admit I broke down and bought some recently so I can either be shocked by it or eliminate it first-hand.

I’ve tried TFA/TPA blue raspberry and I can’t get anything usable from it.

I’ve used CAP blue raspberry cotton candy, but it’s weak and more cotton candy than it is blue raspberry. That being said I use it to reinforce other flavors and add sweetness, on the other hand I hate paying CAP prices for what is basically just EM…

I haven’t tried one on one because of the above mentioned blueberry nonsense and the fact that I believe it’s the same exact concentrate that One stop rebottles due to them both being 67% VG “based” (specific gravity of 1.16 +.02).

Which brings me to OneStopDIY, I’ve had favorable results with it, but I find in weak or lacking flavor and sour punch. (Which may be the entire wrong specific gravity mess seeing how I mix by weight). It smells spot on, it just falls a little short. The “slush” part if the flavor is misleading because there isn’t any koolada or any cooling agent in it. Even more misleading if it has blueberry in it as the one on one claims.

I’ve had better luck with just a good raspberry as a base then adding things like TFA strawberry (not ripe) to add more to the artificial berry body (other berry notes work well here too) then adding citrus notes for the sour punch.

Sorry if any of this post was jumbled, I’m chasing an 18 month old around the house at the same time.


I thought ooo blue raspberry was decent. But let us know how that rf goes for you, it seems to be the universally accepted blue raz flavor.

RF Blue Razz reminds me of blue a slurpee or slushies. I don’t get any blueberry from it. That being said, I’m not the best judge of picking up nuances in flavors.


I’ve had the nic vape one really liked it, so I’m no expert tried one from tfa and it was meh


DEF not a fan of TPA blue raz, medicinal to me even in small amounts. Have yet to try RF sc but am looking forward to it now! I’ve had great luck with shisha raspberry, a little TPA strawberry and a very minute amount of FA pomegranate for a tart berry-ish nuance, along with some super sweet and TPA sour. My recipe is for a blue raz jolly so I also add FW hard candy and it’s a huge seller! Great thread bro!


Pomegranate? Interesting. Thanks for sharing that. I’m gonna have to try that myself.


Do you notice any muting in the long term from using sour? I thought of using a little “sweet & tart”, but in my experience that adds a very dry mouthfeel and that’s not at all what I want in a blue razz. I’d like to keep it “juicy”


It works in my opinion, I use 0.25% and it’s great to add a slight tartness :ok_hand:t2:

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I haven’t steeped a “fruit” liquid long enough to tell the long term, but holds strong after a month for sure! Try a drop of distilled white vinegar for the “juicy” factor u want. Sounds crazy but it works in exactly that way, making fruits pop and seem juicier :+1:t2:


This one has eluded me as well. I have tried TPA🤢, RF, CAP, and OSDIY. OSDIY is the closest IMO, but I agree is still lacking. Even some of the store bought juices is ok but not there. I have tried all kinds of flavor combos. With peaches, strawberries, lemons, limes, hard candy, blueberries, raspberries, and others. No luck. I have given up as of now. Maybe this thread will crack the code.

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Try 0.25% pomegranate (fa) with your closest blue raz blend. That brought me I think as close as I will get for now. I do need to try RF tho


Thank you. I have not tried that. Sound like it would work.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I have repeated this combo more than once here and other places, this one does work for a nice blue raspberry.

Blackberry Raspberry INW 1%
Raspberry FA 1%
Forest Fruit 1%
Any Lemon Lime at 3% or you can use Mountain Dew concentrates.


That’s really close to one of HIC’s mixes. And you’re, right it works well, but it just doesn’t ring the bell

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Awesome. The INW Blackberry-Raspberry is a new one on me. I have never even heard of it. Will definitely purchase it. Thank you.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I just found out that by coincidence a week ago, adding Pomegranate to berries is an excellent way to pop them up. i used Pom from TFA, so it was ~1% for me, added to BB. awesome to find someone else using the same trick…