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Lets talk about chocolates


I’ve seen ALOT of chocolates out there and id love to try them but I don’t want to end up with 1000 duds before I get a good one.
Does anyone have tips for chocolate? I’ve heard (LB) lava cake is yummy!

Chocolate anyone?

No need to buy / test 1000 chocolates!
Just test the Medicine Flower chocolate with 4 weeks of maturation … :wink:


I am also very skeptical of chocolates…I have yet to find a good chocolate, but tbh, I haven’t tried in forever because I always read that chocolate is a hard one to nail down. I am interested in this as well and will be keeping an eye on this thread!


How does it do, in a recipe? I’d love to make a chocolate covered strawberry :yum::yum::yum:


This is the only recipe that I found since beginning DIY that is a little chocolatey and very, very good!!! I still mix it up sometimes and enjoy it every time I do :yum:…it is a recipe by @Amy2 from a few years ago but it is really delicious! It tastes just like the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies!!! :cookie:

Maybe @Amy2 can tell us what chocolates she has found over the years to be the best, or at least what her favorites are :wink:


Me too! I usually just use White Chocolate…it is very good, but I would love to have a milk chocolate one! Medicine Flower is too expensive for me…I wish I could get a few, but they are just too much…I know I could never talk my husband into letting me buy some of those!


Lb lava cake to me is kind of tootsie rollish.

My favorite chocolates are rf chocolate, rf Brownie, cap Brownie v1(haven’t tried v2 yet and I think v1 was discontinued), milk chocolate flv, mf dark chocolate, mf light chocolate, and glamor chocolate molinberry.

If you want a new berry type chocolate please check out ruby chocolate tfa. Tfa out did themselves on that one.

Chocolates are the reason I started diy. No one had a good chocolate vape to me.


Hi! You are another member that I really pay attention to when it comes to opinions on what flavors are good or not! Could you tell me which of your suggestions are the most like milk chocolate (other than the MF ones cause I can’t afford those) or would a mixture of a few of them be better…

Sorry @Jazzy_girl…I don’t mean to take over your thread…please forgive me


I agree that MF is expensive! but before buying their chocolate, I spent the same amount of money on other chocolates, and they’re here until they screw up and I throw them away. I just want you to avoid the same me that I did! lol


Wow. Thanks!

The closest thing to inawera old milk chocolate would definitely be glamor chocolate molinberry.

I do really enjoy the others mentioned as well. Another one I forgot to mention is chocolate milk vape train. I’m in the process of testing those chocolate flavors now and that’s the one that really stands out to me at the moment.

Oh yea other good chocolate type flavors are purilum chocolate cake, neopolitan, and chocolate cherry. Just remember when using purilum flavors they require at least a week steep and would recommend 2 weeks.


No need to apologize at all. I’m just watching and waiting for the right chocolate flavors and we go off a bit thats alright :sunglasses: its all good ty tho for being so polite :rose:


I understand that completely, but I have been mixing for almost 4 years now and since starting I have accumulated around 200+ flavors, and I actually do use most of them! I would love to buy the MF flavors, because I know that they are worth it! However, they are expensive, and I do not have a job! I have been in school for the past 4 years and my husband pays for everything! Needless to say, he thinks I have enough flavors and that I should be able to make a good chocolate eliquid with a chocolate flavor that is not so expensive, and I have to kind of agree with him on that point! So until I am able to get a job (I just finished school last week!) I will not be able to buy MF flavors!!!


Ok looking through some of my notes another chocolate I almost forgot about is hangsen Australian chocolate. It’s a really good chocolate as well.


I really enjoy the Purilum flavors, I have quite a few of them, but I never took the plunge on any of the chocolate flavors because no one really talks about chocolate flavors, and because I have yet to find a good one I still don’t like to buy them…

I know that sounds redundant! I mean how am I supposed to find a good one if I don’t buy them! I think I may buy a few that you have mentioned though! I may even go the Purilum route because I have to make a NicRiver order soon anyway. I have yet to get a bad Purilum flavor, although they do seem to take a little higher percentage to shine, but if its good, I’m okay with that!


Jazzy, here you touched on an ancient curiosity. I’ve been doing this recipe for a long time, but the maturation times of the MF flavors are so long that I’ve made other recipes at first … but what I can say is that the MF flavors are so good for me, and @Pro_Vapes recipes are so delicious, they can only work out :slight_smile:


A lot of his mixes are truly amazing!


@Jazzy_girl, @Mandrax has a very good point, and tbh if I could afford the MF flavors, I would go that route in a heartbeat!


Yes, they are…@Pro_Vapes is another mixer that I have come to have mad respect for and I truly value his mixing skills!


The last purchase I made of MF Flavors, I paid very dear … I asked to send from the USA, flavors that were not sold in the UE. The expense was $ 88, and I paid another $ 40 +/- customs! I’m not rich, or close to that, but when I smoked, I spent $ 200 on tobacco in a month … having said that, I do not regret buying them, I see this as an investment, and a lesser evil for health… :sweat_smile:


Exactly!!! I totally agree!