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Lets talk about chocolates


Where can we get the MF dark chocolate?


take a look at this follow-up and you can choose the one that will suit you the most!


I really like the rf sc chocolate milkshake, I just finished the 6th week of single flavor testing It and I don’t really get any milkshake at all, but from week 1 on it tastes like Hershey syrup in the can to me. Ymmv, but I also have found that all the chocolates I have tried don’t taste as good when your setup runs above 50 watts, I normally vape somewhere between 55-100 watts but I built tiny coils recently just to run a chocolate cookie juice, coil range is 20-30 watts.


I have puriliums chocolate cherry and I have to say it was a very disappointing choice. I love that brand and got into the flavors as they were pretty new and nobody made a review yet.

I was aiming for this, using that flavor as a base.

But sadly this flavor first of all takes years to steep, and then it tastes like the american chocolate covered cherries, you get during Xmas in most stores. Not the high end see’s candy, more the dollar store bottom shelf cheap chocolate with fake candy cherry piece and filled with some syrup to keep the price low and affordable. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, we all did have these kinds of chocolates in our life’s.

If you’re tight on a budget, I would avoid that flavor because it will just frustrate you, invest the $2 in a other flavor you need and when you able to make a bigger purchase grab the MB glamour chocolate, HS Australian chocolate or even FLV chocolate Deutsch. With purs there’s really not much of bending you can do either due to off notes etc. Much more possible with the other ones tho.

Taste is subjective of course, but I would hate seeing you buying random cheap chocolates and not be able to use them.

Edit: sadly that cheap kind of chocolate they have also used for their chocolate cake…if you looking for something like that, I heard LB’s lava cake is amazing. I did not test it myself yet to be able to support that claim :slight_smile:




/slides that to the front of the cue for the very next mixing session! :laughing:

Like has been said, I highly value your input! :thumbsup:


you also like a bakers touch chocolate , truffle ??? maybe


An excellent point!! :thumbsup:
There’s a LOT of flavors that are temperature sensitive. Frankly this doesn’t get NEARLY enough mention IMO.


Lol I agree, a friend of mine wanted a coffee vape. I asked especially if they wanted more of a cappuccino rather than black cup of coffee, knowing how they vape.

I took a lot of crap for that so I just made a coffee vape as requested. He took a hit from it at around 78 watts and that face man was priceless. Lots of people don’t know that some flavors are not meant for higher or lower watt/temperature or even for dhl and sub ohm. Or even with huge airflow devices that can turn some mixes into a sheer nightmare.


Double Chocolate (Clear) was awesome, and then I got chocolate chunks wf which is good too


Oh yes I forgot about that one.


And you forgot VZ chocolate truffle :wink:


Oh snap you beat me to it!! Must remember to finish reading the thread before i comment :stuck_out_tongue:


Pffbbt. Where’s the fun in that?! :crazy_face:

Besides, you may touch on something that wasn’t covered if you do it as you go! If you’re like me, you may forget the original thought by getting distracted by the next “random twist” that a thread takes. :wink: (Not that the twist is a bad thing…But losing train of thought ticks me off far more than risking repeating what someone else might’ve ended up saying lol.)


Hey Jazzy i can send you a small sample of MF Dark chocolate if you want.


Oh that would be awesome! I’d love that! If I have anything u like in my stash I can send u anything too :)).


I also do not mind giving a little, already mixed and mature, but have to come get it in Portugal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @Jazzy_girl for starting this thread, and thanks to all who gave their suggestions! Now I am going to have to read some flavor reviews and pick the one (or two, maybe three!) chocolate flavors that look the best to me so that I can try some chocolate creations! I can’t believe that there are so many to choose from now…like I said, I haven’t tried mixing a chocolate juice for a long time, since 2015, and I had given up because there weren’t really many good ones then!


Who doesn’t love a See’s Chocolate ?


Looks yummy!!