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Lets talk about chocolates


Yw :blush: I’m so impressed by all the posts and suggestions too, thank you everyone!!! And ty @robin for the MF chocolate!! I can’t wait to try vaping chocolate recipes!!



I ordered some Lava Cake and Glamour Chocolate! I’m looking forward to some chocolate vapes.



I have been mixing chocolate a bit this week, I made that chocolate strawberry I posted somewhere, but I also made what I called cherry ripe cheesecake.

This is an adaption of the baked cheesecake that is requested each time all the nurses start planning for the christmas party.

It’s the first time I’ve tried using cherries and I don’t start the easy way. :crazy_face:

I made it last Sunday, so I due to test it today, see how it goes?



Looks delicious!!



Aww so sweet of you ! I do like that cool mint cookie recipe myself it one of my older ones.

I still love my chocolate vapes they’re so rich and creamy I don’t do any heat to these guys and steep them for at least a month

I like all of the following and am still testing some of the newer stuff that’s out.

FA Chocolate and Cocoa
MF White Chocolate
RF VG line Chocolate Chip Cookie
CAP CFB ( for ooey gooey chocolates ! )
INW Old Milk Chocolate
TFA’s Bittersweet
TFA Double Chocolate Clear
TFA White chocolate
TFA Fudge Brownie
FW’s Double Dutch Chocolate
FW White Chocolate
FW’s chocolate mint
LB’s Lava Cake
LB’s Chocolate Roll ( Straight up Tootsie roll )
LB’s White chocolate peppermint

I see TFA has a Ruby chocolate out , has anyone tried this one ? https://www.bullcityflavors.com/ruby-chocolate-tfa/



What on earth is CFB?
Chocolate foot balls?



Chocolate Fudge Brownie



You know it! I got it when it first came out. I was super impressed compared to other tfa chocolate flavors! This one is almost remind3d me of a milk chocolate with hints of Raspberry in it. I have notes and a recipe on ELR. I Googled ruby chocolate and one of the first things that came up was ruby kit kat, which I made my recipe of.



I seen the ruby kitkat in the grocery store the other day but didn’t get one…hey it’s for science right :smile:

I imagined ( and hoped ) it to be a milk chocolate with a raspberry undertone sounds lovely I have a raspberry fudge recipe I love and this sounds like it may make a nice addition to the recipe. Since the original calls for white chocolate but I just may work this in to be a double chocolate cheesecake swirl

Thanks !



The low wattage tip is a really good one and can’t be emphasized enough, especially with chocolates. Took me years to learn that lesson.

Also… for just a strictly dark chocolate or milk chocolate vape, my best recipes have a mixture of FA Cocoa and FA Chocolate or FA Cocoa and Inawera Milk Chocolate or TFA’s Double Chocolate Clear. I highly recommend playing with those combined with creams and custards. Just YUMMmmmm.



Very nice! Yes it would make a good addition for you on that from what I can see. The recipe is set to private so I can only see what I can see on here. If you get the chance to get it I would because it really is a good flavor.

Here’s my kit kat.

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2189292/Ruby Kit Kat



Could check out:



Oh I must make the Ruby Kit Kat! It sounds yummy! @Amy2 wow! All those chocolates, is the any trio that you think would be best to start with? Thank for sharing Raspberry Cheesecake recipe! It looks great! :blush:
@Bob_Bitchen those See’s chocolates looks divine!! I don’t think I’ve ever tried them but I think its time I do!

Thanks everyone for sharing and posting all these great tips and suggestions! Now I have a great start on my chocolate journey! Ty ty ty!!!



Meeee toooo
(lurking) taking notes



My 1st paycheck should be here at the end of the month. I ran completely out of nicotine a month ago and can’t even mix till wed (2 days). All these great ideas and fabulous looking recipes. DIY seems fun, but then, just when I think the milkshake quest is over…

I’ll have to order more flavors :roll_eyes:



Oh I’m so sorry to hear that!! Life can get pretty rough at times! On the bright side u have one more day and u can mix!! Hope things get better soon! What the heck happened? Hope ur ok



Hi @Jazzy_girl,I have just ordered LB Lava Cake and am looking forward to mixing a batch up. I’ve never used it before because it’s not normally available in the UK. As for the Glamour Chocolate,I tried some as a single flavour test at 6% and it was very nice and didn’t taste like cheap chocolate unlike some. I could vape this alone which is unusual for me.



I’m going to live a long life, :slight_smile: and so I should have plenty of time to find the perfect Chocolate Malt E-juice, so I can start yet another quest.
Just got an update from Fed-ex, package of nic should arrive today :checkered_flag:



Oh I’m excited and looking forward to getting my order and mixing it up!!
Thats great that u could get some Lava cake! I was hoping to get both the lava cake and Glamour chocolate today but they’ve been delayed due to bad weather. A few feet of snow had everyone snowed in for a few days over in my part of the world.



I hope that your postal service grows some wings to get your parcel to you ASAP. Have you used Lava Cake before?
I love the sound of a malted chocolate,I will have to try this. I must admit that I don’t like chocolate and fruit together in any shape or form in fact I don’t really like fruity ejuice at all except for a drop of Heisenberg when I walk the dog.