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Let's Talk About Safe (and handy) Nicotine Handling and Storage


…pictures or it didn’t happen :wink: Oh yeah my paranoid self also uses other minimum security to keep the curious out of my favorite poison


Guys I have to apologize for the confusion, my point was the title of this thread is “Let’s Talk About Safe (and handy) Nicotine Handling and Storage.”

What paragraph has the 100mg is safe shtuff in it? Im sorry I dont see the connection and consider it off topic. It belongs in a thread that contains the name Darwin in the title imho, not this one. This thread wasnt intended to be a debate on whether 100mg is safe… I assumed anyone clicking on the title kinda thunked it wudnt already.

The intended point of this thread can be seen in contributions like those of @woftam and @worm1 and @50YearsOfCigars and a new guy for me @Backwoods_Alchemist. Nifty safety widgets and links to purchase. Maybe some tricks or thoughts on stuff like disposal, i dunno. I know I started the thread with preaching and set a bad tone. But with all my comments and threads I intend to provoke thought and hopefully provide help to folks who are interested in learning more for themselves, ie not from my words.

I owe 50 an apology for rough handling in responses I felt were important to address, but I was packing for travel. Hence the 2 weeks comment I made, which was cryptic, sorry. Those were quick brain dumps and I hope you know I value your contribution even if I dont always agree, although I generally do. Value that as you will. I am trying to chill out but the damned rabies makes it tough.

Phil just to be clear should you care what lilome thinks, I can respect the disagreement on 100mg with anyone who understands they are willfully playing with fire. As long as a person owns the potential consequences, should the dice ever fall that way, I dont consider them irresponsible. But I dont know how the law would feel about it.

…and another thing! I dont think what I think should matter to you! Haha. Hopefully its all good yalls. Im sorry I get worked up, its the rabies. Im working on it. Be safe.


When I started mixing over three years ago I bought 48mg/ml and was fairly anxious about working with it. A commercial mixer & youtuber at the time became a friend online and mentioned to me that it is good to work what you are comfortable with, but that I would soon get tired of mixing with 48mg. He was right because a month or so later it became evident that 100mg/ml was indeed easier to work with. The volume makes a difference as well as the amount of storage space the bulk of it takes up in my freezer. I am now comfortable mixing with 100mg/ml without gloves…I make sure my mixing supplies and recipe(s) are all ready to go, get out my nic (working supply in 120ml amber glass boston rounds in a Coleman cooler that I keep working nic and seldom used flavorings in. As soon as I have added my nic and PG to initially dilute for the recipe, I return the nic to the storage cooler. I am not going to say I have never had an accident; but they are contained and like you mentioned a gram spill on your hand is not going to send you to the hospital…anyway I think it is great to respect the chemical but getting crazy about it leads (IMO) to over anxiousness and more chance of accident. I’ve read here that some think it (wrong?) unnecessary to mix with 100mg/ml…I think they shouldn’t then. I am, on the other hand, good. Thanks


Here’s another even cheaper vendor. I don’t think they close like the others but used properly would work

I use glass syringes that I get from Amazon for drawing my nicotine, that I rarely bother washing just keep in a small clean plastic box.


Glass syringes!? Im def on board! Sorry for derail!


Just be careful the plungers weigh much more and can come out the back if held upside down. I usually draw a little more then I need, add by weight to mix, then place the syringe back in the bottle reducer to drain.And their cheaper on eBay from China


Good tips! Thanks!