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Let's Talk About Safe (and handy) Nicotine Handling and Storage


I always heard that pure nicotine is highly dangerous and requires extreme caution, but I also heard that diluted nic (I use 100mg VG dilution) was not a worry, at least not to the scope of pure nic. Is that wrong?


It is and it does .

I feel the majority of people can safely use 100mg nicotine , the problem is we have some that can’t.
As long as you follow the safety guidelines you will have no problem.
That is the problem with these threads , we should only post the safest way within reason because we don’t know everyone else’s abilities.
Everyone should try the safest way possible and then later on if they feel it was overkill then change to a style that works for you.Only you know how safe you are.
One thing is for sure if you do things as safe as possible , the chances of having trouble is much less is it not.


I am not a fan of ignorance. I did do a lot of research and read a lot of posts about nicotine before I did any DIY. And I read that with ‘reasonable’ safety (like don’t drink it or feed it to a child or vape it at 100mg) I would be ‘reasonably’ safe mixing with 100mg diluted NIC. 2.5 years later and all good so far.

I am in favor of threads like these exactly because we don’t know everyone’s abilities or proficiency. I think it’s way better to use a 39,000 foot approach so everyone gets in the net. Those who know these rules will not need them, but those who don’t will benefit greatly… if they heed them. After all, you can only teach so much… Can’t fix stupid.


I know nicotine is a poison, and I know 100mg is fine for a DIY mixer like myself, who is thoughtful and careful. The thread read a bit as if 100mg was not safe to DIY with so I was asking about that. Other than that clarification, I have no questions.


This is what OP was trying to express. Everyone must know of the dangers even at 100mg and he set out to show ways of how to safely do it. The first point he made was to dilute in order to lessen the impact an accident will have if mistakes are made with a regular mix session. It is simple safer to handle the lower strength regularly.
For a beginner to read this thread which was the goal they need to hear that there are dangers involved, reasons why and steps to avoid them. If the beginner read " Hell i do it all the time, no gloves, dont bother me!", he stops reading. You have to remember that this is a public forum and what is said can easily influence the naive. i dont think any of us are perfect when it comes to vaping but publicly stating is just asking for trouble.
The list of safety precautions is an excellent idea and would be better time spent doing collectively then butting heads.


Apologies @50YearsOfCigars, don’t want to seem uncooperative or antisocial. I’m hyper focused on my own …stuff, so not a good time …thanks tho good idea! Allow me to add something others can easily do themselves and you could Add it to the proposed Project if you like.

1.) Labeling your Nicotine …surely everyone does that, but can it be better …safety-wise? I decant my Liter bottle into 4 X 250ml brown glass bottles. As I use, I split down to 2 X 120ml brown glass bottles so air in the long term stored bottles is minimized. That can mean I have like 6 various bottles full of Nicotine at times. However you store it, it’s smart to not only label it “Nicotine” but give Health Care Providers (EMS?) and Family information instantly …realizing you have rebottled something that now no one else knows exactly what’s inside because it’s out of the very detailed (info) original packaging.

Surely this could be improved, but here’s what I do …I label all my re-bottled Nic with this label. You can make your own with whatever verbiage that floats your boat. I’ll post the core “Poison Control Center” JPG below in full rez so you can just embed it in your label maker software or graphics app, then add your particulars (100 mg/mL in PG?) The benefits should be immediately obvious …I mean someone else might be dialing this number. BTW this is not the Nicotine Poison Help # it’s the all poisons #




…damnit :wink: @50YearsOfCigars add me. please and thank you …I’m already thinking of other stuff


Excellent work and easliy saved/printed out to attach to any bottles/ jugs containing nic u may have! I fiddle w/ Gimp software for labels since its free. I have no kids myself but have done stupid things before.


Weird, that’s how I ended up with kids :smirk:


Im going to say the below and go away for a couple of weeks. We do not have a difference of opinion. I have a nearly 400lb guy that spent 4+ days in the hospital as a worst incidence and YOU have an opinion.

I have avoided creating a checklist for my own reasons. Please post it outside my thread and link to it; I wont be participating. But, backing up an argument that 100mg/ml is not dangerous with safe handling tips seems like a mixed message.

My message remains DO NOT mix regularly with 100mg. Its unnecessary risk. Dilute down and still be safe mixing with that. Its not an inconvenience, keeps you nic fresh, and keeps your house safe for occupants, visitors and pets. There is NO benefit to using 100mg unless you’re vaping high (eg 24mg) juice.

If you want to continue to argue the contrary, please do it elsewhere. I dont see any value in your arguments toward the thread topic.


No problem… will delete my posts. Carry on !


What label printer are you using?


Dymo “Large Address” Label (SKU 30321) 1 4/10" X 3 1/2" Fits bottles of all sizes well even 30ml Chubby Gorilla


I get my nicotine in 100mg/ml and rebottle them into 100ml gorilla bottles. I always mix with nitrite gloves on and when doing larger bottles of 100ml I only need 3.78g of that nic. I have a fridge just for nic and various aromas that prefer cold over room temp. I’ve only been mixing by weight, so I dont know anything else. Only used needles for PG base and some aromas. But never had any issues with the nic strength :smiley: When I started out, I got what now is known as nic shots. And used that as part of the base, possibly safer, but more expencive in the long run.


I’m not trying to pick nits here, but why would we need to go through all that labeling with all the hazmat info and poison control hotline (especially for diluted NIC)? Not saying it’s a lame idea, just saying it’s not like we’re mixing in a public space. Lock the room up if you’re concerned about kids, but otherwise you the DIY mixer knows what and where your NIC is. I could see if you mixed in some sort of less than private space needing to label stuff, but not at a private residence. Now you’re going to have me all paranoid because all I have is the word NIC on my bottle!


I ALWAYS rebottle my 100mg/ml nicotine in my youngest child’s cough medicine bottle(because it has that handy dandy syringe adapter) and keep that nicotine in a small beverage fridge full of soda and juice bags I keep on the floor of the playroom. The bulk of my pure 1000mg I keep in a pullout freezer in the kitchen right next to the ice-cream so it stays real cold.


Solid plan…


The benefit I get from 100mg NIC is using less in the mix; for example my NIC is diluted in PG. If I want to make a max VG, that means I will have less less PG in the mix due to the higher mg concentration. And secondly, the maths are easier to work out with 100mg compared to say 48mg (if you don’t use a nifty converter like ELR has). Easy is a motivator for me.

As for requesting that the debate cease, I don’t agree with that. Your points are noted and well taken. But there are a lot of responsible DIY mixers who get on fine with higher concentrates of diluted NIC, and advocating that they all stop doing that is an opinion and not a mandate, just as 50’s opinion not to stop as long as you abide safe practices. Debate is healthy and a benefit in most cases.

Point is, this is a valid and worthy thread. It is good to have information available to those who can benefit from it, and all vapers should be educated on the safety of all aspects of this hobby… But multiple opinions are also beneficial so responsible people can make their own decisions. This reminds me of the diketone debate. Folks should educate themselves then make their own decisions on how they choose to vape, mix, build, etc.


I hear you, but these are just questions I think you might ask yourself. If they don’t apply, that’s cool …but this is an Infinite Monkeys Infinite Keyboards scenario. If you look at more possibilities you see more scenarios where things could go wrong. Look at your factory bottle of nicotine, all that stuff is legally required. If it ever happened that you (or yours) became truly and seriously exposed to Nicotine …as in Medical emergency, having a labeled bottle with a poison control number could save a life.

I def hear you re: the Scare Factor. Kids? In that regard I worry more about Significant Other perception. If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. The “poison” logo has always been scary, I would suppose to scare children and deter handling. Surely Tide Pods would be safer with a Skull and Crossbones emblazoned on them, but we know that’s not gonna happen, so there is a variable risk scale on this “danger” labeling thing.

I’m not suggesting you are doing this wrong if you don’t follow my recommendations, but it is what I do. I also only buy 48mg/mL Nic for safety reasons. The phone number not only could be used to call for Tide Pod consumption, but if you actually were experiencing Nicotine toxicity you may not be able to dial a phone (passed out?) I remember my kids coming home from school with a refrigerator magnet that was this Poison Control Center phone number & logo, and I remember not liking it.

BTW my family nickname is “OSHA” …and while I never worked for OSHA, I am equally annoying AF! :wink: Hrmm now I am picturing the new Logo for Poison Control …a Tide Pod with a skull, with the hope that one day soon Kids will Universally know “Ugh Bad Don’t Insert in Mouth” …Art Dept get on that right away :grin:


Thank you, that is exactly my point for this whole thread. Use what you need, discard what you already know or don’t think you need. That’s kind of why I was saying multiple opinions are great.