Let's talk Wicks

So I’ve been using organic Japanese cotton since I started rebuilding . I’ve never really ventured out and tried anything else as I’ve been satisfied but I feel like it’s one aspect of vaping that I’m not very experienced or knowledgeable about . I think many people could benefit from some different takes on wicking material so let’s get some old pros out here and chime in on this one !

I use japanese cotton as well - but I do use rayon in some of my tanks - I like it - clean taste. It’s a bit different to wick - you can use a lot more rayon than cotton…

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Wait…there’s more than just Japanese organic cotton?

Kidding. I’ve been wanting to try the Rayon. It sounds…interesting. I have noticed with a fresh wick that I can taste the cotton a little. It takes a few puffs to not feel like I’m inhaling a cotton ball.

I think I can taste some rayon at first as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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So what’s the cost difference ? Are there any benefits over organic cotton ?

I haven’t bought rayon myself - Typically you buy 1.36 kg of CelluCotton which is like 1200 ft - you’re never gonna run out :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s around £20. Japanese cotton can be found cheap as well… It’s harder to burn rayon, and some say the taste is a bit cleaner - I find it hard to tell the difference… You have to learn to wick differently… Typically you want more rayon compared to cotton.

This is kind of an older video but I like PBusardo’s videos. He does a pretty good job in this one comparing Organic Cotton, Hemp, Japanese Cotton, & Rayon wicking materials. This video is what made me decide to start using Japanese cotton.


Rayon and Fibre Freaks stuff are 100% cellulose fibres. You are getting chemically clean product which wicks insanely fast, but doesn’t hold much juice.

Japanese cotton is also good at wicking, but hold more juice. Yet it is dirty and that concerns me.

Normal cotton is usually cleaner, but wicking performance is poor.

I’m actually using cotton/rayon 50/50 blend, it is the best of both worlds.

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I have tried several kinds of wicks in mostly rdas and rtas. I don’t particularly care for japanese organic cotton. It has nothing to do with flavor, which is fine. The longevity is an issue for me. I usually run very low sub ohm builds in my rdas and the joc usually has to be changed out daily. I then moved on to cellucotton. I like it because its fibers are very uniform and it’s very easy to work with. It does have a strange flavor initially. I get by this by saturating the wicks and doing a couple of 7 -10 second pulses before I start vaping. This burns off the bad taste and you’re good to go. The CelluCotton gives great longevity and I bought this big box last year and haven’t made a dent in it. I always use CC in my rtas it work great and again it’s easy to use.

Now for all you rda users out there you absolutely have to try out Vapers Choice Cotton and/or Native Wicks. Both are made of natural cotton. Pima or Supima cotton. This stuff is great. I personally like the Vapers Choice a tad better that the Native Wicks. and I can’t really explain why. Both are nice strong cotton purified and cleaned. There is absolutely no flavor in these products. Juice em up and vape. The longevity is excellent. I can wick my drippers once a week instead of every other day. I love it!


I guess I am still too new to start my very own thread, so I am resurrecting this one. I have started using the hemp wick linked below and I am really impressed. Previously I had preferred to hand comb organic cotton balls. . .ended up throwing away 90-95% of each ball and retained only the longest straight and aligned fibers. It was tedious… Japanese cotton just didnt work well for me. I think because up until this very day I’ve just been using low ohm 24ga macro coils with all copper RDA and mech mod. Anyway, it hated the Japanese cotton, tasted awful and burned in a few hours. I could maybe get 10ml of juice down.

BEHOLD there is hemp. First, the dry hits are more predictable and less harsh. . .but most of the time I catch the flavor change and never get one. They seem to wick fast, I have no problems with it keeping up and I am currently trying the “Scottish Roll” technique where I really crammed the stuff into my newly wound 3x3 twistup of 34,32, and 27ga kanthal. I go through about 100ml before I need to change the wick. I typically vape 70/30 or 60/40, never 100% VG (just never thought to try it) and I dont use nicotine. . .so YMMV. The wick itself I cannot taste, all I notice is the lack of cotton taste, which is great.

Anyway, the bag you get is pretty fat, bigger than a dollar bill. I think it weighs like 10g, I’m a normal sized guy and its maybe three large handfuls of dense wick. It’s not fluffy like cotton, so you need much less size-wise. I posted some pictures and a review on Amazon 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t shown up yet. The bag is way bigger than the Nick’s Wicks shown in the video above. I have no complaints at all and cant wait to build my TFV4 RDA with Ti wire, hemp, and TC when it finally comes off of pre-order. In closing, I honestly feel like hemp makes cotton seem like silica. Hope that might be helpful for some of you.


One last thing, the hemp doesnt seem to hang on to flavors like cotton does, at least I have not have a flavor that it hangs on to yet. Maybe two cycles to clear the old flavor out, max.


What about polyester fiber? It’s the stuff that’s in almost all pillows that aren’t feather:

If this stuff is extremely toxic to vape with, apologies for asking a stupid question. It is flame resistant. So maybe whatever chemicals make it resistant might not be good. Anybody ever try it?

It’s polyester - don’t use that as wicking :smile:


True… Not sure what I was thinking there… Might as well vape plastic.


Tried cotton balls, ready X wick and various types of japanese cotton until I stumbled on cotton bacon. Used Cotton bacon v1 and now v2 and very happy.

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I tried all of the above, including cotton bacon v2, all of which after a short time ended up giving me a cottony taste…this would only happen when dropping, not in tanks and I was getting pretty discouraged… I usually drip when I’m at home and use tanks when I’m out and about or at work and would totally pass up the drop because I dreaded the cottony taste… Until recently, when visiting a local Vape shop to pick up battery cases and I spy a pack of drago Egyptian cotton…I had seen it before but never used it…I bought a pack and when I got home I rewicked my favorite dripper with it and now I’m back to loving the drip! No other flavor at all except my juice! Woo hoo!
Hope this helps someone…


BACON!!! Love the stuff. From a pig and cotton both. The cotton variety is super clean, no flavor from first pull. Wicks fast enough for me and holds the juice. I use it in both RDA and RTA builds. It actually cured my Lemo 2 of dry hits without drilling etc… It also works very well in my Triton RTA build. I’m still playing with it in a small build like the Ego ONE Mega rebuildable heads. Those things are tiny. Works well in a hack rebuild on Kanger sub tank coils too.(the old style ones)

Cotton Au Naturale:


Or Pima cotton is getting hot…

Really? I don’t know if I just got a bad batch or something, but out of silica/eco, organic cotton balls, cheese cloth, rayon/celucotton, CVS sterile rolled cotton, Japanese OC, and Native Wicks, Drago has been my second to least favorite wick to date (silica/eco being my absolute least). The flavor was fine, great even, but it was such a giant pain in the ass to work with. It was so clumpy that I could barely even get a piece that would fit a 1/8th ID long enough for one coil, let alone duals. Kept ending up with pieces of noticeably different sizes in each coil after a few minutes of frustration and throwing away chunk after chunk of the stuff, so one coil would get dry way earlier.

It’s quite possible I just wasn’t using the right technique, but I got so frustrated that finally I just threw the rest away. I went back to JOC and never gave Drago another thought. After that I ended up switching to Native Wicks, and it’s great. Wicks pretty well (although not quite as well as rayon), the flavor is fantastic with no break in time, and unlike JOC it can be used for a long time without collapsing or burning. My one gripe is that it frays pretty easy, and right out of the package there will already be near tears in it, so it can be a bit of a hassle to find the right size piece without wasting a bunch (although nowhere near as bad as Drago). Next time I re-wick I’m going to try and do a Scottish roll type thing with it, hopefully that will be problem solved.