Let's talk Yogurt

There’s a lot of good yogurt tips in this thread.


I personally never liked yogurt … I think the fact that it is made with sour milk turns me off. But I would have to try a yogurt vape that I liked before I actually purchased a yogurt flavor. Just me though. Sorry if I sound a bit of a pessamist.

I never tried a yogurt vape until I got FLV Yogurt. My first mix with it is amazing. It really enhance fruits. I hear FA makes a really good yogurt also. I’ll have to put it on my shopping list.


If I do get a yogurt flavor, FlavourArt would have been my first pick.


I like tfa’ s Greek yogurt, but cap creamy yogurt didn’t impress me much, not enough tang to it…thought tfa’ s was better in my mango lassi recipe. Cap cy will probably work in other recipes, but a bit milder than I expected.

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What percent are you using it at?

5%…tried both in a recipe separately to see which I prreferred, and the gy won in this recipe. I am sure I’ll find use in something else for the cy, it’s not bad just not very yogurty imoo, more like a sweet yoplait yogurt instead of a tangy yogurt…I haven’t tried cap Greek yogurt yet either, tfa works well so far even though it smells weird at first in the vial.

I have the tfa Greek yogurt. Used it in several recipes. 8% in the mix. Its good

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FLV’s yogurt imo takes the lead when compared to TFA’s. However there is a different btw the 2. TFA’s is closer to a true greek yogurt with a bit of sour to it and FLV’s is much smoother and is very creamy.Greek yogurt TFA is pretty much good to go in about 2 days where FLV’s I have found really turns into gold lol in about a 2 week steep. This has been my experience with both of them,

And I am glad @baseballmom that you said cap’s wasn’t that impressive I have heard a few others say this.

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What percentages do you mix TFA’s and FLV’s yogurts at Amy?

TFA’s depending on how much of a note I want I will go up to around 4% mainly I stay in the 2% area. FLV I use at 2.25-3%

There isn’t any yogurt by flavorah anymore…all gone

Ive tried tfa and flv I think mixed together you get a great yogurt flavour as the tfa is tarte and flv creamy. 5 % tfa 2% flv works very well is a great base just add fruits

That sux why the heck did they send us those samplers get us hooked and now the well has dried up. dang it. someone else was emailing me asking me where to find it telling me it wasn’t available either. Is this confirmed ?

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@juicyd I like that Idea i am going to steal that from you ok :wink:

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Yes it has been removed from the shelves and I’m waiting on Brendan to get back to me to find out why exactly. Sucks because I actually liked it

Seriously or it’s loaded with diacetyl better not be imma be pissed cuz i like t too. you mixing today.

I went on FLV yesterday to restock and no yogurt, banana or strawberry was there. Yogurt wasn’t even listed.

I use FLV Yogurt at 1-2%. I read good things about FA yogurt. I’ll add the TPA Yogurt to my shopping list also. I didn’t think I would like a yogurt vape but it make fruits taste delicious.

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I love it with fruits too ! Thanks yogurt FA is good ok well I will buy it when i’m out of the FLV. I personally didn’t care for FLV SB. I like their Banana it’s a steeper. At first its a bit much but it gets much better with time. I’m going to add FA yogurt to my wish list right now :smile:

Dang it I knew there was a reason I didn’t already own FA yogurt ECX has it marked as containing diacetyl or diketones. I’ll pass for now.

I just looked up TFA and its clean only crappy ethyl alcohol in there with nat. and art. flavors with pg.

No I wish I was mixing today I have the next two days off so believe it or not so as long as I have free time I’m going to be riding up and mixing tons of new recipes to get me through the next few months

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