Let's test some OLD recipes, and then cut them in HALF to see what's what

A while back I was talking to @Ken_O_Where about older recipes, specifically Grant’s Vanilla Custard, and testing it full strength as the older recipe was written, and then cutting it in HALF. The idea was to see WERE older recipes over flavored, or at least in regards to TODAY’S equipment.

I steeped both 100% strength, and 50% strength about a month, and I was kind of SURPRISED. The 100% strength (original) recipe was actually pretty good, in your face without being overbearing, and it actually didn’t feel overflavored. I just finished up the 50% strength mix, and actually, it almost felt like it wasn’t “quite enough” when compared to the older 100% strength recipe. Wow, didn’t expect that. I had assumed SURELY the older full strength would just present as over saturated, and the 50% reduction would be far better.

Interesting. Maybe it’s me, my setup, or that particular recipe.

I think it would be interesting to get a few of YOU involved in this. Pick some older, fairly highly flavored, highly rated recipes, and the participants can choose which one they want to test, and then mix up 1 at 100%, the second at 50%. Steep 2 weeks or whatever is required, maybe even take pics of the steeped 100% vs. 50% bottles, and TEST them.

What do you guys think ?


This one @SessionDrummer?
Check cookies?

I mix this at original percentages and it works well. Have tried it at less in the past and just not as full on flavour.


I make Kreed’s Kustard with my own adaptation and it is higher in total percentage than the original. Mine ends up at 19%, original was only 16%.

Original Check cookies
My adaptation Check cookies

Have tried the OG and my adaptation at full strength, 3/4 strength and 1/2 strength when I was listening to the “too much flavour is bad” camp, but have since decided what works for me is a higher percentage with some recipes so I stopped listening… :smiley:


Oh, I see… 10% is the max I can do CAP VCV1 at so that would not work for me. 2% Cotton Candy is higher than I have used before, the French Vanilla Deluxe would be ok, but I don’t have the Dulce de Leche so cannot comment on that.


I know the feeling. That’s why I was so surprised.


Definitely not over flavored. When the recipes were written there were no SC’s. Flavors were formulated differently also. In 2015/2016 how many of the flavors were synthetic vs what the flavors are today? How many of the flavors of today have been changed for health reasons under European or US laws? We’re kinda chasing a ghost unless you have 7/8 year old flavors.


I’m still stuck in 2014 and mix 15-20% most of the time anyway. My participation in this would be sort of pointless. :nerd_face: Good idea tho!


Yes yes yes, join me on my adventures of nicely flavoured E-juice and not Essence of X flavoured VG from the Less is more crowd that claim a good recipe is Delicate, balanced and shouldn’t be able to sit on a shelf… @Sprkslfly agreed with me once on my Opinion(s) on what makes a good recipe… A lot of my issues from buying over 100 dollars worth of oneshots from the In Crowd was that, I had to wait 2 weeks to taste most of it but needed to vape it under a certain amount of time before everything faded into nothingness.

A lot of my favourite recipes were on the higher percentage side, now I do understand that there’s certain strengths and concentrations/potencies of flavours. But every one I’ve mixed that teeters on the high side seem to have the longevity and if layered properly can be “Premium” or “Commercial” like a lot of new mixers like when they’re getting into it. It IS a common complaint from new DIYers that their juice isn’t strong enough or can’t taste this or that. The whole principle is to lower and that less is more and I don’t know why that is… A lot of recipes I’ve seen from companies that sold recipes all seemed to have one distinct thing is the note they wanted pushed forward was fairly high and from what I could see the supporting flavours would be around what would be considered Median Range.

I think it’s maybe because people like to mix how they mix and find subtle toots to make you “find” the notes you’re vaping as opposed to be presented them with 5 fingers curled into a fist to the mouth hole. I think this mixture of stature and maybe pack mentality is why people try to regurgitate what’s being taught by some well known mixers. It’s like thumping a bible of things that are tossed down by followers and I don’t think a lot of new people are allowed to find their own way(s). The whole concept of DIY is DO IT YOURSELF and when you have conflicting arguements about how it should be mixed doesn’t benefit anyone other than the person’s ego coercing the new person how to mix, no mention of “this is how I’d approach it” but more of, “Well, I find that if I and maybe that might work for you” or “Well, find out what you’d like to change, play with numbers, trial and error” because I don’t honestly think you can single flavour test things and be like, “Oh! That’ll mix well with this to create this” because it’s chemistry, if you’re new it’ll tell you characteristics but now how it’ll play with other flavours… There are things that come into play like, you need to know how to Layer often times and like a previous post things like the density or weight of flavours effect how others play, etc.

Edit: This wasn’t criticizing ELR or whatever, it’s an everywhere thing and I’ve just seen the trend time and time again and I feel it drives a lot of newer mixers away because if they think what they’re doing is wrong they get discouraged.

Recipes that come to mind are:

PB Cereal - Steeper, amazing

Ken’s Strawnana - Steeper, no strawberry but the Banana Cream and Custard really turn into something beautiful after a long sit. Probably could be toned down a bit but enjoyed.

There was a Blueberry Pastry recipe but I can’t find it, I remember posting it years ago… It had no ratings and was pretty high on the flavour side but when I’d make it I’d make a few 120mls at a time. This stuff tasted like a 30 dollar bottle of ejuice after a sit…

These are 2 really old recipes, but taste good in single coil RDAs at least…


Much the same, I’ve actually mixed a few of your recipes when I was first starting out and enjoyed them… I think we’re on the same page as how we like our recipes.


I originally released Strawnana on reddit in Jan 2015 after a group buy of Banana Cream (Clear) but i had been making it since the middle of 2014 with the yellow stuff.

One of my early favorites was:

I dont remember exactly when i first made it but it was real early in my mixing journey and one of my first liquids that i loved, maybe 2012? I bet that stuff would be horrible today.

@SessionDrummer i never did get around to making Grants but 15% VC V1 is what i vaped all the time back in the day, all by itself for a long while.


I’ve had this one from @Ken_O_Where mixed up at 1/2 the percentage for about a month, except used Double Chocolate V2
Think I’ll pull it out tomorrow…


Didnt even notice Double Choco CAP was discontinued, sad. It was delicious but foamy, no matter what i did i could never get rid of the bubbles after a good shaking. They stuck around like a ring at the top of the juice.

Well, looks like i knew that back in 2016…


Try that candy bar from 2010:

It was the only recipe he made on the site, no other private recipes, just this one mix.


Well I can safely say the Choco V2 has no bubbles…


So, uh, do i dare? For science?

I have a small box of CAP discontinued flavors that i forgot were here, they should be up north. And yeah, they are probably from late 2014 or early 2015…


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Hell yeah go for it!…
Dude you sure that hand check ain’t from 2014, better get some oil of Ol’ lady and rub down that skin bro, I got 10 yrs on ya and smooooth :sunglasses:


You aint far off, does that mean im in the movie? As an ENTP i would be great in the right movie and this one sounds perfect!

@Rocky02852 Pictures add 1000 lines. :wink:

With all that is going on in our lives, the move happens in a couple weeks, you just made me realize that my 51st is in a few days. The Universe is a messed up entity allowing me to make it this far and denying so many others…

PS: They both smell like i remember. Maybe thats what we should do too, take out all of our old flavors and mix with them.


Nice, hope all goes well!

Ok :ok_hand: Mine was a couple weeks ago, I got 11 on ya, Happy B-day :cake: my wife’s is in a few days too

That scares me tho, last time I used my FA Lemon Sicily it tasted like pepper…


Thank you, and a belated Happy Birthday to you! Tell your wife Happy Birthday from a total stranger! hehe

I think the last time i ordered Lemon Sicily it was from Cat House Vapor and they have been closed for years, i still have it somewhere. I went through and threw out several hundred flavors and replaced them but i kept a lot of stuff too, all the VG tests we did for RF, all the beta tests from Nic River and their lines, PUR, NR, and a lot of other stuff i just couldnt let go. I wouldnt use them, unless im double dog dared to, but i have them.