Liquid ban ?!

New here, looking forward to learning and hopefully making.

I have recently started researching DIY as I am very keen to have a go , but have notice in some US states it is banned or you cant get Nicotine sent.
I was wondering if this is completely true and if there is a way around it ? Maybe ?!


I live in North Carolina not aware of any states banning nicotine shipments. There are some states in acting new laws. What state do you live in? Maybe someone else can help.

I remember reading somewhere back in July that Arkansas had passed a law banning online sales of liquids and nicotine products. Not aware of any others.

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"There has be a lot of buzz today about the newly changed Laws in
Arkansas concerning vapers, and for good reason. The new law effectively
ends the sale of vapor products into the state from online retailers
who do not want to pay a fee to be able to sale their wares into the
state, as well as putting many people who own b&m’s out of business.
The new law at first glance was only to require manufacturers,
wholesalers, and retailers to get a license to sell vapor products, but
upon further reading the bill sneaks in the fact that even those outside
the state must go through this process prior to sending vapor products
into the state. Those inside and out of the state must file for a
license through the Director of Tobacco Control and apply for the proper
license and/or permit to do sales to those in the state. If you make
the juice you sell you must acquire both the vendor permit ($500 for
wholesalers permit and $100 for vendors) plus the manufacturers permit
($500) and on top of all that it seems you will also be required to get a
product permit (per item?)
at $50. If you can somehow get all of this, then you also have to pass a
background check done by the state as well…and if you some how… get
all this done… there is just one problem…"
This was from a July,21 2015 article…

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That’s some serious facepalm reading right there… sheesh…


I’m in arkansas and I have no problem ordering supplies… liquid barn can send to us and bull city and e cig express and a few more so don’t let that discourage you. Most of the big companies will pay that small change fee. So jump right in and go for it.

I agree, the best bet would be to place an order for the supplies you want, the worst that could happen would be for them to say… “oh, I can’t send them there…” If that would happen and ya live close to the northern state line, I’m up in Springfield (Misery), you could ship them here g

Or you could reach out to the supplier and ask. Most US suppliers want your business. Send them an email an ask. You should get a quick response.

This will also give you some protection where if you submit a big order and they only send you the other items but not the nic you can ask for a full refund and free return shipping.

They all can send you nicotine and base juices pg and vg and flavors. The only thing I’ve seen on sites was from some vape shops, they can ship premium ejuice to us. I use zamplebox to try the horrible tasting premium juices. They don’t have a problem shipping either. The law for arkansas wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just to keep bedroom kitchens from spreading ejuice everywhere.

There’s definitely something brooding and not only in the US, but in the EU too.
I had an email from, informing me they would stop selling DIY concentrates to the European market per 1-1-2016 and were selling off their leftovers. Unfortunately they send this email 2 months too late so they had sold most of their stuff by then.
Today I had an email from a Dutch vendor informing me the TPD is coming soon and they were selling their shit at huge discount prices.
Something’s coming folks and soon!

I have noticed on a few sites that they are just automatically saying cant help you sorry !
Spoke to Liquid barn they said they will ship but if there is a problem there is no refund.
Think Ill still do my research into DIY as i am keen to try it and take the risk.

Josephine, do you think this is due to some type of regulatory issue? Most flavoring is inert and should be something the general public should have unhindered access to. Of course that’s my US thinking for sure. I can imagine all manners of regulations being forced on us, but only to the extent of certain things such as equipment or nicotine, certainly not batteries, pg, vg or flavors. Tell me more.

I wasn’t aware that they have banned sales anywhere… Damn.
I live in Utah, and most recently they are trying to put in place a ridiculous tax of 86% on vape sales locally. As far as I know, it hasn’t passed, though, thankfully.

I think it will be next to impossible for any legal action against flavor, batteries, pg/vg as they all have other non vape related uses, the batteries are originally designed for laptop cells and flashlights, pg/vg is used in health/beauty section of just about any pharmacy or grocery store, along with countless essential oils and concentrates, and the flavorings used are simple food-grade concentrates, used in just about any and every processed food or dessert you can think of… Its pretty much going to come down to legality of nicotine sales/taxing, and the equipment specifically such as the tanks. Even most mods will be sold legally, now that flashlight heads exist for 510/ego bases. Not sure how things are going on the EU front, but I dont see most of the DIY being an issue here in US anytime soon. As was stated in the issue of Arkansas, it isn’t illegal to sell online to there, the companies just have a fee they need to pay… Bs still, they can’t get illegality to pass anywhere, so the next best thing is outrageous fees and taxes to discourage it just the same.

I’ve been scrolling through this TPD and there is a lot of emphasis on the prohibition of added flavourings to tobacco products. Since they are going to classify e-cigarettes as a tobacco product, this will apply. It’s the flavourings that will (according to them) attract kids like flies are attracted to dung so… I just had some emails from a Dutch vendor about their massive sale because of the impending TPD. I know they cannot ban flavours because of the food industry, however, they could make it mandatory to produce flavours that are suitable for consumption only and not for vaping! This is EU regulation, but because of the free trade agreements (TTIP) between EU and US that they are pushing through with high speed, I’m afraid that this kind of regulation will eventually apply to both continents.

I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. Here in the US, we don’t generally adopt laws and restrictions of our allies. In order for we DIYers here to be restricted from purchasing flavors suitable for vaping, many, many things would have to happen first. Among those is a list of definitions that spells out what constitutes a product “suitable for vaping” which, being the capitalist nation we are, would mean explaining to the companies who use similar concentrations of flavors in the same suspension liquid “you can no longer buy this to make your candy, gum, etc” and that will never happen. There isn’t enough public health interest to give it legs. And really, rather than hangsen or any other EU vendor rolling over and exposing their genitals, they need to be fighting for their right to maintain a business.

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You’re right, it will be the EU adopting the laws and restrictions (or lack off) of the US :pensive:
I really don’t know what they are going to do when it comes to flavours, it might never amount to anything more than bureaucratic BS on paper. I just noticed they mentioned flavours about as much as they did nicotine.

Again, that’s very true, but maybe they rather move on to sell something else than put up a fight. F#*@ing cowards :rage:
I just hope there are others that will put up a fight.

Over here on this side of the pond, when opponents of vaping mention flavors they always do so in reference to commercially sold liquids and throwaway e-cigs. In fact, as far as I can tell, DIY has managed to stay below radar for the most part. But should regulations come along which hinders the commercial e-liquid manufacturing from obtaining flavors or any other e-liquid component, that will naturally filter down to the hobbyist as well. I would hate to see that happen but truthfully it appears the only thing that may be of concern is nicotine, because for the commercial people it’s not obtaining things that will feel the weight of government, it will be distribution. Our friends here such as @Nicotine_River, @DonovanECX and @Walt_RealFlavors who make their living off selling to DIY and commercial liquid companies you can bet have their ears to the ground and would inform us should legislation surface that threatens our hobby. But these are all Americans. We need to recruit some of the European and Canadian folks who do what these guys do to come here and join the community as well. I’m sure their insights would be appreciated.

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The EU does have a new law that will start and go in to effect on May 20th of this year. All eliquid will need to be registered. They require manufacturers to disclose ALL ingredients (CAS Numbers) that are in their eliquids. Part of this means the flavorings themselves will have to be broken down by CAS number and provided to the end user to have and keep on file. So with that said, I would have to provide you with each extract broken down by chemical element, the amount that is present in each, and proof that each element is considered “safe” to consume.

It is my understanding that most companies are not willing to do all this, register it then with the EU, and then provide the end users their formula…

With that said I can proudly say we are already working with a rep as we speak to make sure everyone in the EU will be good to go with our flavors… Why… Because as I always say… Transparency :smiley:


Apologizes for the poor grammar… Just waking up from a nap HA.