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Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice Cream


I’ve got to get a fresh sample of this in (given that reaction!) lol

I ran SFT’s on what I had from 0.5% all the way up to 8% and was so completely unimpressed.
The flavor sample I was so kindly gifted had to be out of date given the difference in our reactions. chuckles.

Thanks for the video!


This is the only vanilla ice cream that doesn’t taste like black pepper to me. That’s all I need to know. :grinning:


That is my absolute favorite! I haven’t tried them all but honestly, I don’t know if I want to move on from that. Loved your reaction Dan! Your videos always make me feel good. Keep it up!


Let me send you some bro. I have these little 5ml plastic bottles that would be perfect to send a sample in. I can send you the stuff I have mixed already or straight concentrate.

Awesome, I really wish I would have tried it sooner.

:cowboy_hat_face: Thanks bro.

Oh ya, @TorturedZen I put an effect in the video just for you. For such a short video it took me at least an hour to learn it.


Great reaction @Dan_the_Man :grin:

This is the first flavor I had to start ordering in 500ml bottles because it was used in recipes my friends kept asking for. The most versatile flavor I have, just adds goodness lol.

I recently started to try and find another combo for a vanilla ice cream. Trying FA with WF VIC and getting good results but just not quite there yet, would be easier if I wasn’t stubborn to just use LB VIC


Ya know, I never really considered any Ice Cream flavors. I figured I had some pretty good creams, whats the point?

I sure figured wrong eh? I am gonna blame it on TFA’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. I was never really impressed.

Oh ya, I need to try FA’s ice cream. I do like TFA’s vanilla bean gelato and I am hoping FA is good.


I dunno…
I like flv’s cream because I can make it as thin or as thick as I want… with or without vanilla beans :slight_smile:

yes I have had lb vic… I just don’t like the aftertaste of it.


Does everything else have an aftertaste? I am curious, I would think, after vaping only FLV. everything would develop an after taste. Merely a hypothesis.


I get an aftertaste from every manufacture, Dan… Some are very distinct, and others not so, more like an underlying taste. Even FLV has one. I can tolerate it, but I used to struggle so bad with the rest.


Very kind of you bubba… But I’ve got to put a small order (4-5 refills) together with BCV, so one more little bottle isn’t going to tip the scales. :wink:
I appreciate your offer though!

And with such a small order, it will hopefully still fall in the weight class on of having first class shipping as an option. ($4-5) :wink:


Ever since I vaped “Mint Chocolate Chip” (which was an ice cream) by The Artisan Vaper back in 2016, I’ve been dying to recreate the ice cream portion.

On one hand, it it’s a blessing, because there weren’t as many brands around to choose from back then.
On the other, it’s been a curse. Because my fear is it contained a DAAP based flavor that may be NLA now. :rage:

Sadly, I’m beginning to think it’s the latter, since TAV haven’t made it for a couple years now. =(

On the plus side though, there’s more ice cream flavors than ever to work with now, so… Once the v2 version of the homogenizer comes in, I’ve already got a variety of “ice cream” flavors to test!

  • TFA vanilla swirl
  • FA gelato vaniglia
  • WF vanilla ice cream
  • HS ice cream
  • FW vanilla bean ice cream
  • and a slew of other creams that should accentuate/compliment.

I am hoping to meet or exceed the mint chocolate chip ice cream that I’ve been missing so much for the last several years. It was the single most realistic flavor that I’ve ever had from a commercial liquid. (And that’s not being nostalgic, but what I thought at the time. lol) It’s been burned onto the brain! :laughing:


@mjag you’re not alone. By my fuzzy math that’s probably close to 450ml of dik-a-goodness, and 50ml of “yum”.


Well done Dan! I love LB VIC , but as you did, you have to push it high percentage wise and it’s an extremely long steeper… haven’t got that time…
At the end after using it for a couple of years, my conclusion is that if I want a thick Vanilla I end up using FLV Vanilla Pudding, if I just need the creamy bit without Vanilla… FLV Cream, lower percentages and less steep time, 2 weeks are good enough, but even less to taste them…
Still, it is a good flavour!


That’s another flavor I need to get that a lot of people like. FLV Vanilla Pudding


Mmmmm @Iv3shf, @Dan_the_Man, what about an UNHOLY pairing of LB VIC and FLV VP ?? !!!


lol, I’m game, I’ll just have to go out and get some FLV VP


As long as we don’t tell @anon84779643 we did that… :innocent: :rofl:


Hey now… I read that!! :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL FLV has some good stuffs!! <3
merge it lol… but its like putting the rolls beside the rice burner :crazy_face:


oooppss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy: