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Has anyone ordered from Liquid Barn ? I am wondering if these flavors on their site are their own or rebottled from other vendors ?

It says they manufacture there own extracts. They have 428 reviews going back to 4-27-14. Most reviews are for their starter kits, pg, vg and nic. . I’m surprised I haven’t heard of them… being around that long. I saw a couple post on Reddit with only a few replys. There is no info on VU. There are several post on ECF about LB… but nothing about their flavorings, only PG, VG and their Nic. They are legit though.
Click here for a link to the site.

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Liquid Barn is a manufacturer, online retailer and wholesale supplier of e-liquid compounds and supplies. We cater to e-liquid manufacturers and do-it-yourself vapor enthusiasts, with a core focus on quality and a high level of service.

Liquid Barn was created to fill the need for top-notch e-liquid and supplies. Over the years, we’ve developed a great understanding of the demands from e-cigarette manufacturers, do-it-yourselfers, and the general consumer public. We focus on sourcing products produced by the most reputable and highly reviewed companies on the planet.

Our goal, to be your number one supplier of e-liquid, does not end at quality. We aim to deliver world class customer service and to push forward the technology and safety of the industry. To the Liquid Barn family, you are more than a client. We strive to treat each and every client as a dear friend.

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Liquid Barn, LLC

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Please contact us with feedback, questions or just to say hello. Liquid Barn is committed to serving its customers with fast, dependable, reliable, and high-quality service. Pleasing our customers is our number one priority.

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4545 Industrial St. Unit 5H Simi Valley, CA 93063
818-584-7201 (Monday-Friday | 9:30am-6pm)


Good, looks like I may have to get a few things. Those 2 dram bottles I love to use for my batches. Thanks @NewDrip for looking into them. I came across the site and wondered if anyone had had any interaction with them.

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I’ve been a long time buyer of Liquid Barn. They helped me wrap my head around DIY when I was starting. Great customer service! As for their flavors, they definitely make their own. I was fortunate enough to get some beta samples of some upcoming flavors that have gone through at least 8 revisions. But the flavors are super tasty! If you have any questions I would just give them a call or send them an email. They are super awesome and will get back to you ASAP.


Thank you Jeff that is what I was hoping for !!!

Received two flavors from Liquid Barn today and hope to give you feedback on them later this evening.

Chocolate Roll
Coke Freeze


Thanks Alisa your so sweet haven’t got much feedback. The site looks good and I want to order some of the vials for bottles the little 7ml ones. I’ll be anxiously awaiting…jk :smile:

Keep your eyes on these two tests if you want my honest assessment.

Chocolate Roll Test

Coke Freeze

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Bookmarked ! I’ll do ! Thanks again

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Does any one have any recommendations for the newer liquid barn flavors? Their old flavors are freakin great, but I’m a little tight on budget and need help deciding which of the ones to try out.

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Do you have Pacific Cooler?..asking cuz your name is similar…a shot in the dark, but if you do, what %s do you mix that one at and what PG/VG ratio?..I am at 8% on mine at 40/60 PG/VG…interesting taste, but not sure if I got its’ full flavor profile potential…

Hahah thats pretty funny. Pacific Blister was an old band I was in. I don’t have my notes with me, but I think the last time I had pacific cooler was at 6% with a 1% ethyl maltol. 20/80 PG/VG. But again its only a guess. I’ll update later when I get home.

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Do you have their vanilla ice cream. It is great as well as the vanilla tobacco. I also like the Vienna cream and the Butterscotch Graham tobacco.

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I do have the vanilla ice cream. I pretty much mix that with everything! I haven’t tried the tobacco flavors yet, because I tend to not be a big fan of tobacco. Are they strong tobacco flavors? or just tobacco hinted flavors?

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The ones I listed aren’t overly tobacco but have some nice hints of it so I suppose it be safe to say yes.

I also enjoy their pink lemonade and cola freeze ( together it was good ! )

Pacific cooler ( I too thought of your name ) it is an odd lil Berry mix that I can’t put my finger on. Did you say you use it at 6% as a stand alone or in a mix ?

I was thinking about the anise discussion we had the other night. I wonder if it is because some tobacco companies use anise as one of the chemicals in their cigs…

Im a big fan of VIC and the Butterscotch Graham Tobacco, flipping fabulous tho my tobacco flavoring experience is very very limited.

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Me too I am not a guru in Tobacco Or anything else for that matter LOL . I find both of the Vanilla tobacco as well as the Butterscotch graham tobacco so pleasing Idk Y I haven’t looked into making more tobacco vapes?

I am unsure about the anise…normally I wana puke if I smell it in a vape…feel the same way about pomegranate…but wana hear something funny is I like black jelly bean and love Pom juice just Not in a Vape. Weirdo!

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Just ordered some from LB… looking forward to trying the tobaccos and creme Brulee especially


@quitter1 has been killin the LB creme brulee … wonder if he’s posted anything on it yet. It is BOLD!!!


@thirdworldorder posted his updated Custard recipe to the DIY sub and he has added Creme Brulee. Im going to have to try it in my mix, ive never had it before but he explained what it is very well and sounds like something i would like. He used INW @ 1%, now i just need to figure out the % for LB.

Id like to hear his thoughts as well. Hook us up brother!

EDIT: I forgot to add the link to TWO’s post, fixed. The link is for his Butterscotch mix but at the bottom of the post he has added TWC V2. Sounds spectacular.