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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


Also, here is a 25% off coupon for our Nicotine Salts!
Coupon Code: salts25

Sale Ends Midnight on Sunday June 3rd



I purchased the nic salts 100 mg/ml in 240 ml bottle and it is great nicotine, however the bottle was not sealed and leaked inside what I would consider good packaging, the problem was not shipping nor the packaging, it came from the bottle and the foil sealing itself, like I said I love the salts, and appreciate the response, but a $3 credit for future purchase was kind of a slap in the face, it really did not even cover the cost of loss of nicotine, I was hesitant on doing a review but I thought you could have did better than the $3.00 credit, if you did I would surely return for larger purchases, as it stands now I am on the fence of ordering again, and please fix the issue with the foil seals and bottles, I am aware of the potency of nicotine at 100 mg and still got a bit nic sick from contact with that amount of leakage.

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I am considering ordering some nic from you, but to be honest, I’m a little worried due to some the reviews you’ve had here, especially the coloration issues.
I am used to totally clear Nic Select nicotine from Nicotine River or Liquid Barn.
I saw that you mentioned that you have Nic Select, but there is no mention of it on your website.
How can I ensure that I get Nic Select nicotine?


have you tried NRs PuNic im loving it , it is a great replacement for nicselect and more cost effective

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Yeh I would order from Nic River gladly, but their international shipping charges have increased dramatically $49 for shipping of 500ml, more than double LNW, makes it impossible to order from them. Liquid Barn’s prices have also gone up almost the same, they are looking in to it for me.
I also contacted Nic River and showed them the LNW shipping costs for the same 500ml.


ahhh yes the dreaded shipping , i cannot blame you… if its being shipped the same way by the same carrier there should not be much of a difference with those costs… sorry. about that

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Actually, shipping cost can vary depending on the negotiated rate of discount through each carrier. Sometimes the cost can drastically be different even based on the the starting point in the country.


Just some :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
for good customer service and fair posting rates and fast delivery
even to my small lost island nowhere in the atlantic…

And dont forget the ELR discount of 15% :grinning:

4 me this is bunker nic so i cannot vape-test atm
other nic comes first.

But looking good, nic and salt.


I just received my first order of nic from them.
Good prices and international shipping costs, quick shipping too.
Haven’t used the nic yet but it looks as clear and clean as Liquid barn’s or Nic river’s.
It will be a while until I use it as I have plenty still from LB, but it’s in the freezer and my hopes are high.
I’ll report back when I eventually get to using it.

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