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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


nice i actually liked your VG but the cost was CRaZY could you give me a shipping cost to 98221 zip code 1 gallon ( im being lazy ) and if your shipping is less than NR ill grab a couple so you could also check for the 4 gallon shipping cost please pm me ty


Shipping looks like it is $35.60

We offer 2 different types of VG now.
This one in not made in the USA, the one that is more expensive is made in the USA.

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Shipping costs:

1 gallon = $17.97
4 Gallons = $35.60


ty so the sample one you guys sent awhile back is different ??? bc thats the one that stood toe to toe with what i use


what company ??? is this one


This VG is made by made overseas. It is very similar to our USA made VG but it is slightly thinner.

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4th of July Sale!

$10 off orders $50+

We now offer Nic Salts, and 250mg/mL Nicotine!

We will also price match RTS Vapes prices!

Where do you buy your NIC from?

Hey Everyone!

We are now offering price matching for all of our products! Contact us via PM or on our Contact Us page for more details!

Get the quality want at the prices you deserve!


@LiquidNicotineW the coupon code is being denied as invalid - Has it been removed?


EDIT: The coupon can be used on orders that total under $300 including shipping.


Has anyone bought 100mg Salt Nic from this company? I ask because I just received 500ml of it and the coloring is brown, as in oxidized brown. I’ve never seen Salt Nic before so I don’t know what color it should be. I did send them an email with a pic.

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The only experience I have with Nic Salts is from Nicotine River. I’ve bought twice and theirs is crystal clear.


Thanks. I suspect it shouldn’t be brown, so now I’ll wait and see what they have to say.


They said that it is naturally colored. I also found the same info on another large seller of it. I used it and it tastes just fine.


Hello ELR!!

We are having a 30% off Sale for all of our Nicotine Salts!

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Our Nicotine Salts are the smoothest salts on the market. Sale ends Friday 3-16-18 at 11:59pm MST.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


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Did you learn anything about the color? I just ordered two bottles. One salts and one freebase. Either the stickers got switched on the bottles or they sent the wrong size of what I ordered. I’m not sure how to tell what I have.


I’ve seen on a couple of websites selling nic salts that it discolors a bit and that it’s normal. I contacted LNW and they said the same. Mine is in a bottle that makes it appear darker. When I put it in a dropper or syringe I see it’s just a light discoloration. It tastes just fine to me. That being said, I’ve seen a number of posts by folks saying their SN is clear. I figure as long as it tastes fine then I’m happy. It’s so much smoother than regular nic.



I just tried ordering a 500ml LNW Mentol Ejuice, however the 25% discount code that I was sent in an email isn’t valid according to the website.
It also says there is free shipping on E-Juice when you spend 15$ or more. This isn’t being added to my order either.
What’s up with this?

Would love to hear why the code and discount are not being accepted or added on to my order.




I am so sorry, I did not receive notification of your message. I’m hoping one of our customer service reps figured this out for you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.


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