Liquid stevia (pyure)

Guys I was just wondering iv seen this ingredient flying about a lot lately I normally use super sweet (CAP) to sweeten up my mixes so just a quick question would this liquid stevia be a better alternative to the super sweet?

I can’t remember who 1st introduced Pyure on ELR Forum. There’s a post here somewhere and they deserve credit.

This is the thread that peeked my interest in Pyure…

More info here

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People have varying degrees of success with it.

Pyure is made from stevia. CAP Super Sweet is made from sucralose. Both are sugar substitutes, and both taste different than sugar. Both also have extra ingredients like citric acid which help some flavors pop.

Some people hate the taste of stevia. Some hate the taste of sucralose. For those folks the choice is pretty easy, pick the one you don’t hate! Personally I prefer stevia to sucralose, but everyone’s tastes are different. I don’t even use sweeteners most of the time, so maybe take my opinion with a grain of salt.

One other thing - some people have said sucralose might be bad (it came up briefly here, but we didn’t get into it much). Frankly, I don’t have serious concerns about that, but if you’re the type who freaks out about every new study, and who won’t mix with any diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, cinnamaldehydes, benzaldehydes or whatever we’re scared about this week, then you might give sucralose a pass?


I found stevia on amazon and emailed the company selling it … As follows:

Danny - Amazon Marketplace

7 Aug, 02:23 BST

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Hi your stevia crystals can it be used to sweeten e-juices, can it be vaped, i assume its water soluble but at high temps does it produce toxic vapper, im looking for a more natural sweetener to use in my e-juices.

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This was the reply back …

info (UruShop)

7 Aug, 09:04 BST

Hi Stevia is stable at high temperatures for example it can handle baking, so I hope this can answer your questions?

It is great for adding to juices

Kind regards

Danny - Amazon Marketplace

7 Aug, 02:23 BST.

They did not mention the key question, can it be vaped at high temps,
We all no cooking and vaping arent the same, and i was not happy with that answer thats why i did not purchase it, but now seeing alot of members here are using it, maybe it is safe to vape, im still sceptical about it and try not to use sweeteners but some receipe’s need it, marshmallow is ok but i still cant seem to get it sweet enough without altering the receipe’s flavour to much.

Super sweet works well but tends to dull my receipe’s over time.

The origin of Pyure came from this thread…

…and I’m the man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@BigLew quick question would this liquid stevia be a better alternative to the super sweet?

Hell Yes!


I bought my stevia pyure at wal-mart

If I use 1% TPA Sweetener in recipes, how much Pyure Stevia should I use instead?

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its strong i would use it one drop per 30ml until the taste satisies you ive also seen .25 LS. + .75 Marshmallow but id do a drop at a time

Emailing someone on Amazon a question about the health hazards and risks of vaping a product they sell that is intended for cooking isn’t going to get you any kind of response you can trust. Thay are just sales people that don’t know anything about the chemical structure of what they are selling.

As far as the crystals go, are you referring to the pure Stevia? Just make sure what you buy doesn’t have the fillers in it. I wouldn’t want anyone here to repeat the failure I had when I bought the wrong powder LOL.

Stay below 1%. It is pretty potent. You can use other sweeteners with it as normal.

Thanks to you both, but I was wondering if anyone had already done a similar comparison and could save me the trial and error.

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i dont go over .25 EVER but i cant get past the bitter taste it leaves in my mouth adding MM seems to tone that down a bit , ill be trying a mixture of LS and Erythritol tovtone down the aftertaste everyone is different so you are gonna have to start low and add till it suits your taste

I personally don’t mind the taste of the pyure liquid stevia (i get it from walmart)… I have even used it at .4% in my unflavored base just to vape it all by it self… Taste is super subjective so to have a final say on it you will need to do a side by side comparison… I personally have used sucralose and stevia… I like the liquid pyure but again some people don’t like the taste of… The Mrs doesn’t like it so I’m a juice I use pyure for myself I don’t use any for her batch… Yes I can taste the difference between the two sweetners and for me the pyure doesn’t gunk up my coils near as bad as sucralose… I enjoy both when something requires sweetness but I do get the infamous sugar lips with pyure under 1%… Just my 2cents hope this helps…


Could you please give me an example of the % of Pyure compared to the % of Sucralose that you’d use in the same recipe that you make for yourself and your wife?

i would probably put it at a 1 to 5 ratio… so if i would use 1% sucralose i would start at 0.2% Pyure stevia… some people would say thats to strong but for me thats about right.

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Thanks very much!

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Yup I am one of them lol - it is very strong stuff for 1% sucralose i would use .1 pyure and .35 Erythritol for a %2 sucralose i would go .25% pyrue and .75 Erythritol. I find the Erythritol takes the stevia after taste out of the mix (that is just my fix YMMV). I would not go over .25 with pyure as it will over sweeten the mix again those are my thoughts and others will disagree.

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That is why I say taste is subjective :smile: @woftam I Will have to try That ethrytol as I do taste the stevia but have grown used to it and don’t notice it as much… Might bring a while new light to a couple of my mixes

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Haha noticed how I jacked up the spelling lol

You’re very welcome… You might want to try it @woftam way first minus the erythitol… So a 1 to 10 ratio… You can always add Sweetner but you can never take it away :slight_smile: