List your favorite useful accessories!

We need a happy diversion! So I thought it might be nice to share items that we’ve found to be very handy to have.

While I won’t be necessarily listing the exact brand of product, I will be linking the closest available proximally.

I’ll kick it off with two of my favorites.
These are primarily for “out of the house” (running around) use, but I’ve also found them to be indispensable for trips!

I found the first one in a ‘podunk vape shop’ in the middle of rural “nowhere Missouri” lol
I absolutely love them. They’re thin(ish), and can rip if you’re not gentle. So I suggest buying a few extras. They do wear pretty well though overall.

protective silicon sleeve for 30ml glass

Better still, grab a handful!

The other favorite (for grab and go) is a carry bag. It holds most mods, has a side pouch for a bottle of liquid, and a pouch on the front for other accessories (which can accommodate a boxed set of spare batteries, or a couple of spare glass, or coils/cotton, etc). Super handy!

Mine is actually by Advken (which is shown as discontinued), but the listing linked appears identical.

I’ve also seen them listed as canvas bag and others, but this particular type* was very well made, and has seen a lot of use with no signs of damage or coming unstitched etc.

I just noticed they’ve lumped several bag types under one listing (sorry for not catching it sooner). But the following pic is the one I was referring to:

Can’t say I’d recommend the others

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with us!


I think mine would be something found nearly everywhere. Plastic brush pics (toothpicks) I use to fluff and position my wicks. They work great.


Neat idea. I have to chuckle though, because I frequently reach for my ‘Plackers’ when it comes time to refill (to make sure that the cotton stays in the channel where I want it).

Hadn’t even thought about it until you mentioned it. Great tip!


Handy little thing for keeping 10ml tester bottles from toppling off the scales (it’s for nail polish bottles)


[1] My cute (small sized) “telescoping” radio antennae that sat in my tool (mostly junk) box for years, waiting for an alternate application. Diameters of the various portions are approximately 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, etc. This “little gem” comes in handy for a number of various “deck-building” operations:

Coil winding and re-forming (although I use my Kuro Concepts 3 mm winding tool for initial windings);

Wick wrapping. The 2 mm portion works well for wrapping flattened and juice-wetted Rayon wick sections into a stable “coiled mass” that, once rolled-up around the 2 mm portion (like a “jelly-roll”), then tucks neatly and nicely into the “wells” located just below the portion of the “deck” where the coil is mounted;

Installed wick poking and “futzing around”. The 1 mm (or alternatively, the 2 mm) portion works nicely for (if necessary) raising up the wicked coil a bit above the “deck”, and as well for punching through and re-positioning any wicking material partially covering the air-hole inlet channel to the coil. Rather handy indeed.

I have hoarded scads of goofy little things in “junk box” status for most of my life. It’s nice to see (at least, finally, one or two of) those many things prove to be so useful later on in a somewhat unanticipated manner.


[2] A small leather “box-cutter” holster with a metallic belt-clip that I found laying about somewhere which fits nicely into my summer jacker left inner pocket, and which snugly holds my Sigelei 30W Minis when I go out and want to carry my Nic Kit along. Righteous little thing. Sometimes the very best things in life are “free”.


Oo I have another one, relatively new but in use every day to keep devices upright and leak free in my handbag, as well as spares etc. (I was shopping for a P Bag but came across these by accident and for someone who never leaves the house without 2 squonkers and a MTL device it’s perfect :ok_hand:)
It’s a handbag organiser insert for anyone interested.


For spaced coils.



Surprisingly this EGO case, has survived since my original EGO, and still carries great.

Shitty grub screws, how do I hate thee ?? Get better ones…

What helps MAKE shitty grub screws, shitty tools included in our kits. Replace’m.

Have a mini hoard ? Getting tired of shoe boxes ?? Get on board the easy train, and start collecting these for your flavors…

Got on board with the flavor racks, and can’t see them all, pick up a pair of these beauties, multiple modes, brightness levels, just a win/win.

Old and out of date, but you get the idea…


No reason to let all those ancient steeping mystery brews go to waste if/when the “old huffer” wears out:

“Roll out” in Fall style at the Golden Corral with our new “Presidential Regency” model in swank Sky Blue !



Any drill - vise - Beadalon wire tamer - swivels to make fused clapton wire


Very easy to print in any printer and make pretty labels. Not waterproof but my bottles usually don’t get wet.

Currently my favorite bottles. Cheap and great quality.


That’s a NICE one @Josephine_van_Rijn !!!


That little Norpro wand mixer is the bomb! I’ve got one and a 30 second blast is all my bottles need for a great mix. Saves my arms and wrists from the struggle of shaking, which means I can mix more juice!


Empty prescription pill bottles make for great atomizer cases when you travel. Simply pop your favorite atty in, close the top and Voila! Crush resistant transport! If your tank doesn’t fit with the drip tip on, remove the tip, place the tank in upside down and lay the drip tip next to the tank’s 510 pin. Slap the cap on, flip the bottle over and you’re good to go.


Hey, be nice! :grin:


I got the grub screws and driver per your recommendation a while back. Very nice, indeed! The screws, btw, took about 10 days to get here from China! Tool was here in 2 days. I did not read the shipping info until after purchase.


One of these sorts of thing. Saves a LOT of time trying to find the right allen key you probably threw away with the packaging.


A length of this


to drape across the bays of this so you can get the middle batteries out! (Xtar make the bays too close for those that don’t know)


Fluffs cotton, coil cutter/de-crudder, mod theft deterrent.


My latest favorite is the Plano fishing trays.



I use this to grab bottles out of warm water I’ve been speed steeping (it’s a little trick I learned)