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Live Mixing Shows

Monday’s at 7pm US est Mixing with Flavors http://bit.ly/OhmGrown
Tuesday’s 6 PM EST Developed http://bit.ly/DevelopedMixing
Tuesday’s fResh From the Kitchen! 9:30 PM Est http://bit.ly/2KEjw38
Thursday’s Developed 6 PM EST http://bit.ly/DevelopedMixing
Thursday’s 9 PM EST Down the Rabbit Hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR9iNVEpXeo
Friday 6 PM Est Fresh Mixing http://bit.ly/2KEjw38
Saturday’s at 3pm US est Chatting with the Ohmies http://bit.ly/OhmGrown
Saturdays 7 PM Est T.G.I. Jenn http://bit.ly/VapingUndergroundLive
Saturday Nights 7 PM EST Mixers Helping Mixers http://bit.ly/MixersHelpingMixers
Sat nights 9PM US est Mixing after Dark (Daytime Frank) https://www.youtube.com/user/frank1360
Sunday at 5pm est WCVN DIYing http://bit.ly/WCVNmixing

Shows That I Don’t have Time/Days For

Zippy’s Zone Thursday’s https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVCapd9mRO2XeRbcACYZ9A
DIYorDie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otIU6WeNkMY

Thank you to Tam and Fidalgo for the help with this list. If I’m missing your favorite mixing show please list the time (EST) and link and I’ll add it in to my group on FB too


Thank you very much @authormichellehughes.


Mixer Helping Mixers i belive is Saturday 7pm est…???@TamVapes


Noted from DIYorDIe every tuesday is the one I always tune in to. Thank you for the list and links, @authormichellehughes


Correct @fidalgo_vapes Saturday Evenings 7Pm US EST

Mixers Helping Mixers

Zippy Zone

Down The Rabbit Hole

Easiest if you sub and turn on notifications that way you will get to catch them live.


Do you have times for Zippy and Down the Rabbit Hole :):innocent:


Do you have a time for DIY or Die Mixing shows? :innocent: I’m adding all these to a Facebook Group so they can learn to mix and I really need times


I don’t know, really. They’re streaming every time I’m at work, so I watch them after work. @fidalgo_vapes might know, I see him in the chat time and again.


I dont think Zippy has a set time.
Rabbit hole is 10pm Thursday (or it may be 9pm )


Typically Friday 5pm EST… He does change it so subscribe and tap the notification bell…Wayne has changed a lot in the last few years …hes definetely grown and matured …I must say I do like him these days…


I will be starting a Beginner DIY show in January which will focus GREATLY on the novice mixer who has never mixed a bottle of e-liquid. I’ve spoken with a few people about this and my main reason for doing this is because I’ve had some seriously bothersome questions come up that would disturb everyone here. One of them was so I just dump this bottle of concentrate in a 30 ml bottle with 100 mg of nicotine… so yeah I think these shows are very necessary. So with that being said. In December I am going to look for the easiest recipes for a beginner that are also very tasty. Simplicity is going to be the goal. If you have a GREAT recipe that you think should be on a beginner list (less than five flavors) let me know by dropping a link below.


Might it be better to have them drop it in the other topic that you created specifically for it?

Actually, check that. I’m moving that post… BRB

Moved to Beginners

I think it’s a great idea Michelle! :hugs:

Since it’s specifically targeting (and helping) beginners, I moved it there for you! :wink:


Thank you. I’m seriously worried about some of the questions I’ve been asked to the point that I feel bound to do do something about it. I appreciate the move


As are many of us.