Long Term Nicotine Storage Thread

I’m not an expert but have read and spoken with many people about this. When I first started DIY, I always broke down everything into glass Boston Rounds. Of late whilst preparing for this prohibition I spoke with a vendor that told me they shipped the nicotine in freezer safe containers topped with argon for maximum freshness. My bottled supply has fared exceptionally well, but I too am not going to purchase a separate freezer, and the cute jugs are definitely freezer space saving friendly. That said I have about 2 liters or so as packaged saved in my freezer. I usually make a point of opening and tasting the product before storing, but in this case I have made an exception and straight away put them away for long storage. It is also nice having the original labeling, sealed bottles for who knows… YMMV


I decided to do the same as above. I’ve 500ml broken down to 120 ml bottles. Then two 1 L and 3 500 ml in the shipped bottle. When the time comes to open one of them I’ll transfer to 120ml bottles. Whatever happens I’ll deal with it.