Looking for a good RDA

What would be a good RDA that would be easy to build on? I need some suggestions from the group. I looking to get into coil building and want a good RDA. I will probably also pick up a Griffin RTA while I’m at it.

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Velocity, Magma, Plume Veil 1.5. Cuz those are the only ones I have, but I love them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Velocity, Tsunami, Kennedy are my go to RDA’s right now.

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Velocity clones are $6/free shipping right now at fasttech.com. I’m using one and I love it. It’s a 2 post rda, so it’s very easy to build on.


Me thinks I will be watching this thread. It may be almost time for me to get an rda as well.

Like ffrank said, the Velocity clone, no brainer. If you want something “new” the Geekvape Tsunami looks like it may be the next best of all time RDA. Preorder right now but it should be released in the next couple of days. Combines the velocity deck with a kennedy type airflow. Around $30 but there are already clones available for 12 bucks at 3FVape.

Meh, IF you want an RDA some time in the next few months, that’s swell, but for $12 shipped you can find them all over ebay.

I was just looking at the Tsunami RDA today and think I will order one.

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I have many RDAs. NONE compare to the Mutation x S for flavor. It’s not a velocity deck, but if it was I doubt it would have the flavor. It makes up for it by being easy to wick, even using very stiff hemp. It, like all tiny drippers, is a spitter with hot builds. Don’t care, best taste ever, easily and that includes the lauded Plume Veil and Tugboat.

I’ve been using the Hannya postless a bit lately with kanthal on a noisy cricket. It’s maybe the easiest deck to build. Not as great on flavor, but the anti-spit back is the best I’ve used. The problem with most velocity decks is your wicks end up long and the chambers are huge. Both mute flavors in my experience, but hey, on most attys these days you can label it “Velocity” and people will wet themselves to buy one. I’m just the odd-ball. . .with rabies. I don’t care for the Aromamizer at all but most folks here love it. So YMMV.

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I am a born-again disciple of the Mutation x S. I will soon own 5, at least. I stopped dripping for the most part when the TFV4 came out, but the flavor from this thing blows every tank/build that I have out of the water. It makes a Bellus taste like a Goblin and a Goblin taste like a cartomizer. . .and I’m not exagerating. To me, the Bellus, when built correctly, rivals the Plume Veil for flavor, but it’s very difficult to build. The Mutation chucks clouds, but that’s secondary for me.

For your reference I have 4x twisted 30ga Ti, dual coil, 9 wraps each on a 3mm ID at 0.14 Ohms. TC obviously, hemp wicks but I’ll soon be trying rayon in it. I’ve even started dripping and driving again, and I have 2 of every tank you’ve seen listed in the last 6 months. It’s that good.

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…and one last thing, just buy a Coil master V2 to wind your coils. It’s the best $20 you’re going to spend making your own.


Here’s the dumb question. Clone vs original. Why. Does it just come down to money? And slight variances in quality? Or?

Well yeah, authentics will typically have better quality. 10 times better? No.

And all other things being equal, there is no reason to have a deck in any other configuration than a velocity style. 4 posts decks limit the size of the coils comparatively, and offset them from the airflow. Unless you offset the coils from the posts, then you have one long leg.

We’ll have to agree to disagree if you think all things are equal, cuz they aren’t and the offset to the airflow due to the center post is the entire reason/point. Vortices have slow/no velocity in the middle. Eye of the storm and whatnot. It feeds from underneath to induce turbulence at the coil. That tiny atty can take at least 9 wraps spaced on a 4mm ID. My coil master is the limit there. My legs are also equal, I measure, you just fold one back around. IME tho equal leg length is only needed if you’re non TC. The only issues I’ve had with hot legs were due to loose screws.

You also should maybe look at the Hannya before talking about it. It’s pretty difficult to make the legs unequal, since the legs are the posts and all. The Hannya is hard to wick though, not a lot of room for them.

We do completely agree on authentics. Good for bragging rights or if you have the money to pay the folks that actually did the hard work. I typically buy a clone and if I like the design and have the dosh buy an authentic.

Hmm. Looks like I’m along ways a way before getting into rda’s. Lol boost of the above comments went way above my head. Thankfully I figured out how to diy my own ejuice.

Ummkay, that was a hypothetical - IF other features are the same ie; size, height, shape, airflow design, etc. And I stand by that, there is nothing better about a four post over a velocity style two post.

You don’t think authentics are typically better built than clones? I have 10 drippers and only 2 of them are authentic, so you won’t get any argument from me about buying clones. And if I start to feeling the need to brag about paying 10x too much for an atty then it will be time to take a good long look in the mirror.

And I didn’t say anything about the Hannya, and as a matter of fact have been looking at it and will probably get one or a similar postless atty. As soon as I can find a good clone :smiley:

Your eye of the storm point is uhhh, pointless.No rda’s have their coils right in the middle.

“at least 9 wraps spaced on a 4mm ID” Good to know. If someone had told me to go find someone who could do that I would have said forget it. Is that with framed staple aliens or caterpillar track coils :wink:

It’s like repulicans and democrats, always going to be an argument with valid points on both side. But that should not dissuade you from getting an RDA. I don’t think there would be much argument to a Velocity clone as a good choice for a first RDA. Keep in mind though it will become a sickness and you will have many lol…

OK, I really don’t want to get into that clone - authentic battle… as I don’t have many choices for authentics sitting in China (although I do have a few authentics)… I just received a cloned Tsunami today, it’s flawless as far as I can tell, no idea what could be improved in the authentic one. Once the authentic hits the market, I’m going to buy one, or two. I’m starting to love Geekvape, I have to admit.

I’d recommend you getting a Tsunami, it’s a no-brainer to build, has awesome airflow to boot, and it looks the stuff!

Good to hear, I’m waiting on one. That would be an excellent choice. Geekvape builds good stuff, like my Griffin a lot, and now they have a 25 Griffin coming out with more dodads and jimcracks on it.