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Looking for a good watermelon candy recipe!


Hello all!
I am new to DIY, and I am loving it so far. It is for sure a learning curve, but I am constantly looking at new recipes and trying new things out. It has been fun so far.

I am a huge fan of very sweet, fruity, candy like flavors. Pop Clouds Watermelon has to be my favorite flavor of all time. I know this is probably loaded with sucralose, but to each his own.

I have been looking for a clone recipe for a while now, and I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction. Just a very sweet, solid, fruity, watermelon candy flavor. Hell, I would even go with a strawberry candy that is a clone of Pop Clouds strawberry.

Any help appreciated!


Been working on watermelon candy recipes lately, have kind of found myself limited.

LA Watermelon is great, it is like a hard candy/ jolly rancher type watermelon. Not sure if this matches the Pop Clouds’ product, as I have never tried that one.

I have been trying to get some good flavor out of TPA Watermelon Candy; it is kind of light and can come off as harsh, so I’m not sure what to think of it.

I hear Purilm has new flavors out, one of which is a watermelon that is candy like, I have not gotten around to trying it.

That’s all I have for you.
What are some other good watermelon flavorings that are candy-like, anyone?


Hey! If you’re looking for a spot on Jolly Rancher Watermelon , go to Nicotine River.com and get you a bottle of their Purilum Watermelon. It is awesome. And I’m not a HUGE Watermelon fan.


Sorry @Pentine, you posted while I was typing.


Awesome! I will check it out. What would be a recipe you would mix up with using the Purilum?


have you looked up watermelon in the search bar ??? tons of info and threads on watermelon it may help good lucj and welcome to elr


Look right next to my name …Unregulated. While I too rely on ELR and its vast resources, I often take it in another direction. With all the avoidance of Sweeteners, I took the challenge to experiment with just how high one could take it. Check out the Gobstopper thread to save me some typing. High levels of sucralose have great impact on flavorings and a few simple SnV experiments prove this, but how high is high? @PressGang Try your watermelon (LA)at its median level % and add 8% Sweetener (TPA) …I know, crazy right? If you scroll down in the thread below you can read my recipe for Jawbreaker, so maybe add some Marshmallow for mouthfeel :wink:


Definitly check out Capellas sweet watermelon. Its very good and i guarantee youll like it if you like watermelon candy. I mixed it with some cotton candy flavoring and its very sweet with no sucralose.


did you find a pop clouds watermelon recipe thats the only flavor i like


For watermelon candy, I made 2 recipes, that for watermelon candy, (yoowzah, its so good)

Hex was a clone contest I entered and won most voted/first or etc.


cool im ordering the stuff to try them out…


which one is for the pop clouds ?? thug candy


I didn’t make anything for this, I was responding to a watermelon candy vape thread but I mean, I could always try to clone something if you are willing to submit a sample XD

http://tjek.nu/r/h83R - this is a pop cloud clone I made a while back.

secondly, for watermelon vapes or watermelon candy, its mostly just a junk load of watermelon, like 5-8% with a small but depends on if you watnt watermelon straight up, or candy and then mentholated or not. Thug Candy is like a mentholated watermelon bubblicious bubblegums. Black Cherry (To me) turns it into a candy but i’d be happy to clone whatever you are looking for.