Looking for a simple to use premium temp control mod

Hey guys/gals,

I am looking to spend between $100-$250 on a TC mod. I am not overly tech savvy so the sound of having to do all the tinkering involved with the DNA250 chipset and the software makes me a bit nervous. I just want to be able to throw my atty on, set my ramp up, wire and temp and go from there.

Can anyone suggest a TC mod that is simple to operate yet doesn’t sacrifice on the temp control experience?

If it looks cool that would be a plus too :slight_smile:



I’m a fan of the DNA devices. I do think the small learning curves worth it in the long run, If I wasn’t going for a DNA mod I like the looks of the Yihi G Class. I’ll also say, for the budget you could probably have @Whiterose0818 custom build you a TC mod.


Thanks mate, I might look a little more into DNA devices. I got scared off by all the elipses (spelling?) software and a guy on youtube saying I would have to set it all up myself on my PC and it would take some time.

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Most DNAs now come with enough presets to be usable out of the box. The advantage to the DNA is you can use it now and then spend as much time as you like tweaking it later, It’s as close to future proof as you’ll find in a mod currently.

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Although it has a horrible name and branding so far the chip has been good in the…voopoo drag. You can say pay 40-50 for one so instead I bought two. But no need to trust me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Phil bisardo has a full detail/spec/test review.

Speaking of the yihi g class. Pioneeer4u is coming out with the eclipse which is “being reported as having the same chip” with the menu system updated. The price will be between 75-95 when they full hit the market. I don’t have this one but will getting it one it’s fully in the market and in the hands of a shit ton of people.


As per @Big_Benny_MI, Yihi makes excellent temp controlled mods. IMHO, better than the DNA. Both the G class and the SX mini Q mini have wonderful menu systems that are very intuitive. You can go further with Yihi by using the SXi software but it is not necessary to operate the mod. One caution. There is an SX mini Q class and an SX mini Q mini. One will only fit 22mm atties flush. The other will fit up to 25mm. Damn solid units and it’s easy to select your wire type, the wattage you want available and the temperature you want to vape at. That’s it and your on your way. All are between $150 and $220.


If you want a no nonsense quality TC device then Yihi is the way to go. And the build quality is stellar.

DNA boards are great but they do require some technical skills to get them to perform at their full capabilities.


The Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C was released on Friday, (Should get mine Monday) seems to have generally positive reviews from the youtubers and comes in a variety of coloured battery covers,with wood and carbon panel combo’s to suit.

Not sure of a good price in USA but should be available for under $150 and it also utilises the new Colour DNA75C chip for TC

This is the combo of leather and wood with stainless steel chassis I am getting for the actual mod (minus the dripper shown)

This is another combo but with a gun metal chassis (I actually prefer this one, but I am not going to start having to buy gunmetal tanks to match it also) I have enough stainless steel ones and black if necessary already.


For day to day I use a Therion DNA 166 and I very much agree that owing a DNA is definitely worth the learning curve but for simpler, reliable and less expensive I also use regularly a Smok Alien 220 tc, Hugo 133 tc & a Smok G~PRIV tc. These all take dual 18650’s. I personally suggest Holm Life from https://www.lightningvapes.com/products/hohm-life-inr-18650-20-7acc-36-3ap-p-3077mah-batteries

I Have used these 3 for over 12 months regularly and they have never let me down. Hope this helps.


What @Walt3 said.

Couldn’t have said it better. I have a DNA and I have several Yihi and I am always picking up the Yihi


I am a DNA disciple, or more appropriately was. I still love them and have many…but the WR NLPWM custom mods are the best of all worlds. Dead simple and built exactly as you want. He can do DNAs too…and again, IMHO as others they are well worth the learning. The software has different modes (simple, expert, manufacturer, etc…) and I bet you can get someone to send you files to set your mod up perfectly.

That said, I’m not buying anymore TC as I don’t get dry hits on my PWMs and the flavor is substantially better on pwm. . .IMHO, to my tastes. All my PWMs are LiPo, only have one LiPo DNA. Lipo definitely hits much harder than 18650s.


Thanks to @Walt3 I’m going to buy my first SS Coils and try Temp Control. I’m feeling pretty brave.

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Bravo!!! Can’t predict if you will like it or no but there is only one way to find out.

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Well… I’ll give you the credit. (The kids are using the new Crown and raving about it)

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Hey mate,

Are all mods with DNA250 chips created equal or are there some worth leaning towards. I thinking of lashing out and getting a DNA250 and a YIHI SX :rofl::star_struck:

Sorry for the unsolicited answer, but I love my Lost Vape Triade. I’m hoping DNA will come out with a 250C board. I would love to see a Lost Vape unit with a menu system.

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I would say that every DNA board Evolv make are equal. The manufacturer of the mods however is another matter.

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lol, definitely. HCigar for one has this nasty habit of not calibrating their mods to the board. A bit if a PIA to finish manufacturing a new mod.

Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. Really appreciate it. When you are going to fork out a fair bit of cash you want to have some sound advice.

I ended up going for the best of both worlds according to the replies. I ordered:

  1. Yihi SX Mini Q class (the G class looked like there was just a bit too much going on and looked a bit too fancy looking for me)
  2. Lost Vape Triade DNA250 Mod
  3. Voopoo Drag

Some may call me crazy but I am a daily chain vaper so having the proper kit is quite important to me. I work hard so I can afford the hit my wallet has taken, I see it as an investment, I won’t have to invest in any kit for a long while.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know how the vaping goes. I’m sure I will be back with questions about menus and software configurations as well :grinning::+1:


Can’t vouch for #3, but I truly believe you will thrilled with #1 and #2. After having so many disappointments buying in the $30 to $60 range, I started shopping for something better too. Both Yihi and Lost Vape are putting out some damn solid mods. I’m sure there are others but I don’t have the pocketbook to try everything.