Looking for opinions on the 8/8 regulations

So I could be wrong about these, but from what I understand, some of the changes vape shops have to make on the 8th are:

No free liquid samples
No more “on the fly/custom” mixes
No more building/wicking coils for customers
No more setting up equipment/repairs (even rewrapping batteries?)

All the vape shops in my area offer all of the above. I would imagine they will be hurting. If a newbie dripper buyer can’t have coils built/installed at the shop that’s going to be a problem. One shop in particular mostly sells custom mixes. What do you guys think? Maybe they will be able to adapt and continue successfully?

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As for custom mixes that is tough…very tough. Basically all mixes designed/sold (I think) have the two year window to register with the fda.

Anything designed after August 8th has to get approval from the fda prior to selling.

So adding a bump of 2% of flavor “X” is now a new recpie. Sell a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4mg nic is all custom and different.

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I can only imagine that most vape shops in the future will have a similar entrance such as this. :pensive: …everything old is new again.


lol what problems has a black market ever created anyway?


What if we just start having in home coil building classes for the new people. I have done this in the past. If you make this a class and they bring their own wire and do it themselves you’re not selling anything :wink: You are teaching a class


All true, PLUS

No sales of juice sold which is not created in a Clean Lab (this means a professional lab)
No language stating vaping is safer the tobacco
No liquid will not be considered a tobacco product as long as it’s intended use is in a ENDS device
Vapor retailers will pay the FDA over $3300 per year to register with the FDA
All Products will be inventoried and submitted to the FDA 2 times per year

Thanks to the CPA all bottles will require a General Compliance Certification including name brand juice and must have the GCCs current and on file for inspection at any given moment.

Two House bills are being considered at this time to tax vapor products.

The list goes on and on. I know of a few Vape Shops who intend to continue to blend juice in their shop. I’m guessing they are prepared to take the hit if they are fined for doing so. They will be breaking the law in doing so. None of these shops have a clean lab…

This covers the biggies…


Great… I subscribe to quite a few juice companies facebook feeds and lots of them are running insane deals on most of their flavors they have to discontinue. No joke one company was discontinuing 25+ flavors.

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I don’t know if this is a thing now, since I don’t really hit the bars anymore… But, I remember when smoking was first banned in public, certain bars became “private clubs” and had memberships for $1, payable at the door. This allowed you to enjoy smoking inside the bar. I can see a lot of these “clubs” opening soon :grinning:…if the local town government doesn’t find a way to poop on the situation. :rage:


This guarantees to be a crazy week …watching the Good Deals thread


Good luck with that if they do. I would imagine the govt won’t be fucking around when they drop the hammer on shops that don’t comply.


(Rant Warning)

I think part of what Altria wants to accomplish in it’s fascist take over of the nicotine industry (with the FDA as it’s personal police force) …is to make sure you can only buy their “canned” solutions and their “canned” liquids.

This way, they can get you addicted to their “canned” drugs infinitely more powerful and impossible to quit doing while selling hardware “only approved by them” so it can be monitored and controlled by them.

The government as it’s enforcement arm will force Aspire and Kangertech to turn over 20% of all profits to DC and 10% to the States stating the reason to be to “cover the health care risks associated to vaping”.


Not sure what you are getting at with this. Are you thinking this is a solution to the no tasting problem or should vaping become banned? As far as the tasting goes in Vape Shops, we will charge a fee to taste eliquids just like they do with wine tasting. That is one of the easiest regs to get around. Shame the rest aren’t so easily skated…

So my question is this if you own a shop can you do DIY mixing classes ? of your ( House Liquid )


Thanks @Rob62! I have already been sharing this idea with B&M owners in person. I used to do home parties with my own stuff. I propose offering how to DIY classes in peoples homes. At the parties you book more parties. Free gifts and % discount based on total party sales go to the Host(ess). Show folks some SnV recipes and how to make their own coils? Sell VG/PG/Flavors at a markup? Requires a little showmanship but you can also recruit Reps and they get % based on total sales too. At peak I had 3 reps (housewives making a couple bucks) Vapeparty.com ? (checking /whois)


That’s a good question! I would think that would be doable since you’re not actually selling a product.

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Yeah, something like what you described. I’m just thinking about all the ways vape shops can get around the regulation. :wink: That, and the way Vapers which need help and product can obtain it without scrutiny from the law.

It has been said that the FDA waited till now to publish the regs so as to prepare for enforcement of them. I can tell you this, if they are TRULY prepared with manpower and resources, it will still be quite hard for them to enforce the regs until after the 1st of the year. Jan. 1, 2017 all Vape Shops must pay their registration fee and submit their first inventory by that date. Before that date they have little idea of who is a Vape Shop…


too many small B&Ms not enough hammers …bigger shops will be made an example of

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This Rant is approved by the ELR family members…lol


Hey Tupperware parties have been happening for years. ( Vaperware Parties ) LOL
( BYON ) Bring your own Nic … LOL